Tuesday, October 24, 2017


***Precious Treasures Fremont Camp Fontanelle Crafting Weekend ***

Registration is open for the spring and fall Fremont Camp Fontanelle Crafting Weekends. Dates for the 2018 Fontanelle Crafting weekend  will be April 6,7,8 and October 5,6,7.   The cost for the crop will be $70.   Which includes your own table space, lodging, dinner friday, lunch and dinner on saturday and brunch on sunday.   There is wifi. 

*****Change:  You will NOT be counted as going until your check is received and there are no refunds.   We keep this crop to the very minimum to keep it a small crop as we all like our own table.  If you cannot go we do try to find someone to go in your place and they pay you back.   It all works out in the end. 🙂 

We will do the bon fire again and s'mores.  And I will try to come up with new surprises.  We do a craft garage sale and gift exchange. 

Send checks to Precious Treasures 419 N Main St.   Fremont NE 68025. If paying by paypal send to wwwptdivacom@yahoo.com and make sure to send as friends and family.  You can also call the store and pay by credit card 402-677-3787.    Once you have paid make sure to join the Precious Treasures Events and Classes page if you are not already a member for updates on the event. 

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