Friday, June 24, 2011


Need a cool picture for your facebook status or just need it touched up, looking skinier, remove wrinkles, airbrush etc? Ruth is doing them for only $5.00 per photo. You can email the picture and what you want done to and she will e-mail it back to you and just drop her $5 in the mail. She is 12 and so talented with photo shop and trying to earn money for a computer.

Mail the $5 to
Ruth Stewart
409 N. Main #3
Fremont NE 68025

We also do photo shoots, senior pictures and some weddings. You get the image files so you can print whatever you want. (inexpensive) Email to inquire or stop by the store.

All of the pictures below have been taken by us.

Our Garden by the back door of the store

We are going to be fencing in the back side of the store and hopefully will be selling some outdoor items later in the summer. For now Zach has just been growing vegetables and herbs. He has been doing a great job. He is 12. If you have any extra plants drop them by as he would love them. :)

Sage and the other two are just plants?

His herb garden, strawberris, cabbage and he has tomatos hanging.