Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today I spent painting all the ceilings and then got the groceries and started some of the cooking. I am spending tonight trying to get paint out of my hair. I hope Paul enjoys the party and that it is something he remembers all of his life. Tomorrow is the party and Tina has been a lifesaver for me. She is a friend of mines personal assistant and she has been bragging about how well she does and I wish I could adopt Tina. She is going to start working for me one day a week until August when she is moving to Kansas. I am hoping I can have her help me organize the basement and garage Well I am rambling from exhaustion. I heard everything was going well at the store. I sure do miss being there. I will be at the store all day on Monday trying to catch up on orders that have come in. Miss you all!

Friday, May 30, 2008

NEED I SAY MORE ABOUT MY DAY... (I am not as young as I used to be)


We offered a free crop to the Omaha Yahoo group for Saturday from 10-10. Want to join the group just go to and sign up.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today and tomorrow I hired a cleaning lady to help me with the house as I am so far behind for my sons graduation party this weekend. I had her start with Ruths room which took 6 HOURS! We sent about 10 bags of stuff to the goodwill out of her room and it looks great. Zach's room only took about an hour but she cleaned out the closets and everything. She is coming back tomorrow. I cannot wait. I have never had a cleaning lady like this and think I could get used to it but could not afford it. I am off to buy a lottery ticket.

I spent all afternoon putting together a table and bar stools. What a nightmare. I got it at Target and hate put together furniture as I am terrible at doing stuff like that. I took it apart many times as I kept screwing it up. hee hee It did look really good when it was done.

Lindsay and Ruth were a the store today along with Diva and Daisy. They did a great job. I did not make it in tonight as I did not want to get stuck out there in the storm. Lindsay said more boxes came today so I will try to get over there tomorrow night.

BELOW: Liz and Tina the cleaning lady ran to Subway in Elkhorn to pick up dinner and Liz got pulled over. She was so nervous and it turned out she just had a tail light out. I was VERY proud of her as she thought to take a photo so I could scrapbook it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Back at the doctor as Paul thought he had a hernia. It was a false alarm thank goodness. Lindsay and Liz worked yesterday. Lindsay is my God-daughter and will be working this summer for me as she is home from college. She is a sweetheart! I got to work today and she had organized all behind the counter which thrilled me as I just do not get time to do everything. We did get boxes of new product in today. I will try to get back to the store Friday to get it put out for the weekend.


I worked last night getting the aquarium cleaned out. I have too many fish in our aquarium and looking for a good home for some. They are normally a VERY bright yellow. Their color is fading due to stress from overcrowding they said so I need to reduce the amount of fish. They are bright yellow african cichlids. They are expensive fish as Petco sells them for $10.99 so tell hubby you saved money on the fish so you could buy an aquarium. (makes sense to me) hee hee

They cannot be with any other fish, not even bottom feeders. They get big the bigger of tank you put them in. Very interesting fish to watch and as they get bigger you can even feed them feeder fish. They dig in the rocks to make holes to hide. You need a higher PH lever than just ordinary tropical fish. If you put a lava rock in the tank it helps raise the PH. Temp about 78-82 degrees.

E-Mail me for information if you are interested in adopting some fish.

Monday, May 26, 2008


We had a very full day today and all are very tired. Pauls graduation party is Sunday and we have been trying to repair some things around the house to get ready for it. I have needed new stair runner for years as there was a big hole all the way through the old one as it gets so much traffic. It came out really nice. Paul worked on replacing some rotten deck boards which ended up being a lot of our deck by the time he was done. Pauls fiance' Kaela came over to help too and her and I went to get MORE flowers and dinner for the gang. I worked on flowers, putting armor all on the paio furniture and putting in yard lights.

New stair runner.

Here is Trevor being a goof! :) Trevor got the filtration and plants put into the pond today. We have had the turtle that shoots out water for about 10 years and this is the first year we finally got it hooked up.
These iris a friend gave to me and they bloomed this year and are so beautiful! The background is my miniature lilac bushes and they are in full bloom and smell so goooood!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I worked on packing for the Scrapbook Diva Road Trip Crop this weekend. I have been doing some organizing using the Scraponizers and will be taking them with me to the crop. I have mine on the table in the front of the store if you want to check out how I organized them. I just love them as they look nice on a book shelf and the plastic they are made from amazes me. It looks like it would just break but it is made of some revolutionary plastic so is very sturdy yet lightweight.

Photos from Scraponizer


We are open tomorrow from 10-6 and the last day of the sidewalk sale. We have put some stuff out there just for this weekend and also specials running inside the store for the Memorial Day Sale. Remember if you are registered on you get another 15% off the sidewalk sale items tomorrow. Don't forget to reply to the email it send you when you register to activate your registration.


We got two more dies with the crop room fee fund account. We got a crown and a tea cup and sauscer. We also have some more coming that I need to pick up at accucut this weekend. Thanks to all the people who crop at Precious Treasures the room just keeps getting better and better.

I have had a couple people working on getting the die cuts organized and up on the walls. I know now why I have never gotten to it as Tawnya and Connie have clocked in over 30 hours getting them done and they are still working on it but it is getting close. It looks like they have one or two more boards of dies to get up there.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


This baby robin was sitting right above our door all morning just chirping away. It really brightened our day. He must have come for the awesome sidewalk sales we are having at the mall. hee hee He looks very young but is very large . He would let me get right up close to him and take a picture.


Last night I attended a fundraiser for the Omaha Hearing School at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha which was a Wizard of Oz theme. It was produced by Bruce Crawford. They did a wonderful job and it was an awesome night and a packed house. I got tickets for my sister Trudy who loves the Wizard of Oz. Liz, Ruth, Zacheus, and my friend Betty and Lana went too.

To our surprise the Lollipop Munchkin Jerry Maren and his wife Elizabeth were there. There are only 8 people from the Wizard of Oz alive yet at they are all munchkins. Jerry was 17 when he played the part of the Lollipop Munchkin.
The the famous artist Nicolosi ( was also there. I had seen him before on Entertainment tonight. He was selling paintings of Jerry Maren and autographing them (yes we came home with one as the money went to the Omaha Hearing School but have no idea what I am going to do with it. :) We also bought Jerry's book called Short and Sweet and got an autographed huge photo of him. My sister had Jerry sign her purse which just happened to be a Wizard of Oz purse. She was so cute as even her wallet was Wizard of Oz and she brought her witches hat. My sister had an awesome time.

We had fun watching the whole original version of the Wizard of Oz on FILM! Boy does that bring back memories of all those films we watched in school. Another thrill of the night for my sister was Jim Flowers was there and I got her a picture with him. She was so excited. We ended the night by a VERY late dinner at Spaghetti Works in the Old Market. I did not get much sleep as my sister spent the night and we got home very late and I had to have her to work in Fremont by 7:45 am. I may be sleeping through Diva Night tonight. hee hee


Jerry is the one in the middle. (I took this from the film we were watching)

These are characters from the Rose Theater. They will be putting on The Wizard of Oz at the Rose theater.

Trudy with Jim Flowers

Nicolosi Painting

Jerry and his wife Elizabeth. I asked them how long they had been married and Elizabeth said "Thirty three years, I think I may keep him". She is such a sweetheart!

Lana, Jerry and Elizabeth

Trudy, Jerry and Elizabeth

Elizabethm Ruth, Zacheus, Jerry

Liz, Zacheus, Trudy and Ruth at Spaghetti Works.

Precious Treasures Scrapbook Store gang goes to the Omaha, Nebraska Hearing School fundraiser at the Joslyn Art Museum on May 23,2008

Friday, May 23, 2008


Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

ALBUMS 40-50% OFF!!!

I just put over 200 albums at 40%-50% off today to make room, even the genuine leather ones I put on clearance. So if you need albums this is a great time to stock up!


if you use your last $5.oo for scrapbook supplies instead of gas. (although that is just one gallon of gas)

NEW ITEMS TODAY great albums, glue dots in a dispenser and more

Don't you just love the sticky glue dots? Well now they come in a dispenser. We got in all sizes!

I have been on the hunt for a GOOD album for years and finally found one that meets my expectations. (I am PICKY!) It is by We R Memory Keepers and it is a very STURDY album, good size post bound but has the spine that is removable and you can imprint on it. Let's put it this way, I put over 200 albums at 40%-50% off today to make room for these new albums, even the genuine leather ones I put on clearance. So if you need albums this is a great time to stock up!


  • American Crafts 3 ring albums, pink, purple, black, brown and red. These also are the sturdiest 3 ring binders out there. The rings fit inside each other instead of the normal z patterns which comes loose over time.
  • Super Tacky Tape all sizes (reorder)
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  • Cricut Pooh and Friends (special orders)
  • Cricut Indie Art (special order)
  • Thickers letter in rootbeer font
  • correction tape dispensers by Tombo
  • PINK 13x13 cutting mats
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  • Tombo New Vellum Adhesive


For all of you who pre-purchased your Heartland Hop passes and bags, you did good as the price went up! You are locked in at the price you paid. The passport will be $5.00 and the bag $15.00 (19.99 value) and a discount package price of the bag and passport of $18.99! If you purchase before June 15 from Precious Treasures we are giving you a $5.00 coupon .
This one is going to be fun! We are doing a theme of "Tag You're It!" and at each store you will do a make and take of a tag and when you go to all of the stores you will get a full ring of tags.

With the passport you will get 15% off at each store during the shop hop and with the tote bag you will get 20% off.

2008 Heartland Hop - July 25 - August 3, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Don't miss out on this months Diva Night! Call and reserve your spot for this Saturday from 6-midnight! You can come in as early as 10am to scrap but the party starts at 6:00. Call to reserve your spot 402-763-9675
We give away prizes
Photo of the whole group in their "Diva Wear" to take home with you
LOTS of fun!
Cost is a bargain at only $15.00 for the evening. We hold Diva Night once a month.


When you get groceries you write the check for more so you have extra cash to buy scrapbook supplies without hubby finding out.


Make your own stencil/template using our clear acrylic sheets and the Grand Mark Accu-Cut Machine. We now have over 600 accu cut dies and lots of different alphabet sets. Just cut them out of the acrylic plastic and you have an instant template to paint, glimmer mist with etc.


They come in Acrylic, Sheer and Felt. We carry them all at Precious Treasures. Use stickles on a brad to make your own glitter brads or we also sell them already "blinged".

Photos from Creative Impressions.


YES! add those felt, sheer or acrylic snowflake to your flowers for more dimension! We carry the Creative Impressions full line of acrylic, sheer and felt flowers, leaves and snowflakes. They look awesome!


Not the best picture as it is actually a hot pink. But this is the design for the Road Trip t-shirts. You can call the store to order and they will be brought to the Fremont Crop as they will not be in until the 4th. Sizes are limited so order as soon as possible for the best selection. They are the heavier 50/50 pre shrunk and are screen printed to last for years to come. They are $20.00.


  • brand new custom Nebraska Cornhuskers paper. Very cool with a complete red background and the big N on the side and the word Huskers all the way down the border.
  • Missouri State, Kansas State, Iowa State, Colorado State, Nebraska, Kansas University Texas Longhorns Scrapbook Kits with stickers and papers.


From birth to age 18 a girl needs good parents. From 18 to 35 a girl needs good looks. From 35-55 she needs a good personality. From 55 on, she needs good cash.

by Sophie Tucker

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Did you use up all the "good" cards from your Heidi Swapp Playing Card Deck? We also put some in the goody bags at National Scrapbook Day. Here is another idea for them. They make awesome mats for 4x6 photos!

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY scrapbug tote company

I have had so many people asking where I got my scrapbook bag and Deb from the Scrap Bug Tote Company made more of these which are the pink with the white polka dot. I got 6 of the large ones. These are limited as they ran them as custom and only available while they last. We also got in the following...

  • pink with white polka dot paper takers

  • pink with white polka dot cover up which is a cover for your album while you work on it

  • Cover ups also in black, purple, blue,pink and lime

  • pink with white polka dot Pic Pak

  • pink with white polka dot large Pic Pak

  • pink with white polka dot accordian case

  • pink with white polka dot sticker case

  • pink with white polka dot apron

  • pink with white polka dot scrapbook bag/ luggage tag

  • pink rolling scrapbook bags called the dragon fly

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY scraponizer inserts and bags

  • Scraponizer snap lock mini's. These are tiny snap lock cases that fit into the bigger Scraponizers. Check as scraponizers are on sale right now.
  • Sizzix tote bags with the black and pink polka dots. (very cute) Will fit the side kick or revolution.


Scrapbooking supplies turn you on more than your hubby.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We got in a HUGE order today and have a bunch of boxes if you need them for moving or organizing etc. Call before you come outt to make sure they are still here 402-763-9675. I have at least a dozen.

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY scrap works an-thol-o-gie albums and refills

  • red 12x12 scrapworks box albums
  • green 12x12 scrapworks box albums
  • black 12x12 scrapworks box albums
  • 12x12 page protectors in all styles
  • 8x12 page protectors in all styles

ALL 8x12 ALBUMS from scrapworks / anthologie are 50% off while they last!!! We ordered in lots of ivory as they will make great wedding gifts.


We have been going to CHA for 10 years now and this is our lucky year. My heart is still racing. Today was the day we could register for classes and since I have been getting up by at least 5 in the mornings still trying to catch up on laundry so I got online to see if the classes were posted yet. Much to my surprise they were listed and Tim's had 23 spots left open in it. I try every year to get into his classes and they sell out as soon as they put them up on the web site. I checked again about 7:30 and his classes were sold out. My son Paul could be the next Tim Holtz as he is so artistic. I am hoping he is inspired by Tim during the class.

At the conventions Tim is like the Pied Piper and every time you see a big group huddled around you can rest assure Tim is in the middle of the group of women showing off some new technique. (craft technique that is ;) )

Monday, May 19, 2008


We do have the new Anna Griffin Rolling totes in stock. We have had them since February but they just featured them in a several scrapbook magazines this month so people are ordering them like crazy from us. We are shipping them to customers and with our 25% discount it more than pays for the shipping. Call the store to order 402-763-9675. We are open every day but Mondays.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


At the beginning of the graduation Paul brought me a rose and gave me a hug. The tears started rolling.

Here he is in line waiting to go get his diploma.

Before you look at the next pictures..... Let tell you a little about Paul, he is a diesel mechanic and hates shirts with sleeves unless they are his work coveralls. He is well known in high school for sleeveless shirts. Yesterday he said he wanted me to cut the sleeves off of his graduation robe and velcro them back on so he could taken them off after he got his diploma. After MUCH discussion and we figured he was not hurting anyone else with his prank so I said I would sew it for him. So Sunday morning I got up early and headed to the store to do some sewing.

He crossed the stage and right after he got the diploma the sleeves came off. If you click on the photo it will enlarge and I loved looking at the looks on the parents faces. He was a hit! Everyone was laughing about it other than the fuddy dudy's with no sense of humor. hee hee The principals took so much stuff away from kids during and before the ceremony. I laughed when during the ceremony both principals walked down an isle and then were stuffing beach balls in their pockets they took from kids.

I have more pictures on my other camera I will add as soon as I get them off that card.

This is Mr Radicia, the principal at Elkhorn HIgh School. Paul and Mr Dan Radicia have spent a lot of time together and Paul really has learned to respect him and they have become friends. Paul asked him when he was walking up to get his diploma, "What are you going to do without me?". The principal responded, I won't have anything TO do." At least Paul gave him job security. hee hee I had Paul write a top 10 list about school and Mr. Radicia was one of the top 10.

Liz and Pauls fiance Kaela

Paul with his Aunt Trudy

Paul and his fiance Kaela

Paul, Liz, Ruth and Zacheus

Paul and Grandmama and Grandpapa Holman

Paul with Grandma and Grandpa Hansen

Paul with his mom and dad