Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesdays New Items!

Lots of new items today. Lego Stickers, Lego brads, LOTS of NEW Elkhorn Antler and Gretna Dragon custom items, Word and Saying books from Bluegrass publishing, the popular Texturizing books, Pine Cone Press new paper bag album books, Adoption paper, Disney paper, Doodlebugs sugar crystal glitter, GLIMMER MIST (again) it sells out as fast as I can get it in, Rangers new one step Crackle medium.

We are getting in new items from the show daily so keep checking back.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Today is Monday and the store is closed. I had to work today though as here was lots of imprinting to do. Afterwards hubby and I went to see the movie Hairspray and it was so good. Then we went to get the kids some school clothes. Hard to believe school is just a few weeks away. Summer goes so fast.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back from CHA

I know I am behind on posting, so sorry. We got back from convention and have been trying to catch up on work the rest of the week. We have already received some of the items we purchased at CHA. The most popular has been the glimmer mist and the Custom school items. My favorite things at CHA were MOXIE paper and the new Baby Tooth Album. Those both should be coing any day as I ordered the full line Basic Grey ships the new product in the order you receive a numbered bracelet the first day of the show. Well if you stop in the store thank Trevor for getting up early and holding a spot in line as he was second in line and thank Liz for RUNNING to their booth and she got the third bracelet so we will be one of the first getting the new Basic Grey line. One of the other things we had to have was the pink fold up Bo Bunny Carts. These were a limited Edition which is sold out already and we only got 20 of them and 8 are spoken for already. I have a sample of one in the store. When they are gone, they are gone. You will be the envy of the crop with this cart.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We are back from CHA and so excited about all the new products we ordered! We have our CHA sneak peek night We had 4 huge boxes shipped back from Chicago. We ordered the full line of all the new Basic Gray which we have a sneak peek of that hanging in the store now. The papers we were excited about were Moxxie. They are awesome!

We did get more Glimmer Mist in but we are down to about a dozen bottles. If you have not tried it yet, you will be hooked on it. It is amazing. I called again yesterday to have them send more as I just cannot keep it on the shelf.

The other exciting news is we are out of room. We have LOTS yet to move from our Elkhorn location an we ordered TONS at convention so we need room. That means SALE!!!! So stop by and check out the sale corner as it is jam packed full. I will keep adding more as there is room. I am pricing it at cost so grab some huge bargains.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Spent the day training Linda and Lindsay. Rosemary is back from Mexico as of Sunday night so she will be working on Friday and Saturday too. I am a lot more at ease as she worked at our Elkhorn store and also is our imprinter. I have a class at the store tomorrow night to get ready for and then off to Chicago!

I did not get anything brought over from Elkhorn today as I knew I was doing training all day. Sorry girls.

I am running a sale on ALL the avery scrapbook products. If you hae not tried these, check them out as you will be hooked. They are all 25% off.

Gretna Days is this weekend.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Well today was my day off, well at least from the store. Did a ton of laundry and spent some quality time with the kids in the pool. I was not able to stay away from scrapbooking though. I found out the company GinX is going out of business. I am not a fan of rub ons but this companies are like no other. They stay together and VERY easy to put on. When I was told today they were closing I called and ordered all their rub ons in every color. You will have to check them out for yourself.

Only 2 more days until we are off to convention. Liz, Trev and I are booked solid with classes. I had to make a spreadsheet so we will know where everyone is. Remember to pray for my son Paul and Linda working the store while we are gone. Of all weekends, it is Gretna Days this weekend so it should be extra busy also.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

We had a very bust weekend at the store and also had our FIRST Diva night crop. There were just 5 cropping but it was very productive and FUN! New products brought in were lots of decorative buttons. full line of Daisy D's vintage papers, more Jolee's, lots of Diva productas and YES we did get the Diva Calendars back in. The last 12 sold out within the week! They are a hoot! I got in 6 more of the corner fiber punches Friday but as of today there is only one left again. I just ordered more. If you have not seen this punch, stop by and I will show it to you.

Three more days to CHA!!! Be praying for Linda and my son working while I am gone. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Well I have been tagged by Vicki Chrisman.. so here are the 7 random things about me.
1. I have horrible ADD
2. I have a VERY weird sense of humor and find humor in a lot of things other people do not.
3. I live in Crocs shoes. They just came out with Crocs with a 3 inch heel which works with our Diva theme.
4. I love tattoo's and yes I have one. Would love to get another one.
5. I am a work-a-holic
6. I am an ebay Power Seller just from selling unwanted things from my home.
7. I try to be a christian no matter where I am,

I will now have to tag 7 more people.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just getting home as we had a Bunco group in the Diva room tonight and it was a lot of fun.

Today we got in the Birthday boy and girl line from Doodlebug Designs. Received the 12x12 paper that feels like a basketball or football. Awesome as we only could get it in 8.5x11 before. Tonight when I got home there was a huge box from Daisy D's on the porch. Stay tuned to find out what is inside when I open it up tomorrow.

The frig has been moved to the Diva room. Thank goodness as we really needed it for the group tonight. All the new hats have been disinfected, hung and all got tried on tonight! They are AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well yesterday I was swamped. We were so busy and I had a sales rep there also so I did not get any new merhandise put in. But to my suprise the 40 hats were on my porch when I got home. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!! We have a Bunco group in the Diva room tonight so they will get to try them all out. I cannot wait to get to work and get them all hung up. I got in more colors of boas also. And for you Fremont and Hawkeye fans I just found a yellow and black one. The red ones sold out and I ordered more. Great for Husker games and those red hat ladies. Today is my birthday, 29 again! There was a Louis Vuitton laptop/hand bag on my dressing table chair this morning. That husband of mine knows the way to my heart...PURSES!!! Well it is almost 8am...off to work.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Mondays are my one day off. It started by my son calling at 7:30 am needing the VIN number off of his car. So much for sleeping in. The rest of the day the twins swam and I did laundry and cleaned and even fit in a short nap.

The best part of today was dinner as everyone was home( a rare thing) and we had lots of conversation and laughter at dinner. It is moments like these that I love!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well today was a busy day. Started off by going to church which was very moving as we got to see a video of the teenagers at camp. It is great to see God working in their lives.

Then we went to lunch at Tin Star (yummy fish taco's) and then it was off to work. I brought over another box of Jolee's which were more of the Disney, all the Sesame Street line, Toy Story and the Super Hero line. Also brought over more of the Paper Bliss line which there was a lot more beach items.

We got the lighted sign put up and wait until you see it, it is ADORABLE!!!! Then to finish up the day our credit card swiper quit working on Friday and made Saturday a very long day. I found a guy in Lincoln who had a machne so we drove up there to pick it up and had to stop at PieZano's for cream cheese pizza. WOW! a whole day and I did not have to cook!

Today was one of our busiest days yet. My daughter Liz usually works on Saturdays with me and she has been at church camp so I was on my own. I sure have missed her!

My friends Vicki Chrisman and Jan Jenkins came to check out the store today. Vicki designs for many different companies and has been published in numerous magazines. Here I knew her when she was just a "Busy Bee' and now look at her! I feel like I should be asking her for her autograph now! We had so much fun today as we tested out the Diva Room and tried on hats, boas, and glasses and took tons of photo's. Customers are going to love it!

I brought in more inventory today. We got all the super hero Jolee's, muppet Jolee's, over 300 more of the custom laser cuts. They have been so popular. We got in all the Jolee's in the varsity collection. I ordered both the green and also the red collections.

Well it is about 12:30 am and as all who know me I am in menopause and am up all night! Thank goodness for the internet.