Sunday, January 31, 2010


People keep emailing asking what I thought was great at the show. I would say the Cricut Cake was my overall favorite. (yes we will have one for customers to use) Jewelry was everywhere at this show. Even Making Memories booth was almost all jewelry.

  • Tims Holtz new idea book
  • Tim Holtz paper pads
  • Sand mud
  • Crafty Secrets new stamps
  • Glimmer Glaze, glam and Chalk
  • Vicki's new accucut die
  • Snappy Trays
  • Anna Griffins new paper
  • Going Green (everything they sell was awesome)
  • Icey resin
  • Teresa Collins new papers
  • Ci Laptop skins
  • bezels

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Veronica had a whole day of cricut classes at the store today. Check out the candle holder she made out of the holygraphic vinyl! Love it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Here are more photos from CHA. I have a ton on my camera but need to get to a walgreens or something to download them.
love this calendar!



Miss Vicki has her own Accu Cut Dies!!!! These are awesome and she will be teaching a class using them at our store, I will be bringing back a sample that I made with her at the show.

Vicki Chrisman

Glimmer Mist Class 201 We learned so many new techniques that I cannot wait to show you!!!
I love Claudine's sticky back canvas and her paints which we have carried for a couple years. We will be hawing a class using it soon.

Check out the canvas flowers!


My Aunt and Uncle live in Irvine and we went to dinner with them last night to a place I LOVE to go each time I got to CHA called "The White House" in Anaheim. The place is fabulous and you run into stars a lot there. The food looks like all those fancy things you see on the food channel and they all look like works of art. :) My aunt and uncle had never been there and here they are the ones that live out there. hee hee I found out about it on, which you should check out as it is a great way to save money and try new places.

Amy, Trevor Aunt Nancy, Uncle Jerry
The restaurant picked us up in a stretch Limo which was a lot of fun.
This was dessert. Isn't it amazing. The big "poofy" this
is all made of sugar and it tasted like cotton candy.

This was the appetizers. Everything was a work of art.
I would love to have time to cook like that. someday....


I only have photos from my cell phone as I did not bring a card reader to pull them off my digital camera. So stay tuned for all the other photos. There was a lot new at the show and lots of brand new companies. We ordered lots so help us make room at the store for all the new stuff with our buy one item get one hal on the whole store going until the end of the month. We took 4 days of classes from 7am to 9pm to teach you about all the new products and techniques.

Some of my favorite items were the new mini score pals, scrapcessories cases for rubber stamps, stickles and Cricut cartridges, New Nebraska Cornhusker papers, New Cricut Cartridges and the Cricut Cake Machine, All the new jewelry making booths (we will have classes, keep checking calendar on There were so many jewelry making booths and even Making Memories booth was all jewelry as well as Jollee's now makes jewels and many other companies. We will start having jewelry classes as soon as I get back. I am so excited to get going on them as you will be so impressed!

This has been the best show ever as the face of scrapbooking has really made the turn into spreading out to so many other art forms. Thus why we are spreading our wings and starting to offer other art classes. If you are a scrapbooker you have an artist within you and we want to give you all the tools to be creative as you can be. :)

Stay tuned for more photo's.......................

This is the 13th year I have had the scrapbook store and I have never got to talk to Carol Duvall and I do not think she will ever forget me as I talked a mile a minute and practically hyperventilated! She autographed one of her new books for the store so come in an check it out.

She is just as beautiful in person as she is on her TV show too!

This was the product pick of the show for me. It is a resin that does not bubble, never yellows. Wait until you see the classes I am gong to teach using it. You will be as hooked as I was. She sent me home with a couple bottles to play with until my order gets here and I will be bringing home some samples we made in class.

I just love Melissa Francis. She is a breast cancer survivor and such an inspiration.
Always buy lots of her products! I love puttin her products and Anna Griffins together.

OK.....This coat is made totally out of GRUNGE BOARD!
Nice to see palm trees and have warm weather. It will be hard to come home. LOL

Tim is like a mad scientist with his products. :)

Funny as Mark Montano asked about my son cowboy Paul. I showed him Kaela and Pauls wedding photos which are always with me. Paul was on Marks 10 minute craft challenge show a few years ago and Paul beat out all the women! LOL Hard to forget him.

Great way to use up all the extra strips of paper.

Heidi Swapp

Donna Downy

Purle Cows (Farmville has gone too far) LOL

New Eclipse. another die cutting machine like Cricut.

LOVE Flower Soft!

This was my favorite class as we learned how to make window displays from Anna Griffin.

Anna Griffin as you all know I love her products! I took a store window display class from her so stay tuned for my breathtaking store windows.

One of my favorite people Dee Gruenig

Tim Holtz... :) My all time favorite, he is such a cutie!

Tims Tags

Loved Teresa's booth

Teresa Collins

Isn't this booth breathtaking?

Melissa Francis Class. Wait till you see how to make these roses.

More wonderful Flower Soft

Cricut Cake has my best of show award! She is going to teach a class at our storee!
Liz loves to bake and I am going to get her the machine so she can make the cakes for the store birthday parties.

Off to California!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello All....

I am off to CHA and bummed I will not get to see you all. Have fun at the shop hop. It will be a lot of fun. Don't forget to stop at J's across the street for lunch. I hope one of you win!

Stay tuned for photos from CHA. To see them right away add to your facebook as I upload them to facebook from my phone and when I get to a computer I transfer them to the blog.



Come in and get your bingo cards for the Main Street Bingo going on January 21-30th. (we are giving them away for free at Precious Treasures)

Our buy one item get one of equal or lesser value sale goes to the end of the month so it is a great time to come shop! Help us make room for all the new items coming in from CHA! Also stay tuned for photo's from CHA as we will be there January 22-31st! While you are in town shopping also visit "The Junktion" as it is one of my favorite places. It is an indoor flea market right around the corner from us.

GRAND PRIZE: $200.00 total in gift certificates to the participating merchants
SECOND PLACE: (9 given away) $25.00 gift certificate to one of the participating stores.

Participating Stores:

Corner Nook
Country Traditions
Nancy's Boutique
In Bloom
Picket Fence
Main Street Bead Studio
Precious Treasures

Had to share this photo of my cousins. What a hoot!

This was the park in Fremont on yesterday morning, it was so pretty!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


got a bunch of emails asking about Lacey. Every day I come home she looks bigger. She is a sweetie. Lots of energy and she got to come up the store in Fremont Saturday night for awhile and she checked everything out up there. hee hee.

I have been watching the "Dog Whisperer" DVD's and Lacey already got sit and stay. Just need to work on the biting. LOL


I worked at Chick Market today till 5 and could not wait to get out of there to get back up to Fremont to finish up trimming out the walls and painting. I am exhausted but it is done. I now need to start on the basement but I will not start that until I get back from California and after inventory is done. It really opened up the crop room getting all the stuff we had stored in there taken downstairs. I do not know why they closed off the basement but I am glad we found it!

After all of this work, maybe I can teach a class on how to build walls as we all know women can do ANYTHING! :) (guys just make building walls look hard, it really isn't) LOL . Cutting the hole in the floor, I leave that to the expert, AKA dad. :)