Sunday, January 22, 2017


The new store is located at 225 E 6th. st.  We are not quite open yet.  Check our facebook to see videos of the progress. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017



I LOVE the app groovebook.   I have used it for several years.      I have shared it with my friends and store customers so many times. (I get NOTHING for sharing, just love the app) I put it on my kids phones when they get a lot of photos built up also so I can get  the photos they take.   You can sign up and quit at any time.    You can also have more than one account but on different devices if you are like me and take tons of photos.  Just use a different email address.  

It is an app that you will get to print off 100 photos off your phone or notebook every month for free and shipping is $2.99.  Try using code holman1 or holman 2 for your first free.  (If it does not work PM me and I will grab a coupon code from a different book)   I hope they still take them as they have made a lot of changes but if they do not it is only $2.99. 

The photos are perforated.  You can send extra books to family members right from the app for the same price.   This is a brand new feature.  Another new feature is they now let you reorder past books.    You can order multiple books in a month if you have a lot of photos.  But always know on your monthly 'pull' date they are going to pull whatever you have uploaded and if nothing is uploaded they send you the month before book.  But trust me they send LOTS of reminders in email to get your photos uploaded if you have not done it.  It is a great company. 

 These are things I used groovebook for: 

*I screen shot recipes and do whole books of recipes or just mix them with my photos and pull them out and put the 4x6 photos in my recipe box. 

*If you scrapbook or make cards I screen shot sketches and make whole books of sketches.   I do the same with page ideas.

*Holiday ideas  I make my own holiday idea books.  I like just to flip through them and not have to be on Pinterest as I find scrolling through pinterest makes me drowsy and why I do it before I go to bed.  LOL. 

*Gifts. People love getting groovebooks in the mail

Here is what they look like and also a little video on how to do it.  If you have any questions just ask.   

The covers are different all the time too.

*******The video is on our facebook page************


Well after a lot of hard work we got the store moved.   Now the unpacking begins.    We did take a week off and will be starting the unpacking this week and will be posting lots of phots so stay tuned.

Well after the move We wanted to take a week off and try to heal up.   Zac and I both hurt our back and Donavon hurt his knee and has been off work for almost a month now waiting for surgery (gotta love the military insurance).  Ruth and Gabe were the only ones that did not get hurt.  Well......

New Years Eve Ruth was not feeling well and doubled over in pain.  And Sunday morning I was running her to Omaha to the ER at Lakeside.   They did a CT scan and said she had appendicitis and a large ovarian cyst.  They were going to do surgery there but I wanted surgery done at Childrens as that is where my kids have always been treated.  So she got an ambulance ride to Childrens.  

After the doctors at Childrens reviewed the CT scan they were not convinced it was appendicitis and said her appendix was behind her colon.    They did see the large cyst on the ovary.     So we played the waiting game.  After about 48 hours they let her go home with just pain medicine and she will have to be seen by her ob/gyn for the cyst.  God was really watching out for us as she would have had an unneeded surgery if I had not insisted on going to Childrens.

So it was an interesting few days.   The rest of the week I worked on the house, laundry,  Donavon took the kids all skiing for being so much help