Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some quick show shots

Liz and Lindsay were so tired after the show.
Lindsay made this


Basic Gray had some lines I was actually impressed with this time.

The has my stamp of approval. It is like a design studio on the go and all of your cartridges get downloaded to it so you never have to carry cartridges. We will no be renting any cartridges in the store until our gypsy gets here as once they are downloaded to the gypsy it locks them so they cannot be downloaded again.

The Me and My big ideas kids are BACK!!!!

We turned Lindsay into a scrapper finally

The girls HATED getting up for classes as the classes started at 7am each day and went to 9pm.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Thus has been in the best show I have been to in years and the classes have been awesome and I have learned so many new things that I cannot wait to show you. I will be teaching a new technique class to show you all the new techniques.

As for new products I did not make it through a lot of booths today as I was working with sales reps. But from what I did see if a company that takes any photo and makes it into an album and I approve of the albums and you know how picky I am. If kids cant look through it over and over I would not use it.

Time has more alcohol Ink colors, and a product called rock candy which I will be bringing back many samples of projects showing it.

These pictures at the Fancy Pants Booth are pictures of my daughter Ruth! Vicki did this layout and it is beautiful.

One of the projects using the new Cricut recipe cartridge we did.

Lots of new glimmer mist colors and products, This is a tag I made.

More new Cricut projects

Check out the new slice machine in Pink!!! We are going to donate it to scrap Pink.

Check out this page I did and it is on canvas and uses a real pair of flip flops.

You can now screen print your own shirts.

There was a photo booth there and we had lots of fun in it.

Elmos new cricut cartridge.

Check out the gold Cricut!

Yes I ordered it, Awesome huh?

CHA ready to open.

Shirt of the day!

We were running late as Liz would not get out of bed and Lindsay was eating cherios on the way to to class this morning as our first class was at 7am.


Monday, July 27, 2009


We got to Florida and it was a long flight as for some reason they take you to Denver then to Florida. The butterfly above I cannot show you how easy these are.
We took a bike ride to a local outdoor mall for lunch at CHA. It was so much fun!

We got to Orlando and slept Friday and drove down to Miami Beach as we all wanted to go to South Beach. We did some shopping then hit the Beach! That is my favorite place in the world to be.

Monday classes started and we had a full load but had a couple hour break in the afternoon so we went to see the movie "The Ugly Truth" and it was so good!

Everyone was taking pictures of our shirts as they all got a kick out of them. When we got to Tims class he said CHA staff told him that his wife was there and he was wondering why his ex-wife would be there. LOL His class was awesome! I cannot wait to show you all that I learned in classes today as every class was excellent. I think there were less people at CHA this summer so the classes were better and more intense. (leanred LOTS of new things)

Liz's Paper Ho pants people were all talking about. Flower Soft is now in the the USA and we will be bringing some back with us as well as ordered the full line.

One of Lindsays projects made with the Slice Machine.


I got the sunburn and the tattoo in Miami Beach. I got the tattoo from Chris Garver from Miami Ink. The tattoo over a burt hurt quite a bit.

Liz and Chris Garver

Miami Ink

The hotel is beautiful and is a great place to take Liz's senior photo's I will show you once I get them downloaded off my good camera.

Girls slept the whole way to Miami Beach.