Monday, March 31, 2008


One of our customers Kelly was in and told me about her parents having a choodle also. (this is the breed our store pups Diva and Daisy are) She just sent me picture of Gidget. Isn's she a cutie? I wish Diva and Daisy would have longer hair on top so they could wear those cute little bows. Thank you Kelly for sharing these adorable photos.


I talked with the company today and the Cricut machines are in stock again (they have 350) So if you want one hurry and order while hey are in stock. If I order by noon tomorrow they should be here by Friday or Monday. P.T.'s price is $179.99 and that is 40% off retail. We also will ship them if you are not local. 402-763-9675


I had Ruthy home with the stomach flu today. I had three doctors appointment I had to go to also so I had to reschedule them all. One day off a week is hard to fit everything in. So I worked on paperwork and Ruth and I watched 4 movies. I forgot how funny that movie "Wild Hogs" is. We also watched The Last Mizie, Bridge to Tarabithia and Charlottes Web. Ruth is feeling better this evening so hopefully she will got back to school tomorrow an I hope none of the other kids get it.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ok all you have to come to crop night next weekend! We got the new Anita Renfroe DVD who is the funniest comedian who talks about womens issues and we want to share it wih you. She was at Women of Faith this year again. She just put out a brand new DVD which is not even available in store yet and it talks about scrapbooking! It talks about Creative Memories being a cult and talks about all of us scrapbookers. (I love Creative Memories albums so do not think we are making fun of CM) She also talks about our thyroid, chin hairs, reading glasses etc. It is a hoot! You will be laughing so hard. We will have the DVD played at the crops on April 4th and April 5th. See calendar on as the crop starts earlier and has all the details.


Our son announced to us on Easter that he had gotten engaged at the first part of March. We will be planning a wedding over the next year for our son Paul and fiance' Kaela. Tonight they went to prom and both looked wonderful! I took photos at one of my favorite spots by our house and had them developed and put into and album while they were at prom and dropped it off at Kaelas parents house. It is now almost 2am and I just got the photos onto my computer to share with all of you.

Paul and Kaela will be telling Kaela's parents they got engaged tomorrow (or should I say today) at Sunday dinner. It was a big shock for us at first and it has been a very long week. So hopefully her parents take the news well. :) Now that it is finally sinking in for us we are overjoyed to welcome Kaela into our family.


Below is my favorite photo as if you know my son you know from the look on his face he is fuming mad. Paparazzi mom and dad showed up at prom to catch some pictures of them at the dance. We were only there less than 5 minutes. Someday he will be thankful we got those photos...someday. hee hee :) At least our future daughter in law was smiling as she has to get used to all the picture taking that goes on in our family.

below: Pauls truck has a lift kit on it so poor Kaela could not even get in and out of it with her dress on.

below: Isn't he a handsome guy???

Paparazzi dad at prom. I think if we sneak into Liz's prom we wear dark sunglasses and ball caps.

Kaelas dress was breathtaking! (Elkhorn colors also)

Paul, Kyle and Josh

below: Cinderella shoes

Paul had to carry her to the bridge as it was so muddy out.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Don't forget to stop by the store today or by close tomorrow to sign up for the WII . The mall management will draw on Monday. There will be one more given away the end of April


I have had a lot of requests for just Saturday to come crop. If space is available the price will be $25.00 but does not include a goody bag. It DOES include the meals. The goody bags already have a retail value of over $150.00 each and we are still adding! You do not want to miss this event! Space is limited so sign up soon!

Omaha Nebraska Area National Scrapbook Day Event!!!

PROM NIGHT croppin' cheese dip recipe

I got home late last night and was up most of the night cooking for the after prom party and making the corsages. This year the Junior moms decided to have it at Dave and Busters which the kids and senior parents were not happy with. The fun of after prom is coming up with the theme, decorating and to keep the kids off the streets. So we decided to do our own after prom party. :)
We made so much puppy chow last night! I also did Vic's popcorn and you mix the cheddar popcorn with the caramel popcorn. If you ever go to Chicago, go to Garretts popcorn and it is called the Chicago mix. It was on Oprah's favorite things one year and it is yummy! I also made my croppin' cheese dip which many have you have had at Diva night. It is just 2-3 packages of shredded cheddar cheese, thick sliced bacon cooked and crumbles, about a tablespoon of mayo, sliced green onion, and about a 1/2 t of red pepper. Just mix it all together and serve with chips. Use the regular shredded cheddar cheese as the fine with bunch up and you want the cheese to stay loose. Serve with tortilla chips. I call it the croppin' dip as the recipe is from Lynne Koluch a friend of mine who I cropped with for many years. She is a great cook.

Friday, March 28, 2008


If you are interested in a Zutter Bind it all Machine I am giving 35% off if you order by Monday. After Monday I will give you 25% off and we will ship them. This includes the Dream Kutters also. I have a customer who wants us to order and they have a huge minimum. The machines sell for 59.99 and you would get 35% off of that. If you have not seen them, they make spiral bound books. They are strong enough to even go through license plates as I have seen them made into book covers.

If interested call the store 402-763-9675 or email

MORE NEW ITEMS IN TODAY anna griffin papers and rolling cart/bag

We just got in tons of Anna Griffin papers. We also got the wedding rub ons and journalling cards that come in a cute little tablet. I concentrated a lot on papers that would work for beautiful wedding albums and these are from a brand new line of Anna Griffins that she introduced at CHA winter 2008. They are breathtaking. It makes me want to redo my wedding album.

We also got in clown papers, silhouette of boy and a girl papers, victorian birds, hot pink or black damask, and black rose print. Also got in the owl line as owls were THE hot item at the CHA show. It is funny how scrapbooking is so trendy. It is fun to look back through your scrapbooks and see how the trends change.

We also got in the BIG rolling scrapbook tote by Anna Griffin. They are beautiful!!! I think I will be asking for one of these for my birthday!

MORE NEW ITEMS IN TODAY diva items for teens

  • Diva Journals
  • Diva storage metal cans
  • Diva Note cards
  • Diva wish pillows


Just got in 2 more cases of Scraponizers. We will be having a class on them in April also. Check the schedule on

NEW DIE FOR CROP ROOM looking for help

We bought a die of the graduation scroll with the crop funds. If you want to earn a $50.00 gift certificate to P.T.s I am looking for someone to help organize the wall of die cut display boards.

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY brown vituri handbags and wallets

Just got in 6 of the brown Vituri handbags with the pink trim and 6 of the matching wallets. The others it says are backordered.


Women of Faith starts today at the Qwest Center. There are tickets still available if you have not received yours call Westside at 496-7833 or they sell at the box office. It is a lot of fun and a great girlfriends weekend.

I have played some of Anita Renfroes CD"s on Diva Nights. She changes words of songs and makes them hilarious. Like the song "You lift me up" she sings about her bra is a hoot. The funniest thing I think she ever said is.....

"Have you noticed that all the words menopause, menstrual cycle, mental illness....the all start with the word MEN! "


We have petitions for anyone in Nebraska to sign. We have to have 5% of 38 counties in Nebraska to sign (there are over 90 counties in Nebraska) We are trying to pass a law that any town wanting to annex another town has to get a vote of the people of the town it wants to annex first. We are the ONLY state without this law. Omaha wants Bennington, Bellevue, Gretna, Papillion. It already has lb1166 on the ballot for November which states they can cross county lines to annex a town.

We are open late tonight as it is crop night so stop by and sign. Help stop forced annexation in Nebraska.

ALBUM DEDICATION this book by Narda Poe

I have quite a collection of poems and sayings so if you you are ever looking for something just email me.

This Book by Narda Poe

This book is like a comforter,
A quilt with many parts,
A keeper of our memories,
A place to warm our hearts.
The fabric is life's events,
Those things we want to keep,
Those programs, stubs and
photographs,placed here - not in a heap!
The scraps all stitched together,
Held fast with love and care,
Create a family legacy,
A gift for all to share.
This book is like a comforter,
A quilt with many parts,
A keeper of our memories,
A place to warm our hearts

Thursday, March 27, 2008

MORE NEW ITEMS IN TODAY heidi swapp playing cards special order

A customer had asked me to order the Heidi Swapp playing cards for a customer. After they came in I ordered more for the store as they are awesome! Check out some of the ideas. They are huge measuring 5x7 inches. They came today so get them while they last. I also opened a pcak so you can buy cards individually also.

If you are signed up for the National Scrapbook Retreat you will be getting some to make a project with in the goody bags. Sign up soon as we need to know how much to order for the most awesome goody bags you have ever seen!

Projects by Stephanie Pouliot


You introduce yourself to your new neighbors, "Hi, do you scrapbook?"

SCRAPBOOK POEM life is a picture


I took a little time today,
To reminisce of yesterday.
To review, my life in the past,
Recorded here in photographs.
My scrapbook; such a treasure!
So great, I cannot measure...
Before my eyes, those moments are golden,
As, before me, my life unfolded.
Then as I paged through, year by year,
Sometimes, I'd shed a little tear.
So many faces, I have known,
Some passed away, and others grown.
Sometimes, it's hard to realize,
When all spread out, before my eyes.
With all the pictures that I took,
My whole life's in this little book

MORE NEW ITEMS IN TODAY cricut special order

  • 5 cricut softwares (special order)
  • Dreams Come True cartridge (special order)
  • stretch your imagination cartriddge (special order)
  • mini monograms cartridge (special order)
  • Cricut inks basic (special order plus extras)
  • christmas cheer cartridge(special order)
  • celebration cartridge (special order )
  • 50 states cartridge(special order plus extras)
  • expressions cricut machine (special order)


am going to move this to the top again. If you live in the Fremont area let me know as the donations can be dropped off there also.I know what big hearts all of you have as We sent in over $500.00 from all that was donated during P.T.'s Scrap Pink. Do you have some scrapbook supplies you do not use? They do not have to be new or full packages etc. Vicki is doing free scrapbook classes with low income families through Lutheran Family Services in Fremont so if you have any supplies you do not want please drop them off at the store and I will write you a receipt for the donation. It is a great program. When they started the classes Vicki has them leave their albums there so they have to keep coming back until their books are completed. This is all free of charge for the families. We are so blessed and it is nice to share the love of scrapbooking with people who cannot afford it.

MORE NEW ITEMS IN TODAY wizard of oz, chicago, florida, south dakota

Brand new products we ordered at CHA

Papers: These are all wizard of oz papers, great if you go see "Wicked", dressed up for Halloween as any of the characters or you are from Kansas! They will be in the drawers under Wizard of Oz.

  • Wicked Witch
  • Glinda
  • Ruby Slippers
  • Yellow Brick Road
  • Oz poppy field


  • Big candles
  • Nothing but net
  • Pine porch
  • South Dakota
  • Chicago Map
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Big Balloons
  • Florida
  • Map

Rub ons:

  • Wizard of Oz Friends

Card Stock Stickers:

  • Wizard of Oz friends
  • Movies
  • Chicago
  • Ice Cream


This is Jenni Bowlins first class! There is a girl book and boy book. I am so excited. Check the calendar and email to sign up or you can just sign up to buy a kit if the class times do not work for you. They said we will have photos Monday of the projects!

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY cherish idea books

We got in the Cherish idea books today. These were orignally a Close To My Heart only item but they have made them available to the public. It is an excellent book with quick templates for page layouts.


made my own paper out of glimmer mist and white paper. You just use our new acrylic cloud templates and start at the top. ( I used the color frosty nights) Spray glimmer mist lightly over it and keep moving the template down. It make the most beautiful paper.

Any glimmer mist left on the template I just wiped onto glossy cardstock tags. Glimmer mist never goes to waste.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Do not forget about the Easter layout contest.


We are clearing out all the in stock scrapworks albums at 50% off. Also we are having a clearance sale to make room for the new items coming in every day. Check out the sale items that are 75% off!!! This sale will go through Saturday.

At your Omaha Nebraska Area Scrapbook Store, Precious Treasures.


  • nativity
  • tailgating
  • nemo
  • Pocahantes
  • pumpkin
  • holiday baking
  • roses
  • new driver
  • winter
  • valentine
  • pumkin harvest
  • apple cider
  • snow white
  • cinderella
  • elf
  • swimming
  • hats,boots,coats
  • wild west
  • jasmine
  • day at the park
  • stroller
  • hearts
  • poodle
  • policeman
  • marines
  • air force
  • army
  • navy
  • skiing
  • haunted house
  • new york
  • cheerleader
  • halloween candy
  • dragonfly
  • nemo small
  • birthday
  • motorcycle
  • light house
  • 1st haircut
  • snowflake
  • turkey dinner
  • fire department
  • teacher
  • baking
  • grilling
  • tropical fish
  • harley davidson 4 styles
  • pajama party
  • 1st birthday
  • 7 dwarfs
  • new years
  • bowling
  • egg hunt
  • first bike
  • buzz light year
  • aladdin
  • disney train
  • cinderella's castle
  • circus
  • doctor
  • jumbo mickey'
  • belle and beast
  • happily ever after
  • trick or treat
  • princess embroidered title
  • sleeping beauty with prince
  • snow white with prince
  • woody
  • pinocchio
  • snowman family
  • elkmo
  • cookie monster
  • ariel and prince
  • mickey and goofy swimming
  • jungle book
  • timon and pumba
  • nurse
  • ariel face
  • scuba diving
  • cinderella face
  • belle face
  • snow white face
  • jasmine face
  • animal
  • big bird
  • oscar
  • kermit
  • fozzy bear
  • gonzo
  • miss piggy
  • sesame street gang
  • sesame street sign
  • devil and with
  • meow cat
  • ariel swimming
  • ariel big and medium
  • bride to be
  • christening


  • 7 different styles of Fancy pants flowers in a jar.
  • 2 different packs of chipboard
  • 3 different packs of rub ons
  • 16 different papers



I just love the salt and pepper shaker idea from Gloria one of our Diva Croppers from Saturday night. I bought a bunch of them and repackaged some of the brads in them to sell. Much cuter than a plastic bag and you can reuse them for storing more embellishments and could use them for salt and pepper but that is so booooring. hee hee :o)


I have had a LOT of requests for the cupcake project. I do not feel right charging for the project as it was Ti's idea so we are passing on the good deed of Ti and passing on the cupcake. We have decided to make kits for all the people participating in the National Scrapbook Day event at Precious Treasures. We are even giving everyone the acrylic album too! This is going to be a very special weekend! t. Sign up soon so you are able to get a spot. Email to sign up. Put RETREAT in the subject please so they will forward it to me.

You do not want to miss this weekend. I just talked to Steph yesterday and ordered the most awesome scrapbook cookies for the weekend. Check out her web site. She does such a great job. I ordered graduation cookies for our Open House also. I may even do them for my sons wedding after seeing the new "love" ones she just did.

CLASSES: I really want Vicki Chrisman to come teach classes for the National Scrapbook Day retreat. I have to have enough people to fill the classes so I need a head count if you are interested in possibly taking them. E-mail me at and let me know. If you do not want to stop during the retreat and take classes maybe we could have her the weekend after? Email me your thoughts on it.

If you have not seen Vicki's work, check out her online resume

NEW ITEMS TODAY misc, cutting systems, ez cutter, and special orders cricut

If you stop in today and do not see these, ask as I got these all in the computer tis morning. I just do not know if they will all get put away today. Lots of packages to get ready to ship today.

  • 7 different foam stamp sets by Making Memories
  • Pen pouches
  • Witch Jolee's (special order plus ordered extras)
  • Wicked Good Time stickers (special order plus extras)
  • 2 Cricut software (special orders)
  • Cricut cartridges (school, zoo, states, walk in garden, all special orders)
  • Toteally cool tote bags
  • finally got in the order of cutting systems with and without mats
  • jars of brads
  • My minds eye paper stacks
  • clown jolees (special order plus extras)
  • police stickers and brads
  • cricut cover pink with black emboridery (special order)
  • cricut cover red and white print (special order)
  • Muppets jolees (all styles)
  • 6x8 spiral bound scrapbooks
  • graduation mark richards embellishments
  • Basic Grey cupcake paper packs (individual sheets still coming)
  • 2 different a year in scrapbook papers pads of papers
  • American crafts canned felt shapes
  • Love Elsie buttons
  • Vampire Jolees (special order plus extras)
  • Dr Suess embellishments (special order plus extras)
  • cardstock paper packs
  • Making Memories paper packs

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


  • acrylic puzzle pieces

  • Lots of Jolee's (312) including the quilting, fabric and sewing machine ones.

  • 3 new styles of acrylic albums

  • vellum sayings, 20 more styles

  • acrylic tags

  • chip board banners as show in photo. GREAT for making banners for parties, graduations etc.

  • 4 new religious papers, boy, girl, travel and family (new company)

You know you are a scrapbooker if....

You hide your scrapbook supply purchases in your trunk waiting for you hubby not to be home so you can sneak them in the house.


Check the calendar on as we are adding more and more crops for people who are working on graduation albums. There is not much time left.


Don't forget to sign up for the National Scrapbook Weekend. You will not believe all we are giving away! It will be a fun packed weekend!

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY pinecone press books, papers and ribbons SOME SPECIAL ORDERS

Pine Cone Press now carries ribbon! They are beautiful and very different!

  • We sold tons of the puffy reindeer and pumpkin ribbons. Pine Cone Press came out with a puffy heart ribbon! We got it in ivory and white which will make beautiful wedding pages. Ink or chalk it for a different look.
  • Metallic leaf ribbon in green and copper
  • Metallic leaf ribbon in sage and copper
  • mini rick rack in red, orange, brown, pink, black, lavender
  • green strung leaves ribbon. Looks awesome with the prima flowers.
  • ribbon with tiny white daisies (couldn't resist)
  • sheer red ribbon with white polka dots
  • tiny beaded hearts that shimmer. (must see)

BOOKS: WE CARRY THE FULL LINE OF PINE CONE PRESS BOOKS. They are come of the best idea books we have found. I know myself I have collected them all. The techniques you learn from them never go out of style as you can use them on other projects also.

SPECIAL ORDERS BOOKS: Summertime, Fallidays, Sports, Chipboard, Birthday books


  • chipboard
  • sports
  • birthday
  • portrait pages (one of my favorites as it shows you how to scrapbook 8x10 photos)
  • fallidays
  • recipe book (another favorite)
  • summertime
  • go figure
  • be mine
  • flap book


  • We bought their whole Disney Line which has papers, tags and borders
  • The CUTEST paper that you cut up to make a baby book which goes from 1 month to 24 months. You have to see it.
  • journalling papers
  • paper that you cut up and it makes 16 coupons for things like a coupon for a a massage, a coupon for an ice cream sundae, a coupon for breakfast in bed etc.


Vicki just sent some pictures she and her sister Jan took of her and Ruth. Vicki is an aweome photographer. if you would like to see more of her wonderful work. Ruthie just adores Vicki!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


After the movies the twins wanted to play a few games. Ruth and Zacheus love the Dance Revolution game. (below)
Above is a virtual roller coaster.

The kids were off today so I thought I should spend the day with them. We got up early and headed to World Market for some of those salt and pepper shakers and see if there were any pom pom chicks left. I thought they opened at 10 but they opened at 9 and you bloggers cleared them out. hee hee The lady said said there were two different ladies in when they opened and bought them all. I am glad you like the organizational tip as much as I did. :)
They called the other two World Markets and I went down to the one of 78th and got 4 sets. I think I am going to package brads in them to sell at the store as they are just adorable.

They have the neatest jars at World Market. Check out these below. The front has a little chalk board on it for you to label it. I also got about a dozen boxes of those chicks for next year.

We then came home and worked on the house for about 2 hours and back to Village Point to see "Horton Hears a Who". It was a disapointment as not even the twins liked it. I think we were expecting a lot out of it as everyone had been talking about how funny it was. Back home after that and got the kids showers and off to bed. They go back to school tomorrow. I think that is all the time they have off until the end of the year.


Ruth was up bright and early as always. I made Macaroni salad, packed the car and got the puppies baths. We then headed to St. Libory where Trevors mom lives which is about a 3 hour drive and we made it by 1:00. Diva stayed awake through it all and wanted to be up seeing what was going on. Daisy slept. We had dinner and then the twins and my other 3 nephews and 2 nieces all went out for an Easter egg hunt. The kids LOVED those little pom pom chicks I got at World Market. I had bought kites for all the kids and their place is wonderful to fly them as there are no wires anywhere.

Then they all came in for some of grandpas ice cream. The puppies had their first experience being outdoors. They loved it. I need to get them used to wearing collars so they can start going for walks outside now that the weather is getting nicer out.

Paul made the announcement that he asked his girlfriend Kaela to marry him and she said yes. My baby boy is getting married.

Diva's bath and then her first road trip.

Puppies loved it outdoors.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I bought bunny and egg pasta at World Market and Harry and David. I made macaroni salad to take to Trevors mom this morning. It was special as I used the eggs the kids colored. The twins were up at 6am so I only got a few hours sleep and so tired. I would give you the recipe but I cook like my grandma which is just add a little of this and a little of that. I can tell you what I put in it and you can make it to taste.

I used the eggs we boiled and colored for Easter, macaroni, cheddar cheese, sweet relish, black olives, mayo and salad dressing. mustard, and Italian dressing. I usually add bacon pieces but somehow the ones I bought for it diapeared into one of the kids bellies. :O)


Check out this Jenni Bowlin adore bingo card that Catherine made. We have sold tons of these bingo cards at the store so if you have an idea for them send us a picture to share.

Here is another idea from Artsy Mama


We are having an Easter page payout contest. Email a digital photo of your easter layout to This will go until the end of April and the winner will get a $25.00 gift certificate. If you are not local you can still participate and use your gift certificate at our online store or order over the phone.

HAPPY EASTER!!! jelly bean prayer

Jelly Bean Prayer
Red is for the blood He gave
Green is for the grass He made
Yellow is for the sun so bright,
Orange is for the edge of night.
Black is for the sins that were made,
White is for the grace He gave,
Purple is for the hour of sorrow,
Pink is for the new tomorrow.
A bag full of Jelly beans,
Colorful and sweet,
Is a a promise...Is an Easter treat!


I know what big hearts all of you have as We sent in over $500.00 from all that was donated during P.T.'s Scrap Pink. Do you have some scrapbook supplies you do not use? My friend Vicki is doing free scrapbook classes with low income families through Lutheran Family Services. If you have any supplies you do not want please drop them off at the store and I will write you a receipt for the donation. It is a great program. When they started the classes Vicki has them leave their albums there so they have to keep coming back until their books are completed. This is all free of charge for the families. We are so blessed and it is nice to share the love of scrapbooking with people who cannot afford it.


I always carry white brads as I color them with sharpie pens the color I need for my project. Well here is taking it one step further. Carry the clear crystal stickles with you also. After you color the brad, coat it in the stickles and you instantly have a glittered brad. I did this on the cupcake project below so when you are in the store take a closer look at the brads. I will try to add a photo but will have to bring my good camera to get a close up shot.


Ti who is one of our VERY talented customers from Sioux City, Iowa sent me the project drawings that she had made with the cupcake theme. Well I was going to make it two sided and bought these wood panels and got them all three painted and then realized I probably needed to buy 6. So I wandered around the store and decided acrylic would work.

It is 1:22 am and I just finished it and really like how it turned out. But...after I was done Liz came in and said "Oh that would be the cutest book". It really would be a cute book so I will have to make another one. The project is on display at the store and a HUGE thanks to Ti for sharing her wonderful idea. I will have to have her send me a Photo of hers. If you want to make a variations send us the photo to share.

Time to go home, another wonderful Diva Night. We listened to 80's music and girls were singing along which made it so much fun!

Top is a Anna Griffin bow. I love using these on projects. Papers are K and Company, Pink large eyelets from American Traditions. Poems from Ti, Cupcake, acrylic, book rings and brads are from Precious Treasures.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


OK.... Gloria takes the prize for the cutest organizational tip. I had to laugh as when we had the organization idea last year contest her sister Lil won. Organizing must be in their blood. She is cropping at Diva night tonight and I looked over and seen a box of salt and pepper shakers so I had to go check them out. THEY WERE FILLED WITH BRADS AND EYELETS! How CUTE is that???? To top it off she said she got them at World Market. I was just there last night. I will be there Monday morning buying some for my crop room at home. I may even use them to package brads at the store. :)


Liz is working today and all of a sudden this guy showed up and Liz went on break. hmmm..........


If you have not tried the frosting jewels, they are awesome. They look like individual jewels in the package which is deceiving. They are all attached and you can bend them to any shape you want. I used two different sizes on this project. I used fusion spray paint which is made for painting on plastic. The crown jewel is my Me and My Big Ideas. This is the new Glue Glider Max tape runner. There is one screw to take out and then you can paint it and customize it to match your style. I just did this one this morning and it is on display at the store. When I went to the crop in Kansas City a few weeks ago almost all the girls had these and had them all decorated.