Friday, October 21, 2016


We have carried the full line of winearitta's for about 20 years now.   We have tried so many other brands and nothing compares.   My favorite it the Peach Bellini.  If you have ever had a peach bellini from Cheesecake Factory, this compares.  I add champagne with the mix instead of wine.    

We also have a huge selection of wine and martini glasses that are Lolita and other brands and only $9.99!!!!    For Lolita that is 75% off!!!      

Put a box of winearitta's and a glass in a gift bag = the perfect gift!!!!


GIFT CARDS AT PRECIOUS TREASURES IN DOWNTOWN FREMONT!!!       We have added some 'safe' gift cards to add to your cards.     You can always get a Precious Treasures one also.  

By safe I mean these have not been out on the floor for anyone to copy the numbers and wait for them to be activated.  You can go on ebay or Amazon and buy those silver stickers that cover the pin number on the roll.   So crooks scratch them off take a photo with their phone, put the sticker back over the pin and you never know.  They show that people take them to the bathroom to a lot to do this.     It is NOT safe to buy them off the racks.      I would be so embarrassed to give one as a gift and it was empty and you have no recourse as gift cards are not refundable.

  Ours are preloaded for certain amounts.    We do not make money on these, just doing it as a free service to our customers.   Supplies are limited to ones we have on hand and we can order others upon request.   BE SAFE!!!  

Blue Mountain Art Cards in Fremont Nebraska

We are the only authorized dealer in Fremont for Blue Mountain Art cards.  These have always been my favorite cards to send and I have wanted to carry them for years. It has been just deciding what to get rid of in the store so we had room to carry the whole line. Well, we finally have them all!