Sunday, May 31, 2009

75% off MONDAY

Well we are moving earlier than anticipated. So anything left tomorrow is 75% off and we will be there noon to 7 pm. There is a lighted sign, some tables and fixtures, office chairs for $5 and who knows what else we will pull out.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

TIP / IDEA Organizing ribbon clip it up and more

We were cooperating today as I sorted out stuff ans Liz went to shop for baskets as she loves to shop and I gave her measurements for basskets vis text messages as she was hopping. But it did not always work. I ended up with all the baskets below extra. So I organized my cleaning closet. LOL I hate taking things back.

Ok, I "MAY" have a ribbon addiction. This is why I went to white ribbons and creating my own as ribbon was taking over my crop room as there are so many pretty ones out there. Ribbon makes your page complete. :)

I had to use 4 extra packs of clips and put two or three ribbons on each clip to make them all fit.

Clip it up ribbon holders. We special order these at 25% off and during June we are doing 30% off. Great way to see all your ribbons at once and if you do not do rolled ribbon just use the top for packaged embellishments, stickers etc.

Great for organizing just about anything. Clip it ups are amazing! We have the best prices on them too. This is the mini, there are tall ones that hold clear up to 13" in length items.

Creative space! Love my little sun room I converted to a crop room. I had to get very organizes as there was not much room. I am finally digging out of the piles of scrapbook supplies and can see the floor. woo hoo! Helps having insomnia. LOL

This was my garage sale "find" yesterday for only twenty buck! woo woo!!! It is from Pottery Barn and weighs a ton as Liz and I had a heck of a time hanging it. But we got it up there and I just need an ikea trip for more jars. Anyone going out of town???? You all should write Ikea and tell them we need one in Omaha. They would do so good here.


I like to see what I have, if not it gets lost in drawers, cabinets etc. Those Pier One baskets fit 10 scraponizers perfectly and I have everything in scraponizers. We have the best price on scraponizers and buy more and save even more as we want to help you get organized so get your friends together and buy in bulk to get a big scraponizer discount.

Scraponizers fit perfectly in a file cabinet also. These are the cricut cartridge ones I keep in a file cabinet. Each one holds 4 and the books and overlays. We rent cricut cartridges so they are perfect for us.


Vicki ( ) has me hooked on Tilly and the Wall as Neely is her niece. I found this poster on ebay and having it framed for the new store. Isn't is so Diva?


My kids are awesome! They know momma has been missing planting flowers and a yard and they went to the farmers market today and bought me flowers. The peonies smell soooooo.... good! And no ants. (how do they do that) LOL

OUT OF STOCK?? Save 30%!!!

If you need something during our month of transition (June) we will order it for you at 30% off. It comes in about 2-3 business days as most of you know as we order daily for customers at our normal 25% off and ship items daily also. Everything left at the store is going to be marked down another 10% every Thursday if you are registered on and the following Saturday will be for the public. We always have and will reward you for being a loyal customer. We love ya!

IDEA / TIP organizing

I am in the mood to organize so stay tuned for more organizational tips. My friend Tawnya found these baskets and I rushed right out and got some too. They fit 12x12 paper perfetly and Precious Treasures carries the folders that fit in them. They are very sturdy baskets with metal frames. The also fit scraponizers perfectly! I have tons of scraponizers as I have found nothing better to organize. I will add some photos of them. There is also a desk top organizer that matches these baskets.

Details: Pier One Imports, Village Point.
Cost: $20
Item #: 2256987

They are out of stock as I had to order some. They have over 800 in their warehouse and they come in a week or so. But.... here is a little trick to save some bucks.
Order one. On your receipt there will be a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase. Go outside call the survey and then it will give you a coupon code. Go back in with the code and buy three more and save $10.00. I am all into saving wherever I can. :)


I have been trying to get poppies to grow for over 15 years and they are hard to get to grow in Nebraska. Well I finally found a spot he liked and he bloomed this year. I do not live at the house anymore but stop by to look at all my flowers. I sure miss having my yard. Someday.... I have been through 6 EMDR treatments and life is getting better than ever! It gave me the strength to go on and I am so excited about the new store! It will be bigger and better! I cannot wait for you all to see it.

Friday, May 29, 2009


I have not been sleeping well as idea's for the new store go through my mind all night long. So instead of being awake surfing the net I have been scrapbooking and already done 26 pages this week. Maybe insomnia will help me get caught up in my scrapbooking. LOL


Everything is 40% off the regular price. Fixtures are as marked. We are getting so excited about the move. The new store is going to totally amaze you! Get your Heartland Hop passports now as our new store is on the hop. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ok we are now open to giving out the numbers. Clean out those craft rooms and get money to buy new products!!! Call the store 763-9675 or email and put number in the subject line. Include your name and phone number and address. It will be advertised in the World Herald, Omaha web site and Craigs list and sent to the mailing list. We will have a lot more room this time as we are liquidating the old store and can put up more tables so we will be open to more vendors this time. By that time all store merchandise left will be at garag sale prices also so this will be HUGE so clean out those craft rooms and you can sell any kind of craft supply.

Bring your stuff the week before the sale. Everything must be marked with a price and your number. You will get 100% of your sales in a Precious Treasures Gift Card. So you will have money to buy new supplies and getting organized at the same time. Don't miss this fun event! You can bring any craft supplies, scrapbook suppies, stamps etc. Items that are not sold can be picked up after 6pm or the day after. After Monday any remaining items must be picked up by our last day Friday June 26 and anything left will be donated between Make a Wish and Lutheran Family Services.

NOT LOCAL??? If you are not local and want to mail your items to sale you are more than welcome as I know we have a lot of customers who are not local. We will call you after the sale and you can let us know what you want to purchase with your gift card and we will ship it back to you. So join in on the fun!


We always have an early bird special for the ones you buy their passport early. This year the passport is $5.00 and the passport and keychain combo is $8.99. If you buy yours before they come in which will be a couple weeks yet you will get in the drawing for a $25.00 gift certificate valid at the new store. Calll, email or stop by to order your passport. We will mail them to you as soon as they come in at no extra charge.


This weekend was the last crop rental in the old crop room and a LOT of fun. I got a phone call that the toilet was overflowing which added extra excitement.

There were some tears after the crop as there have been a lot of good memories in that crop room. Change is always hard but this is good change as we have needed a bigger space for quite awhile. The group last night is going to rent the new crop room the last week in June to test it out. :)

The crop room will still stay open for daytime crops or if you have less that 10 people at night. I am takng down the other 10 tables to have a place to stack boxes and get them out of the store area. They will start moving the slat wall to the new bay soon. Every Thursday the discount will lower another 10% until the rest of the merchandise is sold. We are at 30% off right now and the only exclusion is premade pages.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The move....

We have all been so busy packing and getting ready for the big move. The guys will start moving the slatwall over to the new bay hopefully in the next week or two. We will keep marking all the product left another 10% each week until it is gone. Everything in the store right now is 30% off except premade pages and handmade cards. Even customs are included in the sale which are normall excluded. Stock up. There are no more private rentals until after the move as we are going to use half the crop room to stack boxes to get them out of the store area. We will leave 10 tables up for you to crop and the accucut will be one of the last things we move as so many people use it every day. We are all so excited about the new store!!!! You thought our current store was fun, just wait to see what we do with the new store!

We will be closed Sunday and Monday for the holiday and I know we can all use a break as we have all been working extra hard. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

TIP / IDEA web sites

Check out this web site. You upload your photo and it tells you what colors to use for papers. Then it will give you sketches of layouts to use that photo on. LOVE IT!

Need a saying for that page? Go to

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I already bought a couple. If you did not get the honor of taking her classes she and Jan taught on National Scrapbook Day weekend you still have a chance to buy the kit.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Starting today, everything is at least 30% off-80%* We will keep marking down each week till it is gone. There will be a FEW fixtures this weekend on the Memorial Day Sidewalk Sale. We are so excited to move to a bigger bay! But we need to move the merchandise to get the slatwall taken down and moved to the new store so stock up and ave lots!

*excludes gift certificates, ND items, handmade pages and tags and Brown Dog jewelry Studio items.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I was flooded with emails and yes, we will be doing the Heartland Hop and the garage sale. We will be working day and night making sure the move goes smoothly and we are up and ready for the Heartland Hop. We just cannot share where it is yet as the management asked me not to say anything yet as they have to evict someone. Trust me I cannot wait to tell you all. :) It is a bigger spot which you all know we needed and we will have a bigger crop area and access to a crop room that holds over 50 people to hold our big crops. I could not even sleep last night thinking about it all!!

So PLEASE come help us clean out merchandise and save big bucks as I don't want to move it all. It will be a big enough pain to mo move all the slat wall and hoping I can hire it done. If you know anyone looking for work and has a good back have them call me 763-9675 or email

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Since we are moving, we want a LOT less to have to move as things get damaged moving them. So we are going to clear out as much as possible as we go to a big trade show in July so we can re-stock. Stop by for the best selection as we are moving a lot to the sidewalk sale and those items are all 40-80% off. And we will bargain if you are buying a lot.


It is official we are moving to a bigger bay and I am sooooo.... excited. We will have a much bigger crop room and adding a kitchen! We also signed a 5 year lease tonight! I am thrilled! Off to buy pink paint. LOL I know I will not even sleep tonight thinking about all I want to do in the new store. We will share the spot with you as soon as we are allowed to.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We have these magnetic board kits that we have on sale for May for graduation, fathers day and teachers gifts. They are so easy to decorate and make great gifts. There are two in each package and we have them on sale for only $19.99!!! See the photo below of the one Lashelle made for her mom for Mothers Day. Click on photos to make larger.


This stuff is amazing! I have used it for about 15 years and it works marvelous. It seals chalks, inks, pearlex and more. I use it on newspaper articles as it is acid free and I do not have to keep recoating yearly like I do with archival mist. It is a must have for any cropper. We ran out over National Scrapbook Day weekend as I showed it in a class. We used stickles to color twill ribbon and sealed it with the protectant spray. It worked great! Another technique you have to try on the white ribbons. :)


We love Ranger products. They make everything coordinate! We have stamp pads, reinkers, embossing powders, paints, grungeboards, dimensional pearls, stickles, crackle paint and so much more! Stop by and learn lots of techniques on how to use the products as we have been through extensive training with Ranger.



The twins are 10 now and Ruth has really grown and is about a head taller than Zach again. I keep telling Zach boys catch up in high school. They just had to do their biography's at school and Ruth was Babe Ruth and Zach was George Washington. They both did very well and a HUGE thank you to Toyja for working the store so I could see both kids at school. Liz is busy with show choir and getting ready for dance recital. Then Paul... He is still in college and getting married Oct 10,2010. He is working for a fence company on the side and working on his truck in any spare time. It now blows black smoke when you push a button. What is with guys and trucks??? LOL I have been hanging in there. I started EMDR treatments a month and a half and they are helping deal with the trauma as I was not able to sleep as I had nightmares and panic attacks during the day. I am almost half way through the treatments and they have been a miracle along with lots of prayers. Thank you all for the prayers and kind words. Other than that, Daisy is doing well. I bought a love sac off craigs list which is like a huge bean bag and it was for the kids but Daisy thinks it is her dog bed. LOL (see photo above)


Ashley brough Harly to crop this weekend. The girls had a lot of fun cropping all weekend and a couple even got a room at the hotel and made a weekend of it. Hope you all had a Happy Mothers Day.


This was this morning about 8:00 am. No one was seriously injured, praise God. It was a horrible accident and 5 vehicles in it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Two days of cropping was a mothers dream come true. I actually left early last night at 11:00 as I could see the Scrappin Diva's were going to pull an all nighter. LOL I am getting too old for those. hee hee They had a lot of fun. Happy Mothers Day to you all!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Our staff is once again volunteering at the Gretna School Carnival tonight. Come out ad join us. It is held at 100 Main Street in Springfield at the park. It should be lots of fun!


Ok we have added a PINK laptop to the crop room! We are going to start having design studio classes soon for Cricut as well as more of the Sure Cuts a Lot classes. But get this, if you bring in DVD's for your crops or parties you can play them on the laptop and have them shown on the BIG screen!!! wooo hooo!!!!!


We are having a HUGE sale and there is 20-80% off everything until the end of June. No we are NOT closing! We have a big trade show in July and we are looking at moving to a bigger bay at the mall to expand our store as you all know we are bursting at the seams. So we want less to move also. We also have closets full of fixtures if you are looking for any. No paper racks other than some of the ones from My Minds Eye that paper stands up in. I will be at the store all day Saturday in the crop room as thats my day off to crop so stop by if you want to see any of the racks. There are some rolling office chairs someone can have as we are finishing the rest of the crop room with the leather ones. I may dig up some more stuff as I am spring cleaning! :) The sidewalk sale is getting bigger and bigger!

I also have one vending machine and one rack of cards with rack and the cards for sale together.

Stop by Saturday as next week I will be taking photos of the fixtures and big items and putting it for sale on Craigs List to make more room.


Hi, everyone! Veronica here! I am so excited to tell you that we have a new puppy at our house. Her name is Lucy and she is a 4-month-old Schnauzer mix puppy that we got at the Nebraska Humane Society. She is so cute and she already loves my kids! She's already a solid part of our family. ~ Veronica

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We have added Saturday May 9th to crop from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. This will be for Mothers Day also and click here for all the details.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Liz just texted me and is at school. You know how seniors get at this time of the year.......
Well at Elkhorn High School the lunch room has a balcony to it. They call it the senior balcony as that is where they hang out. Liz said during lunch today they hung a pinata over the balcony and broke it open all over everyone having lunch below. VERY FUNNY!!! (teachers did not think so) hee hee It is always interesting what each senior class comes up for pranks.


I have been flooded with emails about the cricut class at the Scrappin Station and NO this is not Veronica's class. I thank you all for watching out for Veronica and your loyalty to her. Thank you all for taking Veronica's Cricut Classes and supporting her. You all are awesome! She finally got her own Cricut Machine and now doing home classes. Get three or more people together to take the class and she will come to your home within a 15 mile radius. There is an extra charge if it is further. Also if you have a time that works for you and have three people the classes can be taught at the store as we have cricut machines and cartridges for your use. We do not charge anything for Veronica teaching here during sore hours, we just love her and her wonderful family!

She will also be adding a design studio class.

We are adding laptops to the crop room for your use during crops and bought the rights for use of digital scrapbook software customer use so you can try out digital scrapping. We will be having our digital scrapping and photo shop classes again this summer.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Miss Vicki has more photos on her blog and I did not know she had extra kits for the classes as I just read it on the blog and I ordered two kits for the classes I have not taken from her before. Buy them ALL as her projects are spectacular!! We can have them all shipped together to the store to save on shipping too.


Miss Tawnya was in charge of the shin dig! She did an amazing job!!!!
Miss Toyja, Miss Rosemary, Miss Dawn, Miss Hannah, Miss Holly, Miss Liz, Miss Tarynn, Miss Veronica, Miss Ruth, Miss Ashley, you all did an AWESOME JOB!!!! Thank you soooo.... much!!!!!

Everyone had so much fun this weekend and begging to crop next weekend so we already had a mothers day crop for Sunday with our wonderful pot roast and potato meal and they talked me into cropping all day Saturday too. So come crop from morning till night Saturday and you can leave everything out and crop all day Sunday. Call the store to sign up. 763-9675 or email As always our mothers day crops are buy one get one half on crop fees if you bring a mother or daughter. (or son)

Classes were wonderful and we all had a lot of fun with Vicki and Jan as they are the sweetest gals! The projects were breathtaking.

We had a whole day of Cricut classes and they all learned so much. I even signed up for the next Sure Cuts a Lot class.

I taught the squash book class and they loved the class and one lady even came back to the crop and was making more of the books. If you have never taken that class it is a MUST as once you learn it you will be making them for gifts for years. I also do a graduation one that is adorable as it look like a graduation cap.

My son Paul is a natural artist and loves to scrapbook. He hung out with us this weekend and loved all the ladies woo-ing him, hee hee He was a great sport putting on the "paper ho" shirt. Shelly had this shirt and she said that she got it because she was not committed to one brand of paper and likes them all. It was too funny!

We made cootie catchers, and Liz went around and everyone got to play and if you picked the right number you won a prize! We had LOTS of prizes and everyone went out with at least two prizes.

Tawna and Kim both had pink nails for the occasion.

Ruth decorated the deck

Cropping away....

Someone was being funny and decorate my car....

Steph made the cookies and they were beautiful. She does such a great job. They are also the best tasting cookies. See her blog link on the right.

We had "waitresses" serving drinks while you cropped. Our croppers are always spoiled. :) We love you all!!! It is funny as Rosemary and I used to laugh about OPI nail polish colors and she used to wear one called "Not really a waitress" and here she is serving drinks.