Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Marlena and I got a lot done today. You can start to see tables in the crop room! woo hoo!!!! Although I had to put more on the tables tonight as all the counters had to be cleared in the back as I am having new counter tops put on. I signed a 5 year lease and I want things to look nice and the place needs some primping. :) I am working day and night trying to get unpacked to have the crop room open so you all can start bringing your garage sale items.

Everyone in Fremont has been so nice. We have had so many gifts dropped off from people in the community and other bussiness'. Thank you to everyone!


Elizabeth won the "What is wrong with this photo contest" and already came in today to use her certificate she won. I was so happy to see her as she is such a sweetie and she even brought her granddaughter with her who was absolutely adorable! Congratulations Elizabeth, you have a good eye.


Yes it is the clock. It is a barber shop clock and when you look at it in a mirror it shows the correct time. Congrats!

Monday, June 29, 2009


We made a big dent in the Diva Crop Room today. The new cupboard doors are all hung and we got the handles on them, we emptied about 20 boxes and it is shaping up. Still a LOT of boxes to go but we are getting there. You can now drop of your garage sale items as we have a place to put them now. :)


The first one to leave a comment stating what is wrong with this picture wins a $10.00 gift certificate. Please include your email address in your answer so we can contact you to get your certificate.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I LOVE J's restaurant in Fremont and the had a chicken pesto pizza as their special one day and I made them today and they were delicious. You can use pita pockets, premade pizza crusts but I used a 3-cheese premade mini pizza crusts I got at Target which they were the thickness of a pita pocket. You then spread pesto on the crust, top with shredded asiago cheese and then diced chicken. I buy pesto at Costco as you get a big jar of it and it is great for bread dipping, in sauces and so much more. For the chicken on the pizza's I use the white meat canned chicken from Sam's.

Bake them in the oven till golden brown and enjoy!



We just got the passports and keychains in the mail yesterday and will get them mailed to everyone. If you did not get yours call the store at 727-7704 or email ptdiva@ptdiva.com and you can get yours. It is $8.99 for the passport and keychain and we can mail them to you.



Saturdays are always Diva Days at Precious Treasures and it will continue in fremont, Nebraska. Great Music to sing along to, we dress up and have a lot of fun! We were pretty tame for our first Diva Day as we all are busily unpacking more product so we can get that crop room open. Hannah and Lindsay left for Mexico so I am really going to miss them but MarLena is coming in all week to help out. You will just love her as she is such a sweetie. She will be working more when Hannah, Lindsay and Liz go back to school in the fall.

The twins spent Saturday at the pool.

These are so cool. A customer brought them in as she was looking for framing tape. All those black lines are framint tape and I love the look as it looks so finished. I am going to try to order the tapes as she brought some in for me to try and it is very easy to use. (another one of those awesome scrapbookers who say they can't scrapbook) LOL and look at those fabulous pages. hee hee She is doing genology books and they must be 3 inches thick already and fabulous.

We got in over 1000 new Jolee's and Liz spent the day putting them all away. There are some new ones I just love like Animal Crackers and of course the new twins ones. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009


I could not sleep last night as I was worried the paint would not get dry on the front door before customers came in as I had to go recoat it again this morning. So at 5am I decided to just get up and head to Fremont. LOL I got it painted and had a fan for it to dry but it look like it is going to take another coat which I will do tomorrow. I got out voted by the girls on the metallic gold paint as I thought white trim but now that I see it done it is very "Diva" It is metallic with a clear glitter glaze over it so in the sun it is fabulous!

I think I sweat a gallon of sweat hanging the letters on the arch as the ceilings are 18 foot high and the ladder we are borrowing is wobly. I am sooooo.... afraid of heights! But I got them hung and Lindsay and Hannah hung the records. I am going to add crown molding on the top of the slat wall tomorrow and then the arch will be complete.

Thank you to all of our customers for your support and loyalty. We have loved hearing all of your ideas for the store also and working as hard as we can to get the crop room open as soon as possible.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I left this morning at 7:30 am and home at 10:30 pm and can hardly move. We did a lot today!!! We decided to paint the door and trim on the building metallic gold as it was a dark teal (so un-diva-like) But we did not start until like 7:00pm and after taping, cleaning the wood and two coats of kilz we had time for one coat of gold and it is going to need a couple more. Lindsay and I are going in early to try to get it done and dry before customers come in.

Lindsay and Liz got the other archway painted pink today and we will get the lettering put on it tomorrow along with the border of records. I hung more of the scrapbook sayings around the store today and we got a lot more product out onto the sales floor. Every inch of my body aches tonight. LOL

Lindsays hair was full of paint. LOL but it does look like highlights. :)
All three of us were painting and mom was after me for climbing the ladder with my bad knee. It had to be done and once I put my mind to something I don't stop till it is done.

One of the girls had the idea we needed pink flamingo's out in front of the store in the street planter. Love it! What a hoot! I was at menards this morning getting paint and found them. I did not even know they still made them and purchased two sets off ebay last night. Oh well in our store I am sure they will be used somewhere. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Day 3 of the store was wonderful We were so busy I did not get hardly any more unpacked. My brother was in from out of town and stopped in which it was great to see him. I did venture out to "The junktion" indoor flea market as I am looking for wooden crates for displays and did not have any luck. I worked late but worked on payroll as for some reason everyone wants paid. LOL

Daisy stayed home today to cuddle with Zacheus as his allergies were bothering him. (don't they look adorable?)

This is Geno, he is a waiter at J's restaurant and was all ready for the Texas game. I LOVE that hat and we need it for the Diva room. hee hee
Phil-Mingo got a mate today. He was so lonely.


Check Vicki's blog! She was in yesterday and took some great photo's. http://vickichrisman.blogspot.com/2009/06/tattered-angels-cha-sneek-peek-and-new.html

We still have a LOT to do and I am so anxious to get the rest of the boxes unpacked and the crop room reopened.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The air conditioner just could not keep up today. It was so hot. We had 4 fans going throughout the store also. Everyone said it was nice and cold in there but we were all working hard on the crop room and burning up. LOL We had steady customers all day. I have not sent an email to the mailing list yet as we are trying to work out all the kinks this week and we have had several but getting there. It was a fun day as everyone is so excited about the new store. My sister and mom came this afternoon and we went across the street to J's for lunch. If you have not been there you have to try it. My favorite is called Thai Lavosh which is so good but everything there is good. Also check out the Junktion indoor flea market when you are in town.

Isn't this AWESOME? I found it on ebay and am going to hang it over the floral section.

This may not be exciting to you but this shed was exciting to me as God has been in this move every step of the way and I needed a shed to keep my rack of hooks in but money is so tight being closed for three weeks and paying LOTS of employees every day. Well last night someone listed this shed on Craigs List, they live in Fremont and he even delivered it for me. God never ceases to amaze me.

The Rusty Pickle award chicken that Lance gave my son Paul and his mate Henrieta are hung right next to the flying pig. LOL

Today Zacheus lost TWO teeth! Tooth Fairy better be extra good to him. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


We had a wonderful first day. So many people from Bellevue, Lavista, Gretna, Omaha and Fremont! It was fun to see peoples reactions to things we have done. I added some more surprises tonight. There were so many oooohs and aaaaahs today.
My goal is July 1 for the crop room. It may be sooner as Lindsay, Hannah and Zach are amazing help! Stay posted.
The end of a wonderful day!

Daisy took her place on the throne. :)

Ruth was so happy! She loves her store. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


We will be open 10-5 tomorrow. Love the new store as it is bigger and so much character. Come check it out! Fremont also has a wonderful waterpark and the Frmont Lakes if you want to make a day of it as well as wonderful downtown stores.

I started working on the back of the store. I have a LONG way to go out there. I was thinking picket fence to cover those central air conditioners and ??? any ideas???
Our birdcage needed a bird...of course a flamingo!

So much fun!

My daughter Liz beeing goofy. :) She is such a sweetie.

Diva's place to relax.

Sign is up. I still have to paint the trim and the door on the store.


I am so happy Lindsay is back working at the store. I am sure she is going to college with the goal to run her own scrapbook store someday. LOL ;) Her and Hannah do an awesome job (they are sisters) All of the people who work for me are hand picked by God as I could never have picked such wonderful help. I love you all and it is your store too.

Lindsay got to go to Australia for a month for a college trip and had an amazing time. Here are some of the pictures and she took over 200 pictures so I am becoming a influence on her. hee hee


Thank you all for your prayers. I do need a new knee but they are going to start with steroid shots in it and see if we can ease it along for a bit so I have time to have the surgery. I stopped by the Elkhorn House trying to get some fixtures out of the garage and it was almost 11:00 at night. My son Paul had a roll of cyclone fence in front of the garage door which I did not see since it was dark and tumbled right over it and landed straight down on my knee. But if anyone asks I hurt my knew it water skiing ok? LOL :) I have tried to not let it slow me down as I have so much to do and I have good pain killers. I have to stop and ice it about every hour or so as it swells up. I think it was Gods way of slowing me down. :)


Happy Fathers day to all of the Scrapbookers Sugar Daddies out there!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


The bathroom came out cute! I still want a new vanity and sink but it will come later. But unlike Gretna we have water pressure, a toilet that flushes right and hot water. woo hoo!!!
Got the sign done but somehow we lost the letter "r" in the move so I have to order one.

I am adding extra shelves above the themed sections to decorate to show what theme is under them. We got one hung last night and I love how it turned out. Obviously this is the wedding section. :)

It has finally all come together and looks awesome. We still have things to do but we will have the store open on Monday. The crop room will be open by the Heartland Hop as we will be doing the garage sale in the crop room during the hop.

We had to get a second ribbon cabinet as we have so much ribbon. (I LOVE ribbon as it adds a finishing touch to a page)
Vicki gave me a big pink bucket so I painted a couple more to match to make a display of them.

I started decorating the back side of the store. I have LOTS of ideas for out back and cannot wait to make them a reality.

We got the most "Diva" barstools for the bar area.

We have added many antiques to our "Diva" theme to fit in with Downtown Fremont.

This is my FAVORITE!!!! I seen this in a store once and could not wait to do it. It is old movie reels and I looped rope lights to look like film and put it in the Movies/Dance/Music section. It is so awesome!

I found a great use for the HUGE planter boxes from the Chick Market.