Sunday, September 30, 2007


The day got worse, first we had the crop room flood, then the wind blew so much stuff all over the store and we could not leave things outside for the sidewalk sale due to the high winds. To top it off my daughter Liz drove us home tonight and had an accident in the construction zone in Gretna. No one was hurt but we were very shook up. While we were waiting for our son to come get my car it started raining. What day! We started our crop at 10am today at the request of customers so I missed church. Needless to say I will not be starting crops until 1pm from now on. I think the day was a sign that I was suppose to be at church this morning. :)

Now a funny...I was out there in the dark taking pictures of what she hit, the construction area, the car etc. I could not find any embellishments out there though. hee hee


Scrap Pink was a hit! Friday the crop at scrapping station had a large group and $10.00 from each person gets donated! Sunday we did the garage sale and Cindy said everyone who rented tables gave $5.00 each from their sales and we also had over 50 people in which each of those donated $1.00 or more to shop. We sold a lot of things from the items donated which was awesome. The Saturday crop was a late nighter but everyone got a lot done. Sundays crop at Precious Treasures was interesting. Between the horrible wind and the crop room flooding it was a "Calgon Take Me Away Day". The ladies cropping were so nice and understanding. We even made the croppers a special certificate for surviving the Precious Treasures Flood. The whole weekend was a hit and a great fundraiser! Thank you to everyone! Next big event is Crop for the Cure! Let us know if you want to volunteer for that event which is November 4th. There will be another Crafters Garage Sale at this event in case you were not able to get a table at Scrap Pink. We are full for the crop but there is a waiting list in case someone is unable to come and wants to sell their registration.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

Your child's school calls asking to borrow your dies to use for school.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well we are cleaning out things again! We filled two sale racks with tons of stuff. There are 6 FULL bins of 7 Gypsies products we put out also. We need more room for all the new stuff coming in daily. Starting it out at 50% off!!!

Also check out the table of things donated for Scrap Pink! There is some awesome stuff on there! There is even a vacuum!

NEW ITEMS customs and sports

Ok... I promised I would get what came later in the day yesterday listed. It has been so busy at the store today with Scrap Pink that I am just now getting a break to list it all. Remember tomorrow is the scrapbook garage sale and we have all 65 tables rented so there will be lots of goodies! Also we have a crop for 10am-6pm.

Here is the new items and these were the new ones from the Memory Trends show in September:

  • Gretna Papers (4 styles)
  • Elkhorn Papers (5 styles)
  • Creighton University paper
  • Creighton embellishment
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Nebraska Map paper
  • Nebraska brads and stickers
  • Henry Doorly Zoo embellishments
  • National Park card stock sticker set

Papers 12x12

  • bowling
  • cheerleading
  • karate
  • gymnastics
  • softball
  • tae kwon do
  • track and field

Page Titles (large and layered)

  • baseball
  • bowling
  • cheerleading
  • football
  • gymnastics
  • karate
  • lacrosse
  • rock climbing
  • skate boarding
  • soccer
  • tae kwon do
  • track and field
  • volleyball
  • wrestling

Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, I spent the afternoon helping a customer that came in to cut out and put together locker decorations for a state softball tournament. It was so much fun as I always did the lockers for my oldest son when he played football. We cut out picture frames out of foam and then put 2007 on the top which the zeros we made softballs. Put a team photo in the frame and magnet the back and they are done.

While we were working on those Liz showed up and brought three big boxes that came to Elkhorn today. One of them is the custom papers FINALLY! So there is a lot more Elkhorn and Gretna. I will list everything else that came tomorrow as we are having the scrap pink crop right now and I have to keep an eye on these girls...they get kind of rowdy! hee hee


Isn't this how it goes? You buy paper and then start your project and realize you need more. I run into that all the time! I want whats new and what is old. We are adding files to the store for the papers that we are down to 4 or 5 sheets. They will be sorted by themes and colors. That way we will have room for all the new papers we all crave and still have some of the older papers. We have ordered the files and until then I have been putting the extras under the top paper rack or I have a huge pile behind the desk. So if you are looking for a paper, just ask. We hope to have the files here within the next couple weeks.

We also are adding the clip it ups. You have probably seen these in magazines. They hold so many embellishments! Love em'! If you want to order them we are taking 30% off for our faithful bloggers! Just mention it when you order. They come in within a week as long as they are in stock.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You restage an even to get those photos that didn't come out the first time. (Doesn't everybody do that??)


We have had MANY people say they want to participate in Sunday's Garage sale but had other plans or did not want to stay all day and now they cannot as we have all 65 tables rented! So, people have been bringing items to the store asking us to sell them and donate the money! That is so NICE! We will have separate tables in front of the store Saturday and Sunday with the donated items and 100% will go the Susan G. Komen foundation!!! There are stamping up stamp sets, ink pads, albums, papers, sizzix dies, and much much more. I am adding the bar fridge and hot/cold water dispenser also and the accucut dies and I will go through my crop room at home tonight and see what all I can find too! If you have any items to donate someone will be at the store until at least nine tonight and here from 10-10 tomorrow. I am just so humbled by the nice people that we have met since moving our business to Gretna. You ALL are AWESOME!!! THANK YOU!!! ~*~Hugz to all of you! ~*~


Two boxes of papers and embellishments came today. These are from the show I just attended last week in Las Vegas. Brand New Companies which were not at CHA! They are awesome! These are just some of the styles that came as many are the coordinating ones of these as I bought full lines.

  • Barbie
  • Diva
  • Pink zebra
  • Pink/black tapestry
  • Journalling blocks that match
  • long strips of jewels called icing. They are even bendable.
  • whole boy line which is the coolest papers
  • whole girl line which is bright and beautiful
  • paper with crabs all over it and there are two different styles
  • spring line and really cool sun paper
  • Fall line which one of the papers is one I have been showing at the store as I had received a sample. It is the one with the black birds on it. (my favorite of the trade show)


DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS NATIONWIDE EVENT. THERE IS STILL TIME TO SIGN UP FOR SCRAP PINK!!!! We have rearranged the Diva Crop Room to make more room for more croppers and still allow everyone to have their own tables. If you are on our mailing list you will receive a scrap Pink Bonus which you should have received via e-mail. If you did not get it, email and put bonus in the subject. Call 763-9675 to register. This is a great fundraiser for breast cancer research. See for more details. Lets make this a huge fundraiser and help fight breast cancer.At Precious Treasures we have over 400 dies, 3 accucut machines including a Grand Mark machine. We have a sewing machine, iron and ironing board, Microwave, fridge, oven, scrapbook idea books and the cutest bathroom around! There are taped DIY scrapbook shows that change weekly. Best of all there are hats, boa's, glasses, jewelry so you can embellish yourselves! You are sure to make lots of wonderful memories at Precious Treasures.

Friday: Scrap 6-2am Cost is only $20.00 which includes dinner and snacks. You get your own table and there are lots of tools to use. $10.00 of your fee is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Saturday: Scrap from 10am-10pm at Precious Treasures! Cost is only $20.00 which includes dinner and snacks and prize drawings. You get your own table and there are lots of tools to use. $10.00 of your fee is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Sunday: Scrap from 10am-6pm at Precious Treasures! Cost is only $15.00 which includes snacks and prizes. $10.00 of your fee is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.Sunday: We are holding a crafters garage sale at the Scrapping Station. Get rid of those unused craft items and have money to buy new! There is a $1.00 donation charge to come shop. Money goes to the Susan G. Komen

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Clear acrylic is the hottest thing on the market right now!

We have the clear acrylic albums and at an EXCELLENT price point of only $16.99, these are like the ones you see at other stores for 29.99!

We also have the clear tags, letters, shapes and much more!

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You have 26 pairs of scissors, 7 different black pens, 13 types of adhesive and a cardstock pile taller than your kids.

NEW PAPERS IN TODAY straw, pink ribbons Godparents etc.

  • Uncle
  • Aunt
  • Adoption/Chosen
  • Godparents
  • Godchild
  • Rubber Ducks
  • Straw/Hay
  • Grass (Great for soccer pages)
  • Outer Space (Great for a page titled "You are out of this World")
  • Theater
  • Pink Ribbons
  • Survivor

Also got in glass coasters that you put a photo in. Great gift idea!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

Your pet even poses when it sees the camera.

MORE IN... Custom albums, Gretna Dragons, Scrabble Scrabble

Scribble Scrabble paper packs, individual packs are coming also

Laser cut dragons (packages of 12)

Digital Scrapbooking Magazine

Sommerset Studios new books

Stampington idea books

LOTS of custom albums

  • Gretna Dragons
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Blessing from above for boy and girl
  • Hope (Breast Cancer album)
  • One Day at a time (breast cancer album)
  • Elkhorn Antlers
  • Our Family
  • Magical Memories (for those Disney pictures)
  • ABC book
  • Family Recipes
  • Celebrate (birthday book)
  • Dance


Company that is new to the scrapbook industry. GREAT papers and rub ons!

  • confirmation
  • graduation
  • baptism
  • baby
  • wedding
  • tribute
  • hair cut (would be great for pictures at the beauty shop for proms etc.)
  • aunt
  • uncle
  • grandaughter
  • grandson
  • 4h (several styles)
  • family
  • good luck
  • pinewood derby (different than the other one we have already)
  • blue and gold banquet

Stickers and Rub ons

  • boy scout badges
  • cub scout elements
  • facts for boy scouts
  • pinewood derby
  • 4h
  • birthday
  • friendship
  • wedding
  • God Cares

Also got in these awesome pocket planners that are scrapbook themed and say "I love to Scrap" on them

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You know you are a scrapbooker if.....

You are single and you turn down a date with a handsome man in favor of an all night crop.

Monday, September 24, 2007

DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS NATIONWIDE EVENT. THERE IS STILL TIME TO SIGN UP FOR SCRAP PINK!!!! Call 763-9675 to register. This is a great fundraiser for breast cancer research. See for more details. Lets make this a huge fundraiser and help fight breast cancer.

Friday: Scrap from 5-2am at the Scrapping Station! Cost is only $20.00 which includes dinner and snacks. You get your own table and there are lots of tools to use. $10.00 of your fee is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Saturday: Scrap from 10am-10pm at Precious Treasures! Cost is only $20.00 which includes dinner and snacks and prizes. You get your own table and there are lots of tools to use. $10.00 of your fee is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Sunday: Scrap from 10am-6pm at Precious Treasures!Cost is only $20.00 which includes dinner and snacks and prizes. You get your own table and there are lots of tools to use. $10.00 of your fee is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.Sunday: Scrapping Station is holding the Crafters Garage Sale!!!! Get rid of those unused craft items and have money to buy new! Tables are only $15.00 for one, $25.00 for 2 and $30.00 for 3. There is a $1.00 donation charge to come shop. Money goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Heartland Hop

The Heartland Hop is getting close! You can now buy passports. We have ordered tote bags also and if you buy the passport and tote you get a free goody bag from Precious Treasures Store only. Please go to for details.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday...a day off! woo hoo!

Yesterday was a busy day at the store. And as you all know if you shopped yesterday it was Lizzie's Homecoming Dance last night as her and her friends were all at the store all day. They had a great time and had fun dressing up in the Diva Room. The dance went well and all are home safe. We also had an awesome Diva Night last night. What a fun group! They all work at Children's Hospital. They were a hoot! We took a group photo of them all dressed up in Diva attire. They got lots of scrapbooking done and even took time to watch some of the DIY Scrapbooking shows we have recorded. If you ever want to come in and watch some, they are always available in the Diva Crop Room for you to watch and change weekly.

Today was such a beautiful day! I had the day off work today and went to Zacheus' football game. He is the smallest player on the team but makes up for it in speed. For those of you who do not know Zacheus is my 8 year old. After the game my other daughter Ruth went home with grandma and grandpa as there is no school tomorrow and I took my two sons to a movie then did a little shopping at Village Point (had to make my run to Archivers). It was a nice afternoon.

Just working on some class projects. These cute Turkeys. I am so hooked on the paper tearing right now.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


If you are having trouble getting this weeks coupons just e-mail and put the word Coupons in the subject and they will be emailed back to you. They will also be sent weekly via e-mail if you are on our mailing list as some people are having trouble getting them to print. If you are not on the mailing list please go to to sign up. Octobers schedule is packed full of wonderful classes so make sure you are on our mailing list.


  • 6 more of the chipboard filing sets
  • 13 different papers. Many from the Mellow Collection
  • Recess 6x6 paper packs
  • Lunch pail refill kits
  • Autumn Collection Rub ons

You know you're a scrapbooker if......

You drive 2 hours somewhere to take pictures for 15 minutes and then drive home another 2 hours.

Friday, September 21, 2007

WEEKEND SCRAPPING AT P.T.s and Scrapping Station

FRIDAY: There is open scrapping at the Scrapping Station at Nebraska Crossing Mall every Friday from 6-2am for only $10.00. Holds up to 100 people! Bring your friends for a night out. NO registration is required.

SATURDAY: Saturday Nights is Diva Crop Night at Precious Treasures from 6-midnight. Cost is $15.00 which includes dinner and they do drawings for prizes. There are all kinds of hats, boas, scarves, glasses etc. to embellish yourself while you are there. You are sure to make wonderful memories at Precious Treasures. Registration is required as space is limited.


Please forward all complaints about the Scrapping Studio / Station the mall management , First Management of Omaha 344-4600. We are in no way affiliated with the Scrapping Station. We also are in no way affiliated with Creative Elements which is a scrapbook store that used to be at the Nebraska Crossing Mall.

We ARE the store that was formerly in Elkhorn in the strip mall by the Elkhorn High School. We are a christian family run business. It seems there are a lot of problems since the new owner of the Scrapping Studio took over and also with the owner of Creative Elements never being open and people are blaming us. We just want to make it clear we are in no way affiliated with either and hope you give us a chance to show you what great service we offer at Precious Treasures Omaha Nebraska area Scrapbook Store. We are here 6 days a week and sometimes 7. We look forward to serving you. :)

We have 18 tables in our crop room and over 1000 accucut dies, stamps, idea books and more. Come in an crop anytime there is no other classes on the calendar on Do not miss the popular Diva night!


SIGN UP FOR SCRAP PINK!!!! Call 763-9675 to register. This is a nation-wide event. This is a great fundraiser for breast cancer research. See for more details. Lets make this a huge fundraiser and help fight breast cancer.

Friday: Scrap from 5-2am at the Scrapping Station! Cost is only $20.00 which includes dinner and snacks. You get your own table and there are lots of tools to use. $10.00 of your fee is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Saturday: Scrap from 10am-10pm at Precious Treasures! Cost is only $20.00 which includes dinner and snacks and prizes. You get your own table and there are lots of tools to use. $10.00 of your fee is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Sunday: Scrap from 10am-6pm at Precious Treasures!
Cost is only $20.00 which includes dinner and snacks and prizes. You get your own table and there are lots of tools to use. $10.00 of your fee is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Sunday: Scrapping Station is holding the Crafters Garage Sale!!!! Get rid of those unused craft items and have money to buy new! Tables are only $15.00 for one, $25.00 for 2 and $30.00 for 3. There is a $1.00 donation charge to come shop. Money goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


  • thickers vinyl alphabets
  • bohemia rub on titles (600)
  • canned chipboard and vinyl shapes
  • lots of new jolees
  • digi scrappin 2!!! Brought 6 back from convention and they will not be available for shipments until December. So be the first to get yours! This one teaches you about the brushes.
  • New rub on pads from American Crafts
  • New bohemia rub on letters
  • 6 Chip board albums from convention (these are AWESOME) More are coming
  • velvet rick rack ribbon
  • sparkle ribbon

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You buy your childrens clothes to match the paper you want to use. (I have done this)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Well I see he got a couple blog posts done over the last week while I was gone. I wanted to post from Las Vegas but we could not get Internet to work in our room, they even changed the modem for us and I was so bummed! We were gone a whole week and I sure missed the kids. We went out to Melting Pot (with my Vegas winnings) tonight and caught up on everything that had happened in their lives the past week.

The show was awesome! I seen so many more new items at Memory Trends than the whole CHA show which is about 10 times the size. There were so many brand new companies and I ordered tons!!!! I will post photos of some of the new things that will be coming soon. Vicki Christmas was there and demonstrating for Glimmer Mist and Crafty Secrets. There are lots of new wonderful glimmer mist Christmas colors. Wait until you see the new Christmas Paper lines we ordered. You will be thrilled!

I also got an update on the Cricut software and they are thinking January it will be ready. As always we are the LOWEST priced on all Cricut items. We also rent Cricut cartridges.

I took lots of training also and there will be some great new classes. Check out the store class table for samples of classes coming up.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

You Know You're a Scrapbooker if...

You open your own scrapbook store rather than getting a new house.

Hmmm...sounds fimiliar... :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

The words you live by are,

"Eat, sleep, scrap!"

Friday, September 14, 2007

Memory Trends in Vegas

Well, Paula and I are off to Vegas. This time what happens in Vegas is not going to stay in Vegas as I am going to share it with you. Check out the blog as I am going to take you to Vegas with me via photographs. Then you can get a sneak peek of the new products we will be getting in.

Stop by Saturday the 22nd to see what products I bring back samples of and projects from training classes. Also there are still 4 more openings for Diva Night on the 22nd. We have added a THIRD AccuCut machine and a sewing machine to the Diva Room this past month. Also if you want to bring your laptop and journal using our wireless printer, add the drivers for HP 7410 to your laptop. We have been listening to your suggestions from our wonderful customers and it just keeps getting better at Precious Treasures thanks to YOU!


Digital Scrapbook Classes are held on Thursdays at 7pm. I have a couple interested in taking the one on September 20 and need two more students for Shari to come teach. It is an awesome class and we have even taken it ourselves. You learn about layers, editing, and color changing and so much more. With the class fee of $29.00 you get a kit download also.

Call 763-9675 and register for the September 20 class.


If you have not received the Scrap Pink information brochure, email and just put Scrap Pink Info in the subject and we will get one right out to you.

We have added on Sunday September 30 to the Scrap Pink Event as we have had requests to crop for all three days. Sunday will be 10-10 and the Scrapbook Garage Sale is Sunday also at the Scrapping Station from 1-4.

Call for your reservation or garage sale table. 763-9675


Precious Treasures is participating in the Heartland Hop. Go to for details.

NEW BLING ITEMS FROM ME AND MY BIG IDEAS 30+ new papers, albums and embellishments!

We got in a HUGE order!

This is all from the BRAND NEW Bling line from Me and My Big Ideas. See photos at the bottom on the product slideshow. We got in the albums which there are three different 12x12 designs and then there are 2 8x8 designs. (We ordered a dozen of each album as I know they will be very popular. We got in all the papers which are awesome and all the embellishments. Embellishments and Album are out on the floor.
Papers will be on a table in the Diva Room for the next week as we are waiting on more racks.

The whole bling and denim line of papers
Lots of new embossed papers for wedding, high school, birthday etc.
paper that looks like an old quilt
lips paper
I love you paper

Baby Boy
Baby' Girl
Poker embellishment and also the glitter stickers
High School Spirit glitter RUB ONS (so cool)
Girls Night Out
First Car
Sweet 16

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You convince your chiropractor to prescribe 10 pounds of 12x12 paper to use for lower back excercises. ( I think more scrappers need chiropractors for all of the heavy bags) hee hee

Thursday, September 13, 2007


We had a bunko group meet at Precious Treasures last night and they had so much fun! For big bunko they used a hat. They passed it to the next person when they got big bunko. Everyone had a great time! The Diva room is great for bible studies, get togethers, craft groups, bunko groups and so much more.

Why are many things white or off white...also a tip on chalks

  • If you get white or off white twill or ribbons you can color them with an ink pad, chalks, markers and my favorite GLIMMER MIST! Then your ribbons are the colors you want.
  • This is the same for the silk and paper flowers. You can even used the colored flowers and add chalk to them.
  • I like white eyelets and brads also as if you carry a set of Sharpie or galaxy markers in your crop bag you just have to color in the brad or eyelet to match your layout.

IF YOU USE CHALKS: Use Carolyn's Fixative Spray over them. I have tried all the brands out there and this one is the best. It sets the chalk and brightens the color too. It is ACID FREE unlike hair sprays. I cringe when I see people using hair spray on their layouts. If you go to all the work of a masterpiece of a scrapbook page, make it last for generations to come. It is a huge can and it will last you a loooooong time.


Creative Impressions order:

  • red white blue plaid and striped ribbons
  • Family Ties twill
  • Pumpkin Patch Ribbon
  • rolls of blank twill (sold by the roll, request from customer)
  • From the heart ribbon
  • Daddy's little helper twill
  • Halloween ribbon
  • Red hat ribbons (several styles)
  • anywhere hole punch 2 sizes
  • eyelet setter (I prefer theirs as it is heavier and wider in diameter than other companies)
  • More fish eyelets (had to fill the fish bowl)
  • misc other colors of ribbons.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You leave the house in a panic because you forgot your camera, but you are only going to the store.

NEW ITEMS TODAY! Diva Reading Glasses

Cool new reading glasses that are so Diva. Priced at only 7.99 and prescriptions from +1.25 to +2.50. Also cute cases.
We also got in these things that are hard to describe. I seen them down at the Old Market but they were 49.99! I finally found them at a good price point and they are priced at only 19.99. It is like a wire tree that has a clip on each end that holds a photo. I will try to get a picture added to the blog so you can see. Also got in this spinning photo frame. Kind of like one of those wheels you spin in a carnival. Very cool!

There is another box to go through that UPS dropped off so stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

Your husband gets up at 3am to answer the door and it is just you hammering eyelets.


We also got in heat resistant embossable tape. (very, very hard to find) This is a heat embossable double sided tape. It is very expensive to buy it by the roll (about $40) so we are going to sell it by the yard to make it easier for you buy it. It will be in the stamping section.


  • football stickers from me and my big ideas which looks like Gretna players
  • cruise ship soft brads
  • angel rub ons
  • senior and graduation stickers
  • music / choir paper
  • target (hunting) paper
  • cat paper
  • 12x12 genuine leather albums
  • 12x12 clear transparency paper which you can put through your computer. (just cut in half for 8.5x11 printers and use as borders.
  • 8.5x11 clear adhesive ink jet paper
  • 8.5 x 11 shrink plastic (like shrinky dinks)
  • mouse pads you can put photos on


  • balloons (packages and individual)
  • breast cancer awareness ribbons quicklets (packages)
  • COWS! (packages)
  • castles (packages)
  • fire truck (packages)
  • fishing hat (packages)
  • footballs (packages and individual)
  • football helmets in the following colors black, blue,
  • red, white, purple, orange, yellow and green
  • icicles in silver and also in white (packages)
  • lions (packages)
  • green megaphones (individuals)
  • green football helmets (individual)
  • white football helmets (individual)
  • white megaphones (individual)
  • moons (packages) great on tooth fairy pages
  • music assortment (packages)
  • police car (packages)
  • police hat (packages)
  • red cross/doctor/nurse (packages)
  • running / track / cross country (packages)
  • pastel safety pin brads (packages)
  • seashells (packages)
  • tennis (packages)
  • tractors (packages)



  • college
  • campfire
  • lighthouse
  • hawaii
  • italy
  • boardwalk
  • green eggs and ham
  • baby kicking
  • building / tools
  • travel rest area
  • beach umbrellas
  • pandas
  • carousel
  • tricycle
  • mexico
  • golf
  • hockey
  • cow girl
  • cow boy
  • baby crib
  • christening gown
  • pizza
  • sandwich
  • bbq

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We just got in ANOTHER display of Avery Scrapbook product line. I think I over ordered on these as I was so impressed by them. So there is a coupon on the right for 40% off! We want you to try them and you will be hooked also. I love the software that comes with each pack as I use it for all kinds of computer projects. (coupon also includes the whole Avery craft line)


I am trying to clean out the crop room and rearranging to try to make room for more croppers. I am getting rid of some things. If you are interested call or stop by the store. 763-9675. I would love to get them all sold by Friday so if you are interested call me.
I have these items for sale

Bar Refrigerator (white, cube) : $50.00
Hot/Cold water dispenser $50.00
hoover wide path empower vacuum: $50.00

Accucut Dies

  • A2 Card nc203 $30.00
  • envelope a2 ev700 crease $40.00
  • bag #1 bg100 #60.00
  • Gecko Lizard g1012L $40.00
  • purse 2 dies set (actually make a purse) p1565 $55.00


We got in two vending machines for the crop room so we are busy trying to figure them out. :) But here is the stuff that I have unloaded so far. through one box. Will get throught the next one hopefully later today.

  • Lots of Bazzill paper
  • 6 perforated cutter bee (this is the one that when used with an ink pad looks like stitching. Stop by and I will show you how it works. )
  • 6 red soccer uniform jollee's
  • 4 spiral bound albums
  • 2 rock star 12x12 album
  • 3 cropadiles
  • 3 make your won monopoly games (great for digital photographers)
  • 6 New software from DSM This one is awesome. It is Cards, announcements and invitations.
  • 6 book binding tape
  • epoxy nebraska maps
  • 24 of the "Scrapbookers Sugar Daddy" shirts, they come bound in ribbon with a sugar daddy sucker! Great Christmas gift for hubby.

Will add more later

Monday, September 10, 2007

New items today...Sugar Daddy Shirts

New shirts came today. These you will only find at Precious Treasures. It is so cute! It says "I AM A SCRAPBOOKERS....." and then has a picture of the Sugar Daddy candy! It is a hoot! We got 2 dozen in. They will make great Christmas presents for your hubby. Get them while they last!

Funeral Today

Today was Stephen's funeral. It was the saddest funeral I have ever been to. It is just not right to go to a 16 year olds funeral. It was so hard on my two oldest children. Please keep the Hagen family in your prayers.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Today we went to church and then worked at the store. I only have one afternoon off a week which is Mondays as I just imprint in the mornings and then have the rest of the day off which I clean and do laundry. Since we had the labor day sale I did not get my laundry day in and with 6 of us in our family that puts me way behind. Tomorrow we have the funeral for Liz's friend who commited suicide and I want to spend the day with her as she is taking it so hard. So to catch up on laundry my mom suggested I go to the laundry mat. So I loaded up the suburban and off we went. We loaded 18.....yes 18 washers! I had never been to a laundry mat before and I am hooked. In about 2 and a half hours I was all caught up! It cost me about 60.00 but if I figure the cost of electricity and all the time, it was a bargain. I may do this every week! See the photos of Liz and Zac!


Thought we could get a discussion going here.

We are wondering if people would be interested in doing swaps at the store. This is where you make multiples of one page or card and make as many of that one as are people in the group. Thenat the end of the crop you all swap them and you end up with all different cards or pages.

Also suggested to us was doing a crop where everyone is given the same materials and then everyone has to make something out of those materials. It is always neat to see how different peoples projects come out. Any interest in participating?


Today Liz and I are cleaning up after yesterdays party at the store. It was sure fun! Today we are drawing for the prizes. We are giving away over $1000.00 in prizes! We also have a ton of Creative Memories things which we am not allowed to sell so we am giving all of that away also! So by the time we are done everyone that put their name in will win something! I love give aways!

Check back for weekly coupons.


One of the things taught in the digital class yesterday was colorizing black and white photos. Vicki had taken my daughter Ruth outside sometime yesterday and did a whole photo shoot on her. We were so busy I did not even know those two left! The photos were beautiful! Vicki is so talented. She even took an adorable photo of Ruthy's shoes which I never would have even thought of doing. Trevor worked last night on it and turned it into a black and white photo and then colorized certain parts. It is beautiful!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


We had so much fun today!!! I am so thankful for all of our wonderful customers!! Each and every one of you are a blessing! We have met so many wonderful people since moving to the Gretna location.

The classes were a hit. The ones who took classes were thrilled and wanted to know when Vicki and Jan will be back. The digital class was excellent! It will be on the n schedule once a week.

The next big event scheduled event now is Scrap Pink!


Friday, September 7, 2007


I seen a page done with these knitted squares in a magazine and finally found out where to get them. They are swatches and I now can order yarn for anyone at 30% off if you have a project you are working on! hee hee They came in today and I already put a page together using one. They add more texture and I just love them! See photo on right today and it will be changed over to the gallery at the bottom after that. It is the blue page.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wireless ready!

When you crop grab your laptop as Precious Treasures now offers wireless internet. You can journal and then print it out to our wireless printer. If you are going to use wireless printing while you are there. The drivers you need are and HP 7410 and they can be downloaded from the HP web site.

Digi-Scrappin books and software came

Almost forgot that 12 more of the Digi-Scrappin books with software came. I have had many comments from people who bought the last ones we had in that they love it. It has scrapbook software but the awesome thing is the book that comes with it as it teaches you step by step in detail about how to use Adobe Photoshop. Also comes with a 30 day trial version of Adobe Photoshop.

Silly Ruth! .....Sad Liz.....

I ended up working until 9 tonight as I have been doing some custom scrapboook pages for a customer. I made my nightly stop to get milk and rushed home to try to catch the twins awake before they went to bed. When I got home Ruth ran down to show me her hair. It is so funny! I will put a photo on the right side and then move it to the picture reel at the bottom. She had braided her hair in tiny braids all the way around but what was funny is she put great big bows on the bottom of each one. .....I could not help but smile......

Then came Liz...... Today she was notified one of her good friends had shot himself in the head yesterday. She is taking it very hard. It is so hard to know what to say as she keeps asking me why he would do that to himself as he always was so happy. She had just went to church camp with him about a month ago. I did not know what to say and just held her as she cried. Keep the Hageman family in your prayers. I cannot even imagine the pain they are going through right now. The worst thing in the world is to lose a child.


This will go until October 15. The challenge is to create a Halloween layout using Magic Mesh in it. To help you out if you mention the challenge when checking out, we will give you 25% off your magic mesh purchase. When you are done with the layout bring it in to the store and we will scan it in and add it to the blog. The pages submited will be on a seperate photo slide on the bottom of this page. The winner will receive a 10$ gift certificate to Precious Treasures!


Come to the sidewalk Saturday as I am so in the mood to get rid of stuff and have added tons more to the sidewalk sale racks to make more room for new product. Right now it is marked at 50% off if you want to come get first pick but Saturday we are doing 75% off as we want it all to go. How can you go wrong? You could buy it and resell it on ebay and make $$$.

No ordering 10-15th of September

As you know we special order pretty much daily for people. If you prepay we give you 25% off which includes cricut items. Because we are leaving for a trade show on the 14th we will not be special ordering next week unless the order totals $150.00 or more. We want to order all the new items from the show. Sorry for any inconvenience.

MORE NEW ITEMS wondrously!

TONS of new wondrously handmade items. These are not as high of a price point as her others and they are so cute! We had a ton of her stuff when we moved to the Gretna location and it is almost all gone. If you have bought Wondrously items you know how well done they are and detailed.

I will not get these all put away for Saturday but I have them in a huge basket so you can check them out.

Also came was 6 of the new Scrap City books, scrapbooking for Urban Diva's and small town rebels. Already sold two today. It is an awesome book!


  • FILE-EXEC 12x12 STORAGE FOLDER ( I ordered a ton as they went so fast last time)
  • FILE-EXEC TOTES ( I like these as they are an inexpesive way to seperate projects)

That is all that was in that box. Got one more box to do so stay tuned! I got a new rack for all the Disney Items so I need to work on getting that done then I will do the next box.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Change to blog

We are making some changes to the blogspot. Photos of products, classes, ideas and misc. will be on the bottom of this page. We are going to leave the right side for weekly sale ads and coupons. For a complete schedule of classes and newsletter please go to (site is still under some construction)


  • cameras
  • suitcases
  • easter eggs
  • pick up trucks
  • white football helmets (you can color any color you want with sharpies)
  • sheep
  • graduation hats
  • pink breast cancer ribbons
  • fall leaves
  • crowns
  • dragon fly
  • ruler
  • ants
  • airplanes
  • arrows
  • footballs
  • fish

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Looking for one of these

I am looking for a kleenex box with the hair and dolls face on it. They were a 50's thing and I cannot find one anywhere. If you look at the bottom of this page I have added a photo of what I am looking for. If anyone has one of these or could make one, I am on the hunt.

Hooked on Clear Plastic!

Today was slow at the store as I think every one of our customers was in this weekend for the sale. :) It gave me time today to do some displays for the store. I worked a lot with the clear plastic and I am HOOKED! Stop by the store and see the things I have done with it. I also watched about 5 DIY Scrapbooking shows. If you are ever in scrapbooking we have a DVR and record all the shows and you can watch them while you are working.

On the way home I stopped at OSKI's ice cream parlor in Gretna to pick up a menu as I am working on a bunch of OSKI's scrapbook pages for a lady and there was a boy working there who must have been about 10 years old. It made me miss my daughter Ruth so much. Ruth is 8 and she had come to work with me every day over the summer and we had so much fun! She loved all the dress up items in the Diva Room and would dance around the store all the time. She did not want to go back to school this fall and wanted me to home school her. I think if Precious Treasures makes it for another 10 years Ruth will be the one who takes it over. My other daughter Liz whop works at the store on weekends wants to be a missionary and was talking over the weekend about moving to Africa. Liz has the biggest heart and love the Lord so much! I am very proud of her.


  • Brazil Flags that I special ordered for a customer. I had to get 12 so there are plenty of extra's
  • fiber packs
  • Asian paper
  • Pink Birthday paper
  • religion papers (2 styles)
  • Florida embellishments
  • navy and marine lisence plates
  • wedding quote stacks
  • 6 beautiful photo trays

Monday, September 3, 2007

Isn't she a hoot!

Being extremely menopausal I do not sleep. So I have been up hunting on e-bay for some cute stuff to put on the cabinet they brought for the window display today. Check out the photo of this mannequin head I found. Isn't she a hoot? "SO DIVA" I hope I win on e-bay!!

September Newsletter

We got new software to do the newsletter and that is why it is late this month. There is a whole sheet of coupons in it! You should receive it tomorrow as I just sent it to the person who sends it to the mailing list. Let me know if you have any problems opening it.

Sidewalk Sale Continued on September 8

Normally we are closed on Monday but we were doing our sidewalk sale. Today was the last day of it and we were only going to be open from 10-2. We had a store full of people from the time we got there at 9am until 5:30 when there was finally no one in the store and Liz and I hurried and closed as I needed to make it to Office Depot before 6. We got there but they were already closed. :( So we went to Michaels to use our coupon since we cannot use it at our own store. hee hee (we accept the Michael's 40% off coupons at Precious Treasures) Anyway I got the most beautiful jar at Michaels with my coupon. I will take a photo of it tomorrow once I have it filled. My husband and son brought over this wonderful cabinet I have had at my house to use for a window display today so I am hoping to use the jar in it. I first have to clean the store as with the 3 day sale it is trashed. We have four more 18 gallon rubbermaid totes of items we just found tonight that the guys did not get taken out of the suburban that we did not even get out as he brought them today. We will do another sidewalk sale next Saturday with our 10 year CELEBRATION! People loved all the bargains this weekend and one lady got three huge bags of items today and it only came to like twenty dollars! We are in a generous mood as we are so thankful to ALL of our customers for 10 wonderful years! You all are blessings to us! Thank You!


  • Altered Photo Blocks: 11:00-11:45
  • Digital Scrapbooking: 12:00-1:00
  • Spiral Bound Album: 1:30-3:00
  • Clear Tag Booklet: 3:30-4:30
  • Magic Wand: 5:00-5:45

Call us at 402-763-9675 or email to sign up

Sunday, September 2, 2007


We are participating in the areas Heartland Hop. This is going to be a lot of fun for all scrapbookers. It would be fun to do as a group. Check out for all the details. I will keep you updated when the cards will be available.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


We will be adding coupons on the photo section of the blog so scroll down and look for the bonus balloons. Keep checking daily as we are going to keep changing them out. Just right click them and go to "print picture" bring it in and SAVE! This is our 10 year anniversary of Precious Treasures this month and we are showing our appeciation to ALl of our wonderful customers!