Friday, November 30, 2007


Isn't it funny to go back through scrapbooks and see how things have changed. Not only in the pictures but how we scrapbooked pictures. I hear people that go back and redo album pages but I am keeping mine the way they are as I love to look back and see how trends in scrapbooking change.



The 4H kids made all of their angels. They came out awesome. Thanks Stephanie!


Joyce Quaring of Shelton Nebraska won a $50.00 gift certificate to Precious Treasures!!!

The Grand Prize - a $150 gift basket from Tinkering Ink goes to Christi Harman of Bellevue, NE
Shop Hopper Tour Contest - a $50 gift basket from Tinkering Ink to Natalie Leseberg.

Congratulations to all!


Today it has been so hard to post. I had to take our Basset Hound Lucy to the vet to be put to sleep today. She was 11 years old and just like a kid in our family. She had lost bladder control in the spring so we had to keep her outside more. We tried different medications on Lucy but she is just too old. With the weather going to be bad this weekend I knew it was time for her to be put to sleep.

Lucy has always been Liz's dog and she went with me but she could not get out of the car. I cried so much I could hardly speak to the vet. I just have to believe she is up in heaven and know my grandma is taking good care of her.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I got a couple calls on undu again today and it is not sounding good about putting it back on the market. I call the company about every couple weeks to see if there is any news as it is one of my favorite products.

On July 15, 2007 Bigtime Products LLC issued a notice to retailers that shipment of the entire line of un-du™ branded products has been discontinued. Although retailers in other states are free to sell their remaining stock, no un-du products should be sold or delivered in or to the state of California. un-du branded products which were delivered to California customers since January 1, 2007 are subject to recall. Contact the store where purchased or Big Time Products LLC, 2 Wilbanks Rd., Rome, GA. 30161


Just got off the phone with Kim from the Scrapbooking Roads. She organized the Heartland Hop. They are just about ready to do the drawing. Check back as I will post as soon as the drawings are done. There are lots of prizes and our store is giving away a $50.00 gift certificate as a bonus!


  • 6 more Becky Higgins new books
  • Clear acrylic album (sports jersey)
  • frames
  • cricut cartridges
  • Mat stacks (rock star and dressed up)
  • Anna Griffin ribbon bows red, brown, green, yellow and purple.
  • Paper bag albums


Here is a closer view of the camera straps. Also they are only $19.99 for the set. Call the store to order 402-763-9675. Supplies are limited.


You get both a wrist strap and the neck strap. I have had mine for about a year and you know my camera gets lots of use. The strap has held up great. They are "Oh so Diva". Great Christmas gift. You can divide up the set and get two gifts from it.


My mom and dads 40th anniversary is December 10th and I am working on somthing for them. I asked her for some old photos and she just sent me one of their prom she found. It is funny how styles change over the years as the dress she wore then is back in style now. My mother is the one who started the whole Diva theme. From the photo you can see she has always been a Diva. I think it skipped a generation and went to Liz and Ruth. :) (they look a lot alike)


I wonder what Ruthie was asking Santa for as he seems to be really thinking.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You consider carrying crop bags your weekly work out.


The Diva Room was hopping yesterday with people making Christmas Cards and people trying to put together gift albums. Check the calendar on www. for open crop times as we have so many tools for you to use and lots of room for you to spread out your projects. There are vending machines, microwave, oven and fridge if you want to bring your lunch and of course we always have MCDONALDS! We are getting a Mexican Restaurant that is suppose to be open by Saturday we are told.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Everyone has been calling to see if the reindeer ribbon is back in. Well I got news it shipped this morning! I ended up getting 6 rolls as it went so fast last time. It makes awesome cards. I also ordered the pumpkin ribbons which is the same styling as the reindeer.

NEW ITEMS CAME TODAY brads for Christmas

  • Snowmen
  • Presents pewter, red and decorated
  • Gingerbread boys and girls
  • Snowflakes, Navy, silver, gold, white, pewter
  • Candy Canes
  • Peppermint Candy
  • Candy Cane
  • Candy Corn
  • Turkey
  • Stockings
  • Santa Hats (adorable)
  • Cocoa Cups
  • Angels
  • Christmas Trees
  • Holly

Elf Yourself and Scrooge Yourself
neck brace from surgery
ruth zach baby gmama/gpapa
twins baby and now
gma gpa trev liz

Vicki sent me this "elf yourself" of her family. It was so funny! I just tried it with the boys in our family and it is a hoot! I also found scrooge yourself. Try them out!


These will make GREAT Christmas Gifts. They just came in this morning. These are short sleeved t-shirts. We can get Sweatshirts also.


Kristi has added one more Christmas Card Workshop on December 9th at 4pm to accommodate all those who did not get to make it to last nights. This will be the last one before Christmas. Don't miss this fun event. She also has added a Tips and Techniques class as well as Scrapbook 102. See Calendar on for times.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You'd rather buy scrapbook supplies than clothes.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Tomorrow night is our Christmas Card Workshop with Kristi. If you have not signed up call today and reserve your spot.


I worked yesterday with Rosemary and Liz as I wanted to get all the imprinting done to take Monday off. We are heading toward the busiest weeks for imprinting as we do Christmas cards, pencils, party napkins, playing cards etc.

I got everything done and have today off! woo hoo! The tree is up but not decorated. I am pulling out decorations and hope to surprise the kids when they get home. Whoever invented these prelit trees is a genius! hee hee

Do you sew? Tomorrow we are working on costumes for the Christmas pageant. If you sew and want to help, we would be so thankful.


I just got the totals they sent in today. We donated in cash $180.00 and $94.00 in product. Thank you all for your support of this wonderful event!


We charge $1.00 an hour to crop in the Diva Crop Room. We take that money and put it in a seperate fund to buy more tools for customers to use. For December we ordered the Carnival 2" letter set.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Today our work room was hopping all day! It was fun to see everyone's different projects they were working on. We added some new photos to the Diva wall in our much talked about bathroom. People come to the store just to check out the bathroom. It is a hoot! All the credit goes to my mom, the "Queen Diva".


I had a lady come in that wanted me to imprint ribbon with her daughters name and 2007. She is using the ribbon on her daughters baby shoes she outgrew and using them for Christmas ornaments. Isn't that a wonderful idea? I had to share it with you.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well I guess it is the end for and Coach Callahan and his staff. Be praying they find a good coach. I think those are Gods tears falling on Callahan that the Huskers lost again. You know God is a Husker fan as he brought Osborne back.


Gift Cards available for those hard to get people on your Christmas list. You can even order them over the phone and we will mail it to the recipient in a hand made card.



Posting this photo for Stephanie. She is doing a project with 4h kids and wanted to make angels strictly out of die cut shapes to make it easier. I told her I would post a photo on the blog for her to see. (Of course they would not want pink but I made it go on the store tree.) Fabric glitter Papers, lips brad, swirl patch for halo, glitter brad, heart is from childrens earring set, glimmer mist for shimmer.

Dies used:

  • Cone die for body

  • Dove die for wings

  • Paper doll die for face.


We have a tradition with my friends, we always go Christmas shopping together on Black Friday. The first year we went together we got up early for all the sales and waited in lines. I was in line for a video game Paul wanted when he was little. It was an absolute nightmare. People were so cranky and I did not even get the game as they sold out. After we were done with the morning sales we went to Von Maur. It was not crowded as there were no sales. There was piano music playing and it was so relaxing. They wrap and ship your gifts for free and they hold your coat and bags for you. We have all went to breakfast and then to Von Maur every year since.

This year, after we were done some of us still wanted to keep shopping so we went to Village Point. They lit the tree that night and Santa, Frosty, Elves and the Grinch were all walking around Village Point. There was a lighted chariot that gave rides and it was a beautiful night. Later we went to see the move "Enchanted" with McDreamy from Grays Anatomy. It was an awesome movie! I got lots of Christmas presents done. All in all it was a wonderful day spent with wonderful friends.

Left to Right: Liz, Jackie, Hannah, Betty, Lindsay and Rosemary

Carriage Rides at Village Point

Resting our feet.

Tree lighting at Village Point

We had trouble getting Liz to come out of Von Maurs shoe room.

The girls are taking power naps.

So relaxing!


There must have been about 100 turkeys total in our neighborhood this morning. There were even quite a few tom turkeys which we do not see that often. We have lived in our neighborhood about 20 years and this is the most turkeys I have ever seen. They do not move for cars, you have to wait for them. You can even honk and they just look at you. (not the brightest birds)

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

We had a nice Thanksgiving. My inlaws stayed all night with us Wednesday night which was nice spending time with them. We all sat around and watched the Macy's Day parade together. I love watching it as when I was little I would beg to stay all night with my grandma the night before Thanksgiving so I could watch it with her. She loved parades. Thursday afternoon we went to my parents for dinner. We played lots of scrabble and bingo. Mom showed us her new sewing machine as she is quilting now. My dad took it easy as he just got over surgery.

This is the first year in many, many years I did not cook the Thanksgiving dinner which I was sad about. I just still am not feeling good so I took a year off. I still baked my famous pumpkin pies as Zacheus loves them. The other photo is my mom and dads dog "Winnie". You can tell she is not my dog as every time I tried to take a photo of her she would turn away. Our dog actually will pose for the camera!


You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You overhear some men talking about "crops" and get all excited only to realize they are talking about bean and corn.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Traditions

The snow is just beautiful today and it really got me in the mood for the holidays. I was up very late last night baking pies after working late (which I loved as it was working with the Gretna Scrapbook Club) and then went and got groceries. Back up at 4 am baking pumpkin muffins (another thing I was suppose to do at Halloween as we have a pan that makes them look like little pumpkins) I was just too sick at Halloween and trying to make it up to the kids for Thanksgiving as they are what I am most thankful for!

I hope and pray you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here is a tip for a tradition. Give everyone a journaling card and have them write their name on it and what they are most thankful for and then scrapbook them each year. It is wonderful to look back at them. For New Years I ALWAYS want my family together to start a new year. (The teenagers hate it) But that is the best gift I could ever get. New years eve we write down the best and worst things of the year and I scrapbook them. It makes remembering evens much easier and after age 40 for some reason it is so much harder to remember events. :) I know now why my grandma always kept a diary.

If you have any traditions you would like to share, please email us at


I had a lady come in that pretty much completed her whole Christmas list and we even wrapped it all for her. We have been on the hunt for things for the men on your lists. Some of the items will be on auctions also. Here are a few items:

1. I'm a Scrapbookers Sugar Daddy" shirts
2. Hunters Scrapbooks, these have premade pages in them that you put all the details of your hunt and a photo. They have been very popular but the small company already went under so when these are gone, they are gone.
3. Camouflage chocolates. Made right here in Nebraska and are so yummy!
4. The "You and Me" custom albums. Great for your sweetheart!
5. Digital Scrapbook Software. My husband is so hooked on Digital scrapbooking. Get your husband involved in scrapbooking. He creates the pages and you can embellish them. We will be having couples crops starting in January and at our crops laptops are always welcome. Hubbys can come to Friday night crops or other open crop times. They could come to Diva Night but I do not know how comfortable they would be. hee hee


I finally got a photo of the angel wings as we got so many emails asking to see what they were. I will get a layout done this weekend to show you also.


I am so hooked on the new Clip it Up organizers. They hold tons! Everything is so easy to see. I hooked two of the base ones together to make a taller one.


Some new friends of ours from Lincoln, Jess and Norma are opening a restaurant at the Nebraska Crossing Mall called Mexi-Cali Bullfrog. It should be open soon. I will keep you updated. (FINALLY something besides McDonalds out here and they will serve Margarita's too! mmm........)

Turkey Talk


TIP: Give your eyelets a new look.

Try putting a brad in an eyelet after you set it. This is great for those decorative eyelets that you have that hole in the middle of. This also gives eyelets more dimension.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You are most thankful on Thanksgiving for another new scrapbook store in town.

SPECIAL ORDER IN rock star and all dressed up 12x12 stacks

NEW ITEMS CAME TODAY mixture and more digi scrappin

  • Rock Star Stack 12x12 6
  • All Dressed up stack 12x12 6
  • Florida epoxy state plates 6
  • Colorado epoxy state plates 6
  • Iowa epoxy state plates 6
  • Nebraska epoxy state plates 6
  • "Little Monster" stickers
  • School Stickers: Freshman, Junior, Sophomore, Senior, Preschool 6 of each
  • Softball paper
  • 12 Heidi Swapp edge distressers
  • 6 Heidi Swap paper piercer
  • Prom stickers
  • 6 Cricut machines regular
  • 2 Cricut expressions 12x12
  • Scalloped edge Bazzill many colors
  • First Day of School Paper
  • 12 MORE digi scrappin books/software

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We had the Gretna School Scrapbook Club out today after school. I had the best day ever with the girls! We had 42 kids at our store and they were the most FUN! It was awesome to see all the kids excited about scrapbooking. The club has been going for 4 years but this year the numbers are at a record high. I cannot wait until they all come back. We may have to add a second teen night for them each month.




Well bad news, I just spoke with the company I have been getting the popular puffy reindeer ribbon and it is going to be another 7-10 days before they expect it. It is coming. I will call all of you one the list waiting for it as soon as it comes in. I ordered 6 rolls of it and each roll is 15 yards so hopefully that should be enough for everyone to get their cards done. If you are wanting a large quantity call me by Friday and let me know in case I need to add on more rolls.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You have a new job offer in another city and check the internet for scrapbooking stores in that area before accepting the job.


We give 40% off Cricut Cartridges and Machines. (Includes Special Order) No coupon needed.

Order early for Christmas Delivery. We also have wish lists you can fill out and let people know you have a list on file. Then you get what YOU want for Christmas.

We got in the following Cartridges:

  • Bags, tags and boxes
  • Happily Ever After
  • Beyond Birthdays
  • Christmas Cheer
  • Walk in my Garden
  • Disney Font
  • Animal Kingdom
  • 50 States
  • Dreams Come True
  • Printing Press

We also have in custom made slip covers for the Cricut and the Cricut Expressions.


  • Clip it ups and hooks and labels
  • 6 more copies of Becky Higgins new book
  • 24 copies of Digi Scrappin. If you attended one of our digital classes and we were out, stop back in and use your discount.
  • Daisy D's stitches rub ons (theu come in like a tape runner dispenser) 3 different styles
  • Basic Greys Clear Christmas Stamp sets
  • wrestling jolees
  • wrestling card stock stickers
  • wrestling metal titles
  • Thanksgiving card stock stickers
  • Stickles, reds, greens, Burgundy's, crystal and one that is a green and red mix.
  • Calendar stacks (awesome price on these)
  • glitter candy corn paper
  • flag paper
  • fireman papers
  • eagle scout paper
  • black rock star album
  • all dressed up 12x12 mat stacks
  • new cricut cutters and blades
  • fiskars cutters

Monday, November 19, 2007


Dasy D's, Basic Grey and Anna Griffin Christmas line is here. My Minds Eye Christmas should be here this week and reminisce will be here shortly. Dont forget to sign up for the Christmas Card Workshop. Kristi is teaching but I will show you as a bonus how to iris fold a Christmas tree which a friend showed me how to do. I am doing this technique on all my Christmas cards this year.


New coupons posted on


I heard they had fun last night at Diva Night. I went home sick yesterday so I missed it. I forgot to leave the camera as I had it in my purse so the group did not get their Diva Photo. (Diva Nights we take a group photo and it is emailed to the group. So each one that cropped last night will get $5.00 off their next Diva Night. Sorry about that.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Last night I took the twins to dinner at the Heartland Cafe in Elkhorn. They just started serving dinners on Thursday night and you have to try it. The food is awesome! They have the best beer bread and I even ordered some for Thanksgiving. The Heartland Cafe is in Old Town Elkhorn next to Clancys. Downtown is really shaping up in Elkhorn. Now if we can only get Elkhorn back. :) We are still trying.


Well the Friday night crops are popular! This is the second week offering them and we were full again. They said the girls had a lot of fun last night. I did not stay last night as I still am not feeling well and trying not to over do it. Diva Night tonight was only about half full but I know everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving which I know I need to do. I left early today as I was getting tired as we were so busy today. I think the nice weather brought everyone out shopping. When I left today I seen the tables were already in the new Mexican Restaurant at the mall and they were painting. YIPEE!

Friday, November 16, 2007

AWESOME WEB SITE FOR KIDS and big kids too ;)

Thought I would share this web site with you all. It is a great web site for kids. I have even played pac-man on there. It has all sorts of games on it, coloring pages and activities.

NEW ITEMS CAME TODAY cards and pages

A customer brought in more of the handmade cards and scrapbook pages today. If you are a local artist bring your work by as we purchase from many different local artists as well as artists all over the country.


When we were at the Chris Tomlin concert in Council Bluffs last week Louie Giglio spoke during one of the breaks. He talked about our cell adhesion protein molecules called “laminin”. It’s the “glue” that holds our cells together. The stuff that holds our bodies together is in the shape of the cross! He quotes the verse Colossians 1:17 “He (Christ) is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. I got goose bumps when I seen the picture. I have been reading up on it this week.


I LOVE Chicago and was going once a month when airfares were one $29.00 each way through Southwest. Well with gas prices they have been running a lot higher. I watch flight prices every day and they just went down to $49.00 each way so off I go. I love to go at Christmas and see the store windows and Christmas lights. I remember when I was little coming to visit grandma and she worked at Brandeis in downtown Omaha. The store windows were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I remember seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory there too at Christmas. Does anyone have any photos of that?

I am going the first week in December so I will get lots of Christmas shopping done. Liz has a list for me and was mad she could not go but in high school you cannot miss many days of school. If any of you Diva's want to go with us, email me or call. You could go see a show. Wicked and Blue Man are showing (both are excellent) and the Bears are playing football on December 2.

Windy City Scrapbooking Store won a makeover from O'Brian fixture company so I want to check out their store.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You know the difference between laser cuts and die cuts.


Well the Christmas Tree is up at the store. There are many scrapbook themed ornaments you can buy right off the tree. My favorite is the Smores Scrapbook one. It is adorable!


Tickets are now available for the Westside Church Christmas Pageant. Our whoile family has been involved in it for year. It is something you want to take your whole family to. Go to to order tickets. Liz has already been practicing almost every night for it. Little Zacheus is Joseph in the childrens nativity, Ruth an angel, Trevor and Paul are wise men and Trevor is a census taker, I am an animal handler and do the costumes and make food and usher. So come out and see the pageant this year, you will be glad you did. There is no charge to get tickets. ( Photo is of Liz practicing one of the swing dances.)


Last night was so nice. Hubby and I actually went on a date. Melting Pot was having an anniversary that we got an invitation to and got dinner half price so we decided to go. We also went to see the move "Dan in Real Life". (pretty good) I cannot remember the last time we went on a date as money is always tight with 4 kids. It was a very nice night and relaxing which was much needed.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Mention this post on Friday November 16 or Saturday November 17 and get an extra 30% off all pink dot clearance which brings it to 80% off! Also take 20% off your purchase of regular price items on those two day. You must mention the blog post.

Also we have a few more spots for Friday nights crop and several for Saturday nights crop. Come have fun and get your albums done. We had a lady last Saturday do 18 pages in one night! You get to use all our die cuts and tool while you are here. Call to sign up 402-763-9675 or email

MORE IN TODAY custom albums

Custom albums:

  • dance
  • Nebraska Memories
  • Gretna Dragons
  • Gretna Class of 2008
  • Elkhorn Class of 2008
  • Elkhorn Antlers
  • Hope (breast cancer ribbon album)
  • I love you
  • Christmas Memories
  • One Day at a Time
  • Our little Miracle
  • Celebrate
  • School Days

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY breast cancer awareness, coach keychains

We got in a bunch of Breast Cancer Awareness jewelry today. Also speaking of jewelry, we still have some of those Coach keychains left at only $24.99. They make great gifts. I slammed mine in the car door and it broke so I took it to Coach at Village Point for them to send it in to get fixed. I got a gift certificate back for $65.00 as they said it could not be repaired. The keychains were more expensive than I thought, they are a HUGE bargain!
We also got in a Cach CD case and imprinted it with Digital Scrapbooking Diva. A bargain at only $99.99. Guaranteed authentic Coach item.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You ask the police man who pulls you over for speeding if you can take a photo of him so you can scrapbook your ticket.

Mall News!

Here is some new mall news. We are getting a mexican restaurant and a social hall. Also Michelle from Trends has finally got things worked out and it sounds like she is opening a store in the mall. I am thrilled as I love that store! If you have never been there it is a wonderful gift shop and they carry womens accessories also. The wholesale tool company "Omaha Distributing" is trying to be open for Christmas.

Thank You!

Thank you for all of your prayers. My dads surgery went well. He is already starting to get feeling back in his left hand. The doctors were not sure if the feeling would come back but with God all things are possible! Now pray for my mom as my dad will be home from work for 6 weeks!!! hee hee

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WEDNESDAY prayer request

Today I am sitting in the surgery waiting room at Clarkson Hospital waiting for news on my dad. My dad is having some bones replaced in his back. He has been in so much pain for so long and has lost feeling in part of his left hand. Please keep him in your prayers that the feeling will come back in his hand and that he will have relief from all the pain.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Meri Meri Embellishments (adorable!)

  • Fall Leaves
  • Glitter Flamingo's
  • Horse
  • Ice Skating
  • Ballerina's in a row
  • Dressed Turkeys
  • Wedding Couple
  • Grads with Diploma
  • Snowmen with sleigh
  • Diva Christmas Stockings
  • Tis the Season banner
  • Celebrate Christmas banner
  • 40th Birthday
  • 50th Birthday
  • Lift off Rocket
  • Karate/Tae Kwon Do 3 Boys
  • Ice Cream Truck
  • Mr and Mrs
  • Reindeer with Jewel Nose
  • Jeweled Nutcracker

You know you're a scrapbooker if......

You scrapbook your recipes instead of using them.

MORE IN TODAY chipboard and glitter papers

Chipboard packs

  • Alphabet
  • Tag
  • Floral
  • Alphabet 2
  • Book Plates
  • Swirls and Florals
  • Sweet words

Glitter Papers

  • 2 different Christmas papers with glitter (more coming)

NEW IN TODAY Anna Griffin Listing

12x12 Papers

  • Christmas line in the gold and silver
  • Christmas Line in the reds
  • Christmas Line in the hot pink and lime green
  • Other papers in reds, greens, golds, blacks.
  • seashell paper
  • coral reef paper (beautiful!)
  • Paper with numbers on it which could be cut out for an advent calendar
  • Grape Vine paper
  • Daisy paper
  • Sunflower paper

Jumbo Anna Griffin Die Cuts

  • grapes
  • crab
  • seashell
  • pig (realistic)
  • daisy
  • sunflower
  • white rose
  • red rose

Journalling Die Cut Sheets

  • Black
  • Taupe
  • Green

Ribbon Bows

  • Cream
  • Pink
  • Platinum
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • Ivory


I will go through and list what all came in as there is TONS and more coming. We got in her Christmas line, beach line and a bunch of the heritage papers. Also got in more of the ribbon bows and dies cuts. I am putting it all in the computer now.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Tonight we went to grandma and grandpas for dinner for Liz's birthday and what a surprise she got! A PINK car!!!! She was crying and about hyperventilated. At least she will be easier to spot so if you see a pink car get out of the way! hahahahaha I think she had a great birthday! The cake was funny as she had a picture of a girl that looked like Liz talking on a cell phone (of course).


We were happy to see lots of our customers at the Chris Tomlin Concert. Liz got to pick up to a dozen friends to go to the concert with and they went for pizza in Elkhorn before and to Maggie Moo's in the old Market afterwards. They had a great time!