Friday, February 29, 2008


Spaces for 18 with each person having their own table. Drop the kids off at school during the week and come crop all day. Crops almost every Friday and Saturday Nights. Check us out. Crop fees go into a fund to buy more tools for the crop room so it just keeps getting better. The scrapbook store is just minutes from Omahaand about 20 minutes from Lincoln, Nebraska .

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY black, kraft and white chipboard, acrylic sheets in 12x12 size

12x12 black chipboard which is such a hot trend right now.
12x12 white chipboard
12x12 kraft chipboard
12x12 acrylic sheets

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Vicki Chrisman has two new books out, Clearly Cards and Clearly Classy Albums. They both just came in as well as Tim Holtz new books and CD's. DIgi Scrappin 3 is here, it is called Designing with Fonts. We got in paper that you can print your own rub ons with your computer, and a CD of Vintage Ephemera. LOTS, LOTS more came in today but I wanted to at least get Vicki's books mentioned as there have been lots of people waiting for them and Digi Scrappin 3.


Added 180 more slots and that was not enough and just bought two more racks. So we have added 240 more papers in the last week!!! We have tons more still coming.


Gold dog bone
Silver dog bone
Photo corner
Decorative circles
Decorative squares
candy corns (reorder)
dog paws (reorder)
Police car
Police hat
Fireman hat
Track/running (shoes work good for wrestling also)
Huge eyes (great for sesame street pages)
Big crowns
Big arrows
Train (realistic)
Dump trucks
Trees (like oak/maple)
Big pine trees
John deer tractors
Fishing hats
Gone fishing signs
Game pawn (looks like a sorry piece)
Paint cans
Jewel brads
Wedding cakes
Flesh colored feet (great for baby, portrait people photos or beach)
Hamburger/fries and drink
Big easter eggs
Shamrocks large and small
Big buttons
Miniature buttons

MORE NEW IN!!! Notre Dame

Boxes just keep coming. As soon as I can catch up with getting ALL the new stuff in the computer I will try to get it all listed on what has come in. This Saturday will be a great time to stop in as I hired two more people to come work with me tonight as I just am getting exhausted trying to get it all done for the crop tomorrow night. If you have not signed up there is still room. It will not be completely done but we will have all the tables ready.

The Notre Dame items came in as well as many other football teams. I know Trevor Robinson of Elkhorn girlfriend has been waiting for the Notre Dame items. We are very proud of Trevor and his accomplishments. Although we would have liked you playing for the Nebraska Cornhuskers ;) hee hee I guess I will have to watch the Notre Dame games now.


As most of you know I live in Elkhorn which got taken over by Omaha without a vote of the residents. This could happen to other towns and I know they have their eye on Gretna. PLEASE come sign the petitions. There needs to be laws in place to allow people of a community to vote whether or not they want to be annexed by a larger city.

You know you are a scrapbooker if.....

Your kids respond to their name by turning, posing and saying "cheese".


I will have undu in stock again by the first of next week. It shipped today!!!! YIPEE!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY more than I can list

See photo, need I say more? I am exhausted as I worked from 8:oo am to 8:00 pm today non-stop. We got TONS in today and have a lots more coming. If you need moving boxes and can get them by tomorrow at 1pm you are more than welcome to them There are about 25 with packing and bubble wrap.

Monday, February 25, 2008


DIVA CROP ROOM: We will seat a minimum of 18 with each person having their own table. We have over 500 dies for the accucut machines (2 accucut 1 extra long cut accucut machine, and 1 Grand mark machine . We just ordered a laser cutter at the CHA show. We have wireless internet and printing. We also can do large size printing and scanning up to 13x19 inches. You can bring in any type of camera card or CD and print your pictures here or upload them on our web site and have them ready when you come crop.

We will be adding thousands of stamps and punches to the crop room as I am bringing in my collection from the last 20 years! There is a sewing machine, projector and screen for big screen DVD movie watching or for presentations, laminating machine, digital scrapbooking workstation, imprinting service, iron and ironing board, TV with all the scrapbook and craft shows on DVR for you to watch, fridge, coffee pots, all kinds of teas, vending machines, oven, microwave. the cutest bathroom around, Margarita machine, idea books, XYRON up to 12x12 size, light box, every kind of decorative scissors, heat and glue guns and much much more! Of course we have all the Scrapbook Diva® divawear hats, jewelry, boas, glasses and of course tiara's.


We made it back to Omaha late last night after stopping at a couple scrapbook stores in KC and of course a trip to my favorite store TARGET! We had such a great time and got lots done. Be looking for our spring Precious Treasures "road trip" crop.

I went to put all my scrapbook stuff away about 8am this morning and 13 hours later I am finally quittng. Once I started putting it away I decided to organize and working all day I am still not done. (my crop room has needed done for quite some time.)

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well it is 2:00 am and I could have kept going but my daughter Ruth pooped out. I got tons done today and the classes were awesome! (of course) Thanks to Jan and Vicki who taught all the wonderful classes today. I LOVED the chipboard houses. We just got them in at the store and I had been wanting to make one. I am hooked. I even did another one for my sons graduation when I finished the class project.

It is snowing very hard here and I hope it does not amount to much as we head back to Omaha tomorrow. We had a great time and thanks to Kym, Sarah and Megan for joining us. Thank you also to Sarah and her design team for hosting this wonderful event.

Clock on any of the photos to enlarge:
After I got through with the class project chipboard house I made one for Pauls graduation. It will look nice at his Open House as a decoration.

Below is the class project we did in Vicki and Jans class. It was neat to see how different everyones came out. They are awesome teachers. We hope to have them back to our store teaching again soon. (

Photos are of my parents. The baby in the window is me. :)

Below is two of the pages we did in Vicki and Jans layout class. I loved the clear acrylic flowers mixed with the felt flowers.

Below is one of the classes we did Friday taught by Sarah Mabin. The girl in the photos is my sons girlfriend Kaela.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


We were up at 7 am (not willingly) hee hee Back at cropping and classes started abut 2:30. We did a layout classes and waiting for the next class which is the new chipboard houses. I am excited about that one as we just got a bunch of them in from the CHA show. I will put photos on of all our projects later tonight or in the morning.

Kym, Sarah and Megan who came up here with our group have been cranking out pages. Sarah was using the Cricut inks. I really like how they look. She runs them through once with inks and then once to cut and it nicely borders all of her letters.

I am on a roll getting my son Pauls albums done as he graduates this year. They always say with scrapbooking to start where you are now and catch up and then go back. Well I have never caught up and here he is almost 19 and I am going back and doing his baby book. It is terrible how the memory fails you at my age. I should have done those years when I could remember all of them. hahahaha

I did bring my cricut as I have not used it since the day I got it. I am loving it for the portability to take it to crops. It is funny as crops now all consist of lots of cords. From cricuts, wish blades, sewing machines, laptops, portable printers. I never take much to crops as I like to buy as I go (I have bought tons at this crop) . They have done a great job with this crop and have a lot of unique items for sale.

Break is over...back to cropping!

They are selling all these vintage trims. I was in love! I am obsessed with ribbons and trims and could not resist all of these great finds. Some were a little pricey at $3.00 a yard but she said those are the ones that are almost 100 years old. They are breathtaking!

Vicki and Jan are todays teachers. Yesterdays classes Sarah Mabin taught.

Our Paper Pixie was back at it this morning.


We had such a fun drive to Kansas City. We stopped in Hamburg Iowa and went to this cute Soda Fountain in the middle of a drug store that was like stepping back in time. The prices were like stepping back in time also. They gave us the cutest little pill box that I did not even know they made any more. When I was a kid I used them as barbie suitcases. hee hee

We then had a game where we would stop at antique stores and we had 15 minutes to find things to scrapbook with. It was a blast! We tried to hunt down a scrapbook store in St. Joseph Missouri but it must have gone out of business.

We did two, 2-page layout classes tonight. The goody bags were awesome! There were make and takes and dinner from K.C. Masterpiece (yum). Of course lots of chocolate. The company that held the event was Paper Pixie and as you can see their "mascot" fluttered around all night. She was adorable! It is now about 1 am and I was one of the first people to head up to bed as I was up at 6 and tired from driving. They are all going to try to go all night and I am going to try an all nighter tomorrow night. Vicki and her sister Jan showed up about 11:00 and we all just sat and talked. (I never get anything done on Friday nights of a three day crop as I have to get all my chatting out of the way before I can start my serious cropping. hee hee)

Nighty night!

Friday, February 22, 2008


The store is open today and all weekend. There was two more boxes of new product that came late yesterday. I will hav Liz getting into the computer and onto the floor over the weekend. It is suppose to be a beautiful weekend so come out and see all the new stuff that has come in. Trev will be there this weekend also so bring your digital questions.

PS Cricut order faxed at noon. If you missed it I can see if I can call them Monday and add anything on. We always give you 40% off, this was just for people who wanted in the very first shipment of the new Cricut cartridges coming out.

We also always give you at least 25% off any scrapbooking and craft products you want to special order when you prepay. We just had a customer order a ton of yarn, we can get items like that also. Fabric, quilting supplies, any type of crafts.

Off to crop! woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


We were discussing how you can paint the new HUGE glue glider tape runners with fusion paint, jewels etc. Abby told me how she took her cricut apart and painted it. I LOVE it!!! When I get back from KC I will be painting mine too. I know from the glue gliders you want to lightly sand it first. Fusion is great paint and made for plastic. You can get it at Elkhorn Ace Hardware or other hardware stores.


Congratulations to Trudy (my awesome sister) for 15 years at Wal-Mart in Fremont. If you are by there stop by and say hi to her.


The Archivers gang was in today. They are such a great bunch of ladies!


I am faxing in the order tomorrow for the brand new cricut cartridges. You get them at 40% off. If you get in on this order we are in the first shipment of the new ones. If you did not get pictures of them email and put CRCUT in the subject. They have to be called in and paid for by noon tomorrow as I will be leaving for the Kansas City Crop! woo hoo!!!

We ALWAYS give our customers 40% off as a benefit of being a P.T.'s customer. We can order them any time and if in stock they just take about 3 business days to come.

NEW ITEMS CAME TODAY books and scrap cans, papers

We got in a ton of the large and small pink scrap cans. We also got in all the new books from the company we get the WORD saying books from. They have a military, sports, christmas, , grieving, kids and a poem one. They also just published a book called Doodle Formulas that we just got in.

New dance papers, pepporoni pizza, fudge, soccer.

We also just added 180 more slots of paper racks. Now just waiting for all the new product to come in to fill them.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....(this one is so true!)

Your cropping friends know more about you than your husband.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I had a customer asking about the jars we have individual items in at the store that I bought from IKEA. I did not take your name as I did not know I would be going to one any time soon. We were right by an IKEA when we were in California and I did bring some back. They are at the store. If any of you get time write IKEA and ask them to put one in Omaha. It is the most amazing store!


I had a lady come in and pre-purchased the whole next case of the scraponizer that is coming in so I just called and expedited 2 more cases of them and they will be here they said hopefully by Friday. This lady was so thrilled she wants to use them to organize all her rubber stamps. We have a few sets left at the store yet. We have the best price on them and lots of decorated samples. The company wants to hear our customers input on impovements and additions to the line so let us know what you think of them, your photos of how you decorated them etc. Be a part of a growing company and get the storage YOU want.


I have had several calls this morning asking if we were open due to the schools closing. Yes, the store is open. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Customer requests of Elkhorn Antlers overlay and Elkanette paper and also Elkhorn Wrestling paper is in.


I had people requesting the following football teams when we went to CHA and that is what I ordered. If there are any others you want I need to know by tomorrow (wednesday) so please call me at the store so I can add it.

Kansas and Kansas State
Iowa and Iowa State
Notre Dame
and of course Nebraska (there is a brand new Nebraska paper too!)


Grandma just sent some photos of the twins from their basketball game they took them to while we were at CHA. Had to show them off. :) Zacheus is the one guarding the boy in front. Ruth and Zach are twins and my yougest babies.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You look like a tourist no matter where you go.

NEW ITEMS CAME TODAY scrapbook diva totes

Check these out! Just in today. Get the while they last as they were a custom item. Some are available on the online shopping

Monday, February 18, 2008


These won best new product at the show. I brought back a case of them and they are almost gone already and have another case already on the way. You fill them with your embellishments, rubber stamps, etc. There are different size inserts that go into them. You can decorate them or leave them plane and the just go on a shelf like any book would. It is a great way to organize your supplies and look good too. Then when you go to a crop you just pull the ones you need. He wants our customers input on a bag or case to put them in to take to crops so if you have ideas send them to and title your email "ideas". Stop by the store and see the decorated ones I made.

I loved this whole line shown below. (ordered it all) They are a brand new company. 'Even the guys working their booth matched the papers. They were a hoot!


We hunted out lots of manufacturers this year at the show as we want more custom products to fill in themes that get forgotten by scrapbook companies. We listen to what our customers are asking for and if we cannot find it we will try to have it made for you. We also found a place to do short runs on 12x12 papers so we can turn photographs etc into paper.

  • The yellow ribbon brads have been custom ordered and will take 7 weeks they said.
  • Trap Shooting Paper and clays paper will come within 4-6 weeks
  • Shotgun Shell Paper will also be 4-6 weeks
  • We can now make custom albums. They run 40.00 and they can be made out of your childs athletic uniform, t-shirts, quilts, baby blankets etc. The possibilities are endless.They are high quality albums and I have a sample at the store.
  • Baby shower and bridal shower papers will be in 4-6 weeks
  • billiard paper should be here any time.
  • I had a customer asking for wakeboarding and I still have not found anything yet. I am still looking.
  • We are switching all our custom laser cuts to a big company that does them on better paper and more detailed. They will be converted as the ones on hand sell. We will keep the pricing the same. If you are looking for a custom item contact us.


I am a little excited about our cropping weekend in KC! Vicki and Jan are teaching classes at it which will be so much fun.

Today I spent the day at the oral surgeon. Hubby had to take me home as they put me totally out as it was so bad. I had a terrible tooth ache in California which is the second CHA show that has happened at. I am wondering if it has something to do with CHA??? Everything is falling apart ever since I got a hysterectomy. I went to the dentist twice in California and was at the surgeon this morning bright and early to get it out. How can something so small cause so much pain? We were watching the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks last night and he pulls his own tooth out and I was at that point over the weekend. Well it is out now and I look like a chipmunk! hee hee

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY cricut covers colored chipboard and 12x12 acrylic

The Scrapbook Diva Crisut Covers came today. I ordered 6 of each style. I know at least 4 were special orders so we have somce of each style left. They will be out at the store tomorrow.

Also in today 12x12 black or white chipboard and 12x12 acrylic plastic sheets.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


It was so windy at the store today. We were pretty slow all day and if I had the choice I would have stayed home also. :) I have never seen wind so bad. I had Ruth and Liz at the store today with me and of course the puppies. We worked on making room for all the new items that came yesterday and put lots more on the clearance racks which will be put out when we do our sidewalk sale.

Only 5 more days until we all leave for the KC crop. If you want to go they still can make room. We have 8 going to drive down so far. I am so excited!!! Wish Liz was going but she is going to the Jeremy Camp Concert with a bunch of friends. She will have fun.

The puppies just had baths and are playing on my bed right now. They are so funny as they nip at each others back leg and then run. Daisy tries to get on my laptop and helps me type.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

NEW ITEMS IN TODAY customs, scraponizers, eyelets, brads, jolee's

If you have a student in Millard, Elkhorn or Gretna schools, stop by Precious Treasures. We just got in a HUGE order of custom papers and embellishments today. We got almost all the sports with your school names on them. Also lots of new laser cuts and chipboard sets for Elkhorn and Gretna.

We also have the rights for some local attractions.. Stop by and check out the NEW custom items. Things like The Old Market, Vala's, Oceans of Fun, Worlds of Fun, Mahoney, CoCoKey,
the zoo and much more.

Show Choir paper. (special request)
2 different snowboard papers (special request)

If you have not seen the Scraponizers, they are a must have. I got the first shipment in and another is on the way.

Eyelets and brads: chefs hat, white airplanes, grey airplanes. birthday mix, boy mix, halloween mix, dog house, camouflage, fireman hats came in. We have two more orders of new eyelets and brads from the show coming still.

4" Xyron tape runners

Software from Digi Scrap, Singing in the rain and Hearts.

KALEIDESCOPE software. This won best in the show at CHA and it is awesome! You can take any photo and it will make a kaleidescope out of it. We will be adding it to our class schedule in the future also.

We also got in about 1000 Jolee's. Lots of new ones.

Eyelets and brads. We got in many new styles. Camouflage, Chef hats, planes, birthday, halloween, popcorn, birthday and more.


Views from the plane.

Seeing all the beautiful flowers makes me so anxious for spring.
The walk to the convention center was lined with palm trees.

We went to a Suze Orman conference while we were there. I learned a lot from her.

There was also a fashion show of outfits made out of scrapbook supplies.

I loved the walk to and from the show.

Since Vicki Chrisman designs for many companies, and loves to take photos of my daughter Ruth. I seen Ruthies photos in the displays at vendors booths. Vicki is so tallented.

Crafty Secrets Booth which Vicki was working in.

In the Fancy Pants booth I spotted Ruthy again.

This is Trevor with Amanda. She wrote the Digi Scrappin books which colleges are even uses now. It is a great book and we have sold over 100 of them since the July show when they came out. I even took a class from Amanda this time and learned lots. If you do not know what the control G and control E do you need to find out, it will amaze you.

This was taken from the car. Isn't the sky beautiful?

Beverly Hills. We got a map of the stars but you could not see their houses that well as they are covered with bushes and hedges.

Balboa Island is where the frozen banana's originated. Love them! You can now get them at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Every trip I try to find some picture to take for "the end" photo. This was laying on the beach just exactly like it is. It was a perfect "end" photo. hee hee

We got to be in the audience for Jimmy Kimmel live. We met Tom Green and some English Accented lady from the show Lost. She is new on the show. I am a Leno fan and did not even know who Jimmy Kimmel was but someone gave us free tickets so off we went.

Hollywood, Graumans Chinese Theater.

We got shirts from LA Ink but someone stole them out of our car.

Trev looks so thrilled. hee hee We spent a lot of time at the Cricut booth as customers kept adding the discount cricut cartridges for our order. We can still add to it for the first shipment until the end of next week. if anyone wants anything else. There are lots for $32.00.

This flower was the only in the middle of all this dead brush.

We went for a walk on the beach for Valentines Day. It was breathtaking.

Valentines Day!