Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well I got home late yesterday from CHA and it was quite a trip. I went to CHA and another wholesale market while I was there. LOTS of new stuff was already waiting when I got back to the store today! We have been unloading the boxes all day! Stop by and check it all out!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well we made it to sunny California. Well I take that back...we made it to rainy California. We had a free day yesterday so we went to the Disney. We are so tired today but we had fun. Our first class this morning was with the one and only Tim Holtz. He never ceases to amaze me. New products he demonstrated were a refillable double ended marker for alcohol inks and there will be 24 NEW alcohol ink colors too! We have classes until 8:30 tonight so check face book and I will put photos on there throughout the day. Miss you all. Stop by the store while we are gone and help us make room for all the new stuff coming back.

CURRENT PHOTOS: add Amy Stewart to your facebook friend list as I am taking photos throughout the day and my phone will automatically upload them to face book. We just finished an awesome acrylic album.

Tim Holtz class

Amy, Shelly and Veronica ...we looked like three big birds running around. LOL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We are off to California to CHA and staying a full week as Veronica, Shelly and I will all have full course loads of classes for 4 days. We love to bring back all the latest and greatest techniques to share with you. We also will bring home lots of samples of new products. Dont miss Diva Night on the 31st to come see them. Call the store to sign up 763-9675.

Stay tuned for lots of show pictures.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We have had a full cropping weekend with cropping till 1:30 am Friday and then till midnight Saturday and we are letting them all crop late again tomorrow night. It has been fun and the girls are getting lots done. Ashley had her daughters in tonight and they are Diva's in training. Absolutely adorable!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


OK girls here is an AWESOME bloggers special for you!!!! As you all know we leave for CHA Thursday and will be bringing back all the new products so we need room for all of the new. So January 17-21 take 40% off your total purchase (normal exclusions apply) just by mentioning blogger special at the time of check out. Also get any of the cricut cartridges for only $49.99.

Help us get as much as possible out of the store to make room for MORE!!!

Boy it is so good to be back at worK!!!

I sure have missed everyone!!! The store has been so busy the last two days and it has been wonderful to see everyone. The phone has been ringing non-stop.

There is a lot of new items in the store and Lindsay did a great job managing the store while I was unable to work. The store looks great and the Valentines display was AMAZING!!! Lindsay is back to college and I sure do miss her when she is away! Hannah, Holly, Toyja and Veronica all also helped a lot and did a great job. Thank you to everyone!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sure Cuts Alot Class - with Ashley

Hi gals!

This is Ashley, Ive got a great class comming up! If you have a cricut, and a computer this could be just what you were waiting for. I "heard" about this machine that can cut lettering about a year ago and without even looking into it, went out and bought myself the bug. To my dismay, I was only cutting one font, and I would need to buy another cart PER font to cut! My problem was I couldnt even muster 70$ (then) a cart just for one font I would burn myself out on it 2-6 pages max!
I used the cricut for a week maybe, ten it sat in dust for about a month until I stumbled upon SCAL (sure cuts alot)! Again with the understanding of what I did I bought it up for the price of a cart and never looked back. I spent the first week just downloading any font I would THINK I could use! Then the next week, when I realized I could cut dingbats (A character or image within a font), downloading dingbats. Needless to say the third week I found out I could cut anything I wanted with a couple other things and just spent y time learning and cutting and learning, and well cutting!

If you can find it on the net, you can cut it on the cricut. With this program. After going to crops everyone wanted to know more, I found my time at crops showing other ladies the great thing about this program. I figured I would see about teaching a class and showing people this wonderful progam. Amy offered me the room, the tools, and even the hosting capabilities.
Teaching the basics on the program, how to install font, where to find your fonts, how to cut dingbats and more! I have some more description on the calendar about the class, if your not sure about it, comming just to see would be a great idea too! I have a email amy hooked me up with! Just call her to sign up for this class!
Ive posted some pictures with things Ive done that I think might show you "some" of the many possibilities with this program. Everything I have posted is either a font or a dingbat, there are other things you can do to make your "own" cuts (which we can dabble in at the class).


Veronica, again! I love learning new stuff and then showing people how to do it. So, last night, I bought some vinyl sheets and used the Cricut machine to cut some designs out. Vinyl is becoming a big trend in home decor as you can easily put words and other designs on walls, then remove it later without tearing the paint.
I used brown vinyl and cut out some butterflies. Then, I glued some cardstock to it and put it on one of the poles in Amy's crop room to test it out. (Don't worry, Amy, it comes right off). See above for some pictures.
I have a Cricut Advanced class in February where we will learn all about vinyl. Check out the schedule at ~ Veronica


Hi everyone, Veronica here. I just wanted to let you know how much we've all missed Amy while she was gone recovering from her broken bone and tending to Trevor in his time of loss. But you'll have to miss her again next week as she and I (and Shelly) trek off to warm, sunny California to the CHA conference and trade show. We have lots to learn and new things to discover!
Anyway, please be nice to Amy today and show her some love! ~ Veronica


I FINALLY got the brace off and released to go back to work and so happy to be going back. It has been a long few weeks for me. Stop by and say hi as I have missed you all!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Gloria is the most wonderful stylist and came here from California. She goes to all kinds of seminars all over the USA to keep up on trends and procedures. Tonight I went in to get my pink highlights and Ruths hair trimmed and Gloria talked Ruth into doing locks of love and cut her hair for free. We are so proud of Ruth.

Hair by GG 168th and center just around the corner from Sallys Beauty Supply

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Click to make full screen. This was taken Sunday night in Minnesota. She had us doing serious poses and said "Ok now a goofy one" and in a matter of seconds we posed and this was the photo. It is sooooo.... funny. especially look where Liz and Zach are pointing their guns. And the look of disgust on Kaelas face and Paul looking guilty. LOL I blew it up to 16x20 and it is now above our fireplace.

TIP / IDEA GIFT WRAP CAN from Tawnya LiaBraaten

Tawnya gave me this for Christmas filled with all kinds of goodies. I had to share the idea as it wa so cute! It is just an empty paint can which this is a gallon but they have quarts too. She used modge podge, papers and ribbons. I love it! You could do for any holiday.


I just discovered face book last week and oh boy it is dangerous. hee hee I looked up people I went to high school and college with and already have over 100 friends in less than a week. It has been so fun catching up with everyone. We are all talking of getting together this summer.
I also can add a lot more photos online with it which you know I love!

Mine is under
Amy Stewart
Washington DC hometown

Check it out


Well we made it back from the first funeral in Minnesota for Trevors dad. It was a very slow drive and we did a lot of praying as we watched vehicle after vehicle spin and go off the road. It was very scary.

We brought Trevs dad back here and now will have a funeral and will be burried in Page Nebraska where he is from.

A HUGE thanks to Tessie, Sarah, Kaela, Holly and Liz who all came Wednesday night to help put scrapbooks together for the funeral. God put an extra jewel on your crown. *hugz* to all of you!!!

Trevor also said he has been flooded with emails with wonderful inspiration about his dads death and he said to thank everyone as it has really helped him in this difficult time.

Ed, Sophie, Debbie Faith, zacheus, Pam, Liz, Ruth, Aaron, Kaela, Paul, Amy, Trevor
Thank you to everyone that came Wedneday to do albums for Trevors Dad. Bless you!!!!

Liz is such a goof. This is her when we were cleaning out the stuff from Trevors Dad.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Hi, it's Veronica, the Cricut instructor. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Thurs., Jan. 15 Beginning Cricut class is full, but I have a daytime class on Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. I also have another nighttime Expressions class on the 29th. I also can schedule a private Cricut class during other times if you can get yourself and two friends to join you. Email me at
I have an Cricut advanced class on the 21st, but I am still designing the project for that one. I will work on that tonight and post about it later.
Most of my February Cricut classes are on the calendar, but I am still posting a few more!


Veronica, again! Just wanted to remind everyone that there is a $5 crop tonight from 6 p.m. to midnight. There is still lots of room. Please call the store to register! ~ Veronica


Wow, the government actually listened to us. On Wednesday, I blogged about a new law going into effect in February that would require the testing of children's clothing and other items for lead and other toxins. Great idea, but some were concerned that it would put thrift and consignment stores out of business.
Today the CSPC put out a press release yesterday that they've rethought the new law saying now that resale shops do not have to test for lead but do have to ensure the item is not on a recall list and meets other choking and safety guidelines.
Read the news release for yourself:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hi, Veronica here! I found out about a new law set to take effect in February that I wanted to make you all aware of. Apparently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is about to put a law in place that requires anyone that resells toys or clothes for children under age 12 to have the items tested for lead and other toxins. Sounds good, right?
Well, this law could force thrift stores, consignment stores and even Goodwill to stop reselling children's products because they can't afford to pay for the lead testing. For consumers, it means that it will difficult for us to find and buy find used children's clothing. Just think about all the families who can't afford to buy clothes for their kids, except at thrift stores!
And even worse, many predict that landfills will become full of used clothes. People will have to throw away the clothes because there won't be an easy way to recycle them -- you can't sell them and you can't donate them because charities can't resell them.
Apparently, this law has been in the works since 2007, but it is still difficult to find official information about it and many stores don't know that it is happening. One website I saw said the CPSC is still evaluating the law and could change it before February.
If you want to do your own research, go to and search for "child clothing law". I have heard that there is a petition started to stop this law, but I still need to do some more research. Feel free to email me at with your questions or comments. ~ Veronica


We use all the time as you save so much. It is nationwide and Omaha has started to get quite a few places on there and Elkhorns Heartland Cafe is on there and is excellent, we also use Teds Montana Grill ones a lot. I use them when I travel and I was looking on there today as I was printing gift certificates for meals on our way to Minnesota and found the coupon code "DEAL" which gives you an additional 50% off so you are getting $50 gift certificates for only $10 and $25 gift certificates for $5. Try it, you will be hooked and you can go back anytime and print them when you are ready to use them. Code expired 1-12-2009


Trevor has asked that I put together a scrapbook of his dad for the funeral. I just kind of had the deer in the headlight look but said "sure I will do it". So if anyone has any free time tonight and would like to help scrapbook I will buy dinner. If you can help meet at the store at anytime after 5 pm and we will work until 10pm. I have all the pictures together now it is just gettiung them into the album.

I have been swamped all week trying to get everything ready for the trip to Minnesota from gettings a house-sitter, dog sitter, laundry, etc etc. I am looking forward to the drive there so I can get some sleep. hee hee :)


If you are registered on read your email about the sale this weekend! You do not want to miss this.

A huge selections of Cricut Cartridges $39.99
Cricut Create Machines $199.99

Limited to stock on hand, no holds or early sales. No other discounts apply.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hi, Veronica here! Christmas and New Year's are finally over, so it's time to get back to regular scrapbooking. Since Amy has to attend her father-in-law's funeral (I am so sorry, Trevor), I will be hosting the crop on Friday night from 6 p.m. to midnight. We'll have lots of fun, and I will probably be working with the Cricut designing some new projects. Please come join, but call the store first so we know how many to expect. Hope to see you soon! ~ Veronica

Here is a photo from tonights Card Swap Club. If you are interested in joining email

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Trevors dad had not been doing well last week and not eating. Trevor drove up to Minnesota yesterday to see him and stayed the night last night and headed back to Omaha today. On the drive back to Omaha he got a phone call that his dad had passed away. He was not very old. Please keep Trevor in your prayers as he is taking it very hard. We will be heading up there this week for the funeral.

To send thoughts, prayers etc. to him

  • Comment on the post or mail to
  • mail to: Precious Treasures c/o Trevor Stewart 14333 s. hwy 31 #E125, Gretna, NE 68028

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Liz sent an email cancelling crop due to the weather but we had croppers that came when we opened today and also some croppers that decided to brave the ice and come out.  We  had a lot of fun and by the time we were done the streets were all salted.  :)

We are doing a crop tomorrow starting at 1pm to make up for those that did not get to come out tonight.  See you tomorrow!  


I love girls nights!   We went out last night and to see the movie "Yes Man" and out to dinner.    It was a lot of fun!  
Left to Right.  Ruby, Connie, Jackie, Rosemary, Amy and Betty (Kaylee went to but had to leave early and Liz came later)


Hi, it is Miss Liz with a tip for you. If you use itunes check out the pod casts scrap happy and also craft forum.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Please read Veronica's post for the free cricut cartridges if you purchased your machine from an authorized Cricut reseller. Cricut is also going to be giving points that will come inside cartridges and machines to use for purchasing bonus items.

If you bought your machine from Precious Treasures and did not keep the receipt just stop by and let us know the date you purchased it and we can look up your receipt and reprint it for you so you are able to get the free cartridges.


There is an Open House at the new location of the Scrappin Station tomorrow. Don't miss your chance for a sneak peek.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (pic) store is closed today

Hope you all had a wonderful and SAFE New Years! You can ask my kids I am so weird about New Years Eve as I was hit by a drunk driver once and I always like all of my family home with me on New Years Eve. So to keep them home I always have a huge party and they can invite all the friends they want and they stay until morning so I know they are not out on the roads with all the drunk drivers. Every year the party gets bigger and bigger.

Don't forget the Scrappin Station is having their open house tomorrow. Stop by and say hello.

Here are few pictures from earlier in the night.

My Sister Trudy
The boys love Guitar Hero

This was a bunch of the teenagers in the middle of our street with noisemakers and lots of cans of silly string.

We watched the ball drop with Dick Clark

LOTS of pizza

LOTS of punch

Zach, Raef and Paul

Kids just kept showing up :)

Zacheus and Raef practicing up

Look at all the cans of silly string!

I found all these noisemakers at the game store at westroads.

Playing Apples to Apples with Jay, Rosemary, Kaela and Paul. (Jay won)

Kids playing Rock Band. Even Ruth got in on the action and was their vocals. (she has a beautiful voice like her big sister)