Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The Trick or Treat on our street was a HUGE success. We probably had about 150 kids. It was great to see all the kids and with them coming in the store you got to see all their cute costumes in the light instead of on a dark porch at home. I think we have a new tradition. There were so many cute costumes. My favorite was a little girl about 3 years old who was the cutest little fish you ever did see! Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween!


We have put together a treat for you!!! All of the mall stores are giving away treats from 5-7pm today. So bring the kids to a safe place to trick or treat and many of the stores have treats for mom and dad too!

(of course I had to be a Diva witch)


TWENTY EIGHT different Digital Scrapbooking packages. There are even ones for cards and lots of ones for sayings as we have had many requests for those. There are 6 of each style but don't wait as they will go fast! Don't forget about the digital scrapbooking 101 and also the Digital Photo manipulation classes on Saturday.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You let your children wear their costumes all month so you can continue to take pictures of them to scrapbook.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Crop for the Cure Nebraska is this weekend! We have our crop room full for Saturday but have spots open for Friday night and Sunday! All profits for the crop are going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation! Come support a GREAT cause.

Saturday: Digital Scrapbooking 101 is at 1:30-3:30 and Photo Manipulation Class 6-7:30 . Do not miss your chance to take this class as the teacher is coming in from Ohio just to teach it so this is a once in a lifetime chance to take the class from one of the makes of Digital Scrapbooking Software!

There is also a scrapbooking garage sale and Christmas Boutique Saturday.

MORE NEW ITEMS! digital doodling!

  • Digital Software: These are Doodle kits for your digital scrapbooking. By the same maker as the Digi-Scrappin so you know they are awesome!

There are three different designs. We got 6 of each one.

  • Swirls, Doodles and Dots
  • Pointing the Way
  • Shooting Stars

NEW ITEMS CAME TODAY sports papers

  • 2 dance papers
  • 2 music papers
  • 5 baseball papers
  • 2 softball papers
  • 4 soccer papers
  • 6 volleyball papers
  • 2 gymnastics papers
  • sand paper
  • water paper
  • 4 racing papers
  • Christmas gift wrap and gift bags


Friday Night Crop: We are now offering cropping on Friday nights until 11pm with preregistration. Cost is only $1.00 per hour with a $5.00 minimum. You could even come crop from 10am -11pm and make a day of it. These crops are just a basic crop, no food provided but we do have snack machines and drinks for sale.

Diva Night Crop! This is the one everyone talks about. Saturdays from 6-midnight. You can all get dressed up in Diva Attire and we take a group photo of each group for you. There are PRIZES, dinner and snacks. This crop is $15.00 and preregistration is required. Get the girls together for a fun night out!

Open Crop: You can also come crop any time there is open cropping on the calendar at No registration required but we will reserve spots if you call ahead.

Crop Room rental: Available for a $50.00 minimum. Call for exact pricing. If you need a place to hold a Christmas Party, Private Crop, Girls Night out, we have the perfect place. Let us clean up the mess! Book now as dates are filling up.

These crops are held at Precious Treasures. We are in no way affiliated with the Stamping/Scrapping Station.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

Your children/grandchildren spend the weekend playing in your sticker collection and you don't notice any missing.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Today Ruth and I spent most of the day at the doctors office. Between getting x-rays and tests we were both exhausted tonight. I passed out at work Saturday and still very sore from the fall. I was told to take more time off and rest. I still have pneumonia in one lung but poor Ruthy (my 8 year old) her left lung is still almost full of pneumonia. Thank God that she does not have asthma like I do. She is still home from school and getting disapointed with Halloween coming up. Please keep us in your prayers.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


We have opened up registration for the Photo Manipulation and Digital Scrapbooking Class on Saturday November 3rd at 1:30. Due to the high demand of this class we are going to rent an additional bay at the mall to hold it so everyone who wants to take the class will be able.

Kim is coming in from Ohio to teach the class at our store and you will be thrilled! I met her at Memory Trends in Vegas and was in awe at everything I learned there. You don't want to miss this one. Kim is from the company The Digital Scrapbook Place. To register call the store at 402-763-9675 and leave your name, address, phone and credit card information. it is secure)


If you had imprinting to be done for Monday, they are ready to pick up today. I was told to sit at work all day so I did the imprinting early. We are open today from 1-6 if you want to pick them up today. We will start imprinting pencils for Christmas Gift starting November 10. We are starting to imprint Christmas Cards and get your early bird special of 20% off until November 10.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

MORE NEW ITEMS TODAY jewelry and purses

We got in a bunch of hand created purses that are so cute! None over $30.00 and they sell for up to $75.00. We are trying to find more "outlet" pricing on things to get you great bargains. We also try to buy from local people to keep the money in Nebraska!

We also got in beautiful Sterling Silver bracelets. They normally sell for $59.99 and we have them at only $29.99!


We got in the Bakers Candy Line which are made in Nebraska and so yummy.
There are all flavors in bags and we got in Nebraska Boxes, camouflage hunting/fishing boxes and Christmas boxes.

Friday, October 26, 2007

4 spots open for Diva Night and Trick or Treat on Our Street Information

It is pm and I have been laying down for 5 hours! I guess I was tired. Just wanted to post a reminder that we have 4 more spots for Diva Night Saturday night.

Also we have organized a Trick or Treat on Our Street at the Nebraska Crossing Mall. Stores will be handing out treats for the kids and some are offering sales/coupons etc. for moms and dads also. It is from 5-7 Halloween Night. It will be a safe place to take your kids to trick or treat.

Also more mall new, there is a restaurant coming and also Omaha Distributing which is a close out tool company is coming to the mall. That is all the information I have so far.


Zoo pages to scrap-lift.

Sale Tomorrow

Don't forget to read through the blog posts for the sale that starts tomorrow. Also you can print off the coupons on the web site. They were extended an extra week while I was in the hospital so they will not expire until 10/27/2007. I am going home early today as I still have not gotten my strength back and we have had customers non-stop since we opened the doors today (which we love!!!) . The store is open until 9pm tonight. Stop by!


  • Old wooden bingo markers sold individually
  • all the Coach keychains were put out this morning and 8 are gone already. This is an awesome deal!
  • Scrapbooking Christmas Ornaments. We have about 6 styles now. Buy early as they will go fast.
  • Baby idea books
  • Lets Start Scrapbooking books
  • Digital Scrapbooking books

You know you're a scrapbooker if....

You paid $80.00 for your childs costume because it went with a make and take you bought at a recent convention.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I got in on a great sale and passing the savings on to you. Coach key chains are about $50.00-$60.00. I got in 25 of them and selling at only $24.99. They come with the coach box and tissue and they are authentic Coach. Just past styles. The 40% off coupons cannot be used on these as they are a bonus customer appreciation item. They make great Christmas Gifts. They will all be put out Friday October 26 and we are open until 9pm that night.


Saturday October 27 or Sunday October 28 mention this blog sale and get 20% off your TOTAL PURCHASE! To get the discount you will be asked what one of the projects or ideas from the last week were on the blog or one of the "You know you are a scrapbooker if" sayings from the last week. Normal exclusions apply and not good with other discounts.

So print off the weekly coupons from and stop by Saturday or Sunday!

Post a comment on the blog which we can verify when you come in to the store this weekend and bump up your savings to 25%!


We got in covers for the cricut and the cricut expressions. These are custom made covers.

We also got in 6 more of the Becky Higgins book but 4 are spoken for. Hurry in for the last two. I have put more on order.


  • I bought a full bolt of the white pom pom trim. If you check Vicki's blog, she uses it on everything and it is adorable!
  • White rick rack (tiny)
  • AMAZING witches from Denmark. I got 12 but I bought two. These are from a customer who's family lives there. They are priced cheap! The quality is amazing. If you like Halloween decorations, do not wait to come in to get one or more of these adorable witches. No coupons/discounts/punch cards on these as we have no mark up on them and just selling them to help her family out.
  • Cameo's! I love using these in layouts. We have a big bowl of them sold individually. Priced at only $1.00 each it is a huge bargain as I have seen them sold clear up to $15.00.
  • Lots of hand made cards. Also got a new rack to display them in as we sell so many of them. If you make hand made cards stop by and show us your work as we are always looking for more designers to buy from.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You have paper racks instead of dining room furniture. (I have a friend that turned her dining room into her crop room)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TURKEY FOR YOU TO SCRAP LIFT click photo to make larger

I love making these as they are so easy and so cute!


Well Ruth slept in the back room today and I sat and worked on some class projects and Rosemary worked today. I was exhausted but it was great to be at the store again as it had been so long.

I did an adorable album which is on the class list under Autumn Splendor Album. The sample is on the class display table at the front of the store. Rosemary did up an example for the Heart Throb Tin Album class. I love this album! I am going to make many of these albums for gifts.

The classes are on the schedule and also there are class kits for sale at the store also

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hubby just called and Ruthy has pneumonia. It is weird as it not a "catching" pneumonia and a bacterial we both have so we both must have been at the same place at the same time. Poor Ruthy. She needs her momma. I talked to the doctor and they are going to let me finish treatment at home. So hopefully I will go home tonight or in the morning. Pray for Ruthy please.

You know you're a scrapbooker if....

You are in the hospital and ask the nurse "Can I keep that for my scrapbook?". (I have quite a collection)


Since we were just talking about the sports department at the store I thought I would share some photo taking tips for sporting events with you.

Move In on the Action.

Position yourself to get good shots. Know your sport and consider where the critical action will occur. In baseball, setting up near the batter or first base will help you capture many of the key plays.

Think Ahead

Predict where the ball or athlete is going. Focus your camera on that spot; then watch as the athlete comes into view. If you have to move your camera as the action occurs, you’re probably going to miss the shot.

Take Several Pictures

Shoot several additional frames after a great play. The extra frames will make it easier to identify the players (their jersey numbers and faces may have been blocked in the other shot). Snap a photo of the clock or scoreboard during critical moments as well.

Slow Down Your Shutter Speed

Invite a bit of blur by slowing your shutter speed. Instead of being frozen in time, the photo will feel mid action. To enhance the effect, pan while you shoot, following the subject with your camera.

Look beyond the Field

Remember that the game goes beyond the boundaries of the field. Look to the crowd, the players’ bench, or the cheerleaders for supporting shots.

Do Your Homework

Study sports magazines or the sports section of your local newspaper to see how professional photographers capture the action. You can learn about the best angles, get a sense for where the photographer should stand, and see what makes a photo interesting.

Be Prepared

Bring a long lens or a camera with great zoom because most likely you won’t get closer to the action than the bleachers or the sidelines.


I am feeling a little better today but I think I have slept 45 out of the last 48 hours. I got a new doctor today and really like her. We have the worst insurance and it only pays half. Well the doctor I had kept ordering so many tests and yesterday I had a strep test ordered. Well any mom knows if you have been on antibiotics a strep test will not come out. I refused it and told them why and they agreed and did not understand why he ordered it. I think he was just running all these tests to make more money. So I refused any more treatment by him and got a new doctor. I also refused a lot of the medications except the iv antibiotics and the anti-nausea pills and I am feeling a lot better today too.

Being sick is such a pain. I miss working at the store and cannot wait to get back. I got my laptop for the afternoon since there are no tests this afternoon so I will be ordering more new products. I want to expand the sports department at the store as it is the busiest department.

Hope to be out of here soon! HUGZ TO ALL!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

You know you're a scrapbooker if....

You are laying in a hospital bed and thinking about the pages you are going to create about your hospital stay. ;)


Wedding Shower Recipe ScrapbookRecipe scrapbooks don’t have to be full of food recipes. One idea for a wedding shower gift is create a “recipe for a happy marriage” recipe scrapbook. In this unique recipe book, you can include tips and advice from family members, wedding shower guests, experts, etc.
Recipes should be in each persons handwriting. It is always nice to go back and look at the persons writing with all those wonderful memories. If doing this at a shower bring some kitchen props and take a photo of each person to add to the album.

Buy a 6 x 6 album and have each guest at the wedding shower decorate their own scrapbook page and include their marriage advice on the page. You can go a step further and take photos of the advisor and put them on the page next to their marriage tips. We have even done them with the recipe cans/boxes.

This creative recipe scrapbook will be a priceless reference book for many years to come.

Still Here...

Well still in the hospital. Progress is really slow. I slept pretty much the whole day today. Hubby brought the twins up to see me for the first time tonight. They are really having a lot of trouble without momma home. I am having a lot of trouble without them too. :(

Just looked at Vicki's site and she did a clear acrylic album she submitted of my daughter Ruthy. We always say Ruthy is our " fashion girl" as she picks out the most outrageous clothes.
The album is really cute! I cannot wait to get back to work so I can make more projects.

Thanks to all of you who droped by and who have called and emailed with get well wishes and prayers. Hubby is taking the computer home again so until next time......

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Thought I would share a good site I have bookmarked as I am always looking for more ideas for my own crop room.
Send an email to and tell us your favorite organizational idea for scrapbooking. Everyone who sends on will get put in a drawing for a $20 gift certificate.

I had bought some of these jars at IKEA when we were out of town and thought I would order more when I got back but they will not ship glass from IKEA so I will have to take another trip someday or better yet, Omaha gets an IKEA. They seal well and look great. I also bought a bunch of jars at Target (have I mentions I LOVE Target?) I use them at the store to hold glue sticks and pen adhesives. But at home I love them for ribbons.

HOSPITAL click on photo to enlarge

Well, 2nd night in the hospital and it does not look like I am going home anytime soon. Hubby brought up my laptop today while he is visiting so I thought I would post real quick as I do not want to leave my computer here since they are always running me around for tests. On top of everything I am full of pneumonia. I was very surprised as I take a vaccine for it but they said it only covers certain strains.

I am at Methodist Hospital room 736. They said so many people were calling the store seeing how I was doing. Thank you so much for all your well wishes and especially the prayers. Hubby also said the store was busy yesterday which we really appreciate as we do not have good health insurance and are going to be hit with a ton of medical bills again.

You know hospitals are really boring! I was talking to a lady who was running me down for some tests this morning asking her why the halls in x-ray are painted grey and then at the end of the hallway is this picture of this big white house which looks haunted. I told her it looked like a house you would go to die in. She said she thinks they do those colors so you do not heal as fast and they can keep you here longer to make more money! hahahahaah

I have lost 7 more pounds. Maybe they should keep me sick until I reach goal weight. I finally got to sleep last night and they woke me up at 3am for....guess what???? To weigh me! Isn't that the nuttiest thing you have ever heard of. Why don't they do it during the day? I have not been able to go back to sleep since.

My baby brother works at the hospital in Respiratory and he came down this morning and sat with me for awhile. It was nice to see him. He just got his degree in Respiratory Therapy this year. He looked so cute in his scrubs. There is a picture of my brother Jake with my daughter Liz and son Paul above.

Hubby is taking the laptop with him so I will not post again unless he brings it back tomorrow night.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Saturday Diva Night cancelled for 10-20-07

I am sorry but I have to cancel Diva Night for tomorrow night October 20. I am just not getting better and my kidneys are beginning to fail. So I think it is time to go into the hospital. For all of you who were signed up I will be giving you two Diva Nights for the price of the one you already paid for.

The store will be open. Buy lots as here we go with medical bills again! As you can see my spirits are kind of down tonight. pray-----pray----pray

CUTE BOX, GREAT FOR CHRISTMAS TOO click links for templates

Still home

Still home sick. Doctor mentioned hospital yesterday so I am not moving out of bed all day. I have to be better for Diva Crop Night!!!! Liz is working today as they do not have school and my mom took the twins so I could rest. Thank you all for your prayers and emails of encouragment, Love you all!

On another note, the calendar on the web site has changed and easier to navigate. go to and click calendar. If you click on the class title on the calendar the description will pop up. I am working on a way to register for classes online. And hopefully in the future we will have an online store.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

You'all are wonderful!

They said people were calling in to the store to see if we needed any help since I am home sick. I cried when they told me that as every one of you are such blessings. It sounds like things are going well at the store. They said we were busy and down to only 8 of the Heartland Hop bags. Each store is only getting 20 . If you think you want one do not wait.

I love to scrapbook and love sharing the hobby with others. Rosemary who worked with me at the other store always told customers that "Scrapbooking is cheaper than therapy". This is why it is on the wall at the store. It is so true. I love looking back at the wonderful vacations, the good times with my family and friends. It is calming and you cannot help to be happy. Better yet you get to do it in the company of all yout friends and family at crops.

I just ordered another saying for the baby department that says "Babies stay babies forever in photographs".

Took another day off but new items in!

Please be praying for me to feel better. I just am not turning the corner. I am waiting for a call back from the doctor. Whatever this is, it has knocked me off my feet and for those of you who know me, that is hard to do as I rarely ever take a sick day.

These came in yesterday and I just put them in the computer so they put them out on the sales floor.


  • ice cream
  • strwaberries
  • chocolate chips/kisses
  • pizza
  • apples
  • denim
  • popcorn
  • hay/straw
  • seashells
  • metallic gold
  • metallic silver
  • plastic easter eggs
  • grass

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Isn't this a hoot?

My moms dog Winnie always lays on her back with her paws curled. My dad just sent me this photo of the twins when they stayed the night there.


A customer Kathy Jurey sent in this wonderful idea.



My friend Vicki has posted Glimmer Mist techniqes. See her blog post today.


Stop by and get them while they last. They just came today. They are $5.00 each and there are huge prizes! There are also Heartland Hop Tote bags coming and they are a limited edition as each store is only getting 20. If you want to reserve yours call the store or email and we wil hold one for you. Cost is only $15.00. See web site for more details

BONUS! Precious Treasures store only. You will get a $5.00 gift certificate with the purchase of your Heartland Hop Pass.


With the Diva Crop room fund we just purchased a crown die, a lollipop die and a DRAGON die!!!

We charge $1.00 an hour to crop in the Diva Crop Room anytime we are open (closed on days Elkhorn is out of school) We put the money into another fund and buy more told for you to use with the money. The Diva Crop Room just keeps getting better. We are close to 500 dies for the THREE accucut machines !! We even have a Grand Mark Machine. There is a sewing machine, iron, ironing board, idea books, TV with the DIY Scrapbook shows recorded, punches, decorative scissors, Fridge, oven and microwave and much more! You get your own table when you crop also. There are boa's, hats, scarves, classes, and jewelry to even embellish yourself while you are there. We love taking photos of people dressed up and they go on the board in the Powder Room. Check it out when you are at the store. It will crack you up!

NEW ITEMS TODAY ballerina punch + customs

If you were the one looking for the large whale of a punch ballerina punch it is here and will be on hold through the weekend for you.

We are buying rights for more attractions in the area. Stay tuned to see what is coming!

The following items are just in and on the sales floor.

  • TON of punches
  • Wizard of Oz stickers, paper and embellisments
  • Henry Doorly Zoo Paper
  • Elkhorn EHS dot paper
  • Gretna GHS dot paper
  • Elkhorn Collage paper
  • Mhoney State Park Paper
  • Nebraska Brads
  • LOTS of custom Nebraska items, even a laser cut of interstate 80!

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

Your pictures on your walls are all 12x12 scrapbook pages.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday CLICK ON PHOTOS TO MAKE LARGER

We went to this really cool place with grandma and grandpa in Council Bluffs for dinner called Quaker Steak and Lube. It is a restaurant with all kinds of cars hanging from the ceilings etc. I will add the photos when I get to the shop Wednesday. Sunday night Zacheus and I started getting sick. Liz was already sick with the respiratory virus. Liz, Zacheus and I all three have asthma so any respiratory virus hits us hard. Needless to say Monday morning we were in the pediatrician at 8:15. I took Zacheus and Liz back to school and then I went to the doctor. After that I took Paul to Iowa to get his tattoo.

Our appointment was at noon, and the artist showed up about 12:30. Paul told him what he wanted and then we went to lunch while he drew it up. We got back at 1:30 and then the tattoo artist said he was going to lunch. He had only been at work an hour! We were suppose to be in Fremont for Pauls party by 5 and we were very late. His tattoo came out amazing so it was well worth the wait. Liz is bugging me for one now for her birthday but you have to be 18 (thank goodness) Trevor seen it and was in awe. Check back Wednesday to see the photos.

Today, Tuesday I woke up feeling like I got ran over by a truck. I took the day off. I went this morning to Target (my favorite store) and got every ones prescriptions filled and got groceries while I waited. Then I ran home and put all the frozen stuff away and left again to stop at the schools to drop off Liz and Zacheus their antibiotics. Then it was off to the Laundromat. I was there from noon until 5pm. I was moving really slow. Paul finally came over as I was feeling really bad and loaded up the laundry for me. (Isn't he a sweetie?) I then went home and into bed with hot tea, nyquil antibiotics and my laptop. The nyquil is starting to work so I think it is off to dreamland. See you at the store tomorrow.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I worked today which I am normally off on Sundays. It has been so busy this weekend. We have sold a ton of gift certificates. People are already Christmas shopping. I wish I was that organized. I have been trying to catch up on a bunch of stuff all day so I could be off tomorrow as it is my 18 year old son Paul's birthday. He wants a tattoo for birthday and actually one of our customers came in with this HUGE tattoo which covered almost her whole arm. The shading was so beautiful in it. She gave me the name the guy and he is known nationwide for his artistry. They charge about $200.00 per hour. I think I should have been a tattoo artist! I used to be very against tattoos as I associated them with convicts etc. Then Paul got me started watching this show called Miami Ink which is a reality show in a tattoo parlor. It tells the stories of why people get tattoo's. Most of the ones people get have very deep meaning. They are for lost children or relative, for surviving breast cancer etc. It has changed my outlook on tattoo's.

Paul's birth father moved out when Paul turned 4. I was a single mom until I married Trevor in 1997. Trevor has been such a great dad to Paul and loves him so much. Paul is getting a tattoo of Trevor's family crest. Doesn't that just give you goose bumps? It is such a show of respect for his dad, Trevor. Of course I will take the camera with me. :)

Hard to believe my baby is so old. It seems like yesterday when I had him as I went through 36 hours of induced labor, 3 hours of pushing and then a c-section! He weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces and by the time we were released from the hospital he was 10 pounds 1 ounce. He is now 6 foot 4 and about 220 pounds and wears a size 16 shoes. I do not know what I ate when I was pregnant with him but it grew a giant! hee hee

Paul was at the store today and hung up more of the saying around the store. You will have to stop in and see them They take about 2 hours to hang each saying. He did not believe me that it took so long as I hung the first three. So I told him to stop out and I would pay him $10.00 an hour to hang some. It took him just as long. We still have 4 more to hang. Customers get such a kick out of them.

I hope you all are having a good weekend. Check out the new coupons on the web site

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You write the name of the grocery store in your check register instead of Precious Treasures so no one will know. (This is ingenious! Why didn't I think of that years ago)

Saturday, October 13, 2007


We got in another huge custom order which I will list when I work tonight. A few are the Henry Doorly Zoo paper and Mahoney State Park paper, more Elkhorn and Gretna papers. There is another box of all Disney stuff too. Stop by after 3 and I will have all the new stuff with me as it came to Elkhorn yesterday. I am off this morning to go to Zacheus' football game and need to take him shopping to get some jeans as it is getting colder out. brrr..... (might stop by the Coach store and drool over my purse again too.) hee hee Liz is going to the Nebraska game again today. She is such a football nut! We know a few of the boys who play for Nebraska this year and love to watch them play even though this is NOT a good year for Nebraska.


These are prepaid special order albums:

  • 12 x 15 albums
  • 12x15 refills
  • states cricut cartridge
  • 3 cricut expressions machines
  • bo bunny 9x9 refills
  • disney princess cricut cartridge
  • disney font cricut cartridge
  • disney cricut cartridge
  • 2 cricut machine
  • 6 cricut mats
  • quilting mat
  • kaleidoscope computer software

Friday, October 12, 2007

THE TWINS HAD SO MUCH FUN AT VALA'S on photos for a larger view

The twins, Ruth and Zacheus are at the perfect age (finally) to take places. I took them to Vala's as they were off school. We got there at 9am and left at 4pm. We wanted to make a full day of it. Zacheus thought picking out his own pumpkin was the neatest thing ever. He kept saying all day "Momma, thank you so much for taking us here". He is such a cutie! The picture of Ruth doing a Diva pose standing in the middle of the pumpkin patch just cracked me up. Ruth had to wear overalls as she is my fashion Diva and wanted to have the perfect outfit to go to the Pumpkin Patch. She is such a hoot! She was so worried about her new teacher this year liking her and said to me "maybe she will like me for my fashion!" hahahahahaha She always picks out her own clothes.


I finally got my photos from the pumpkin patch picked up from Target. Digital is so much easier! Marialyce is one of our Precious Treasures Diva's. She works in the bakery at Vala's Pumpkin Patch. Stop by and say hi to her at Vala's!


We have a BUNCH of scrapbooking idea books and rubber stamps that will out tomorrow. They are all half price and a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation! Stop by this weekend and if you mention this posting take an additional 20% off all clearance items! (October 13-14 only)


If you have not seen our store window you have to stop by. She is the happiest red head you have ever seen! We are still working on a name for that one. Any suggestions e-mail us at I have gotten so many comments on her so I went back to see what else they had for sale. Well....we have a new diva in the store. She is our "Bubble headed bleach blond that comes on at 5".


Today is my dads birthday. I felt so bad as I had to work so my mom, dad and sister were so nice and came to the store today. One of the things I bought him was a"Make your own Monopoly" game we sell as we played Monopoly so much when I was growing up. We moved over 20 times when I was growing up and I was teasing him, he could make a spot on the board for each house we lived in! hee hee

I told Dad when they came to town today I would take him to Oski's for an ice cream. Well I found out it had already closed for the season. A week ago one of our customers had brought in 2 boxes of Dilly bars for Liz and I so we still had ice cream. Dad loved trying on all the glasses (actually I liked the middle pair of glasses on him) and mom loved dressing up in Diva attire as she is Queen Diva. My sister did not dress up. She needs a knee replacement and her knee was bothering her a lot today.

Dad also brought some of the hemostats for the acrylic bowl class. I think they will work perfectly. They also got me more of the acrylic for the bowls. I am working on another project with them...stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Dad!


I am always MORE than happy to help customers with projects. (This is why I have been in the scrapbook business for over 10 years now, I LOVE doing it!) .

Anyway Linda has been coming in our Gretna store at least once a week since we opened. (If she does not come in I worry now! hee hee) She is a sweetheart! I was helping her as she was doing a scrapbooking bridal shower with Judy for Sonny (who manages Oski's Ice Cream store (yummy!) Linda was telling me of a wedding cake Judy was making out of towels. I had told her I would love to see it as I had never heard of that. So Judy came in and brought photos and she is such a sweety! She has since come in many times and a joy every time.

They had the shower and everything went well. Judy said she had to get the book all put together now. I told her to bring it back one night and we would help put it all together. I am on my feet all day so a break sitting down sounded wonderful! So a couple weeks ago Liz, Judy, Linda and I stayed and we worked until about 12:30 am putting it all together over margaritas (of course) The book turned out beautiful! We had a LOT of fun doing it too.

Today Linda came in to chat which I loved. Then later today Judy came and left a card for Liz and I. I wanted to open it when Liz got home. We just opened it and it brought me to tears! She had given Liz and I each h a $50 gift certificate to Salon DeMarco!!! This was waaaaayy.... too generous! It brought me to tears! Hugs to Judy and Linda!


The clip it up system came in and I love it! I already bought 2 for my crop room at home. I have 3 more available and one on display. If you need more we can special order them and they take 3 business days as long as they are in stock. They hold TONS! It is an awesome way to organize.

CRAFTY SECRETS Heartwarming Vintage Stickers

Just in today, the FULL line of their stickers, booklets, papers and we got in some of their clear stamps also.

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

Your scrapbook supplies are more organized than your home. (I am so guilty of this)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

SALT WATER TAFFY mmm..................

Growing up on the east coast I love salt water taffy. It is funny as a friend I met about 1o years ago (at a crop) grew up in Maryland and I grew up right in DC. We had so much in common and have been great friends ever since. One of the things we both love is Salt Water Taffy. I frequent Walgreens a LOT as it is open 24 hours a day and found Caramel Apple and Candy Corn Salt Water taffy. I am not a fan of candy corn but the taffy is good. The Caramel Apple one is awesome! I need customers to come in and eat it so I don't as I have been trying to diet. I had two major surgeries in the last couple years and need to lose weight. Not fun! :)


We have enough people to hold the Advent Tin Calendar class again on Tuesday's October 16th. So if you want to take it let me know by Sunday so it gives Tricia enough time to get everything ready for the kits as with this class there is a lot to prepare. Prepayment is required and if something comes up and you cannot make it we will have your kit at the store and you can join in on another date we are holding the class. I will take a photo of the completed calendars at this weeks class as they were much cuter than the one I had made for the store.


Thursdays are the slowest day of the week at the store. If you come in today October 11th and mention this post I will give you 25% off your TOTAL purchase! Normal exclusions apply. How cool is that!!!

You know you're a scrapbooker if.....

You make layouts for Secretaries, Grandparents and Bosses day.


I love the new chipboard albums. I already made one up. We got in 8.5*11 and 12*12 sizes. We also have 6*6 ones on order and will be doing a recipe album class out of them. They are the strongest 3 ring binders as they have "D" rings and and not like a normal binder, they one side fits inside the other so you do not have pages falling out like a nomal Z type binder ring.


Rosemary suggested we use a tool called a "hemostat" for classes so no one gets burned making the bowls. My dad is the head of Bio-Med at the Fremont Hospital and I called him this morning and he has some we can use for classes! So the class will be a go. You will get an email with the class times. If you are not on the mailing list go to and sign up.

The one I tried this morning I did glimmer mist again in the color "tiger lily" and then used Staz On permanent stamp pad with a foam pumpkin face stamp. I am going to try a Christmas one later today too! Time to order more acrylic!


  • The most beautiful camera straps. (So Diva!) You get a wrist strap and also a neck strap in the set and they are only $19.99! This is an introductory offer and we are passing the savings off to you. There are 12 of each style. (minus one as I bought a set already) What a bargain and while supplies last as the next batch will be $29.99.