Sunday, August 15, 2010


We had our crop at HyVee yesterday and I bought 2000 parts to make buttons and planned on doing them the whole time. Well when I sat down to do them they never sent me any backs. I was panicking wondering what I was going to do until midnight. Well my friend Amy who created the "My Monster Designs" books we sell in our store was there. She had some of her blank books in her car. The really funny thing is I stopped at a garage sale that had some scrapbook stuff on the way to the crop. I bought a grab bag of embellishments and a bag of ribbon and some scrapbook paper. (Is that a God thing or what) I created both books using just what I got at that garage sale plus I borrowed ink from a lady cropping and bought glue at HyVee. Both books kept me busy until midnight. LOL

Pictures are not the greatest as I took with my phone.


Y-O-U were letters cut out of a piece of the paper

Flower is just ribbon twisted and glued onto a circle. Leaves I did borrow a neighbors embossing machine to give them some texture.

There was one chipboard letter in the grab bag and I created "B-a family" out of it.

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