Friday, January 4, 2013

MY KNEE REPLACEMENT, Dr Todd Sekundiak of Omaha Nebraska vs. Dr Brett Fisher of Fremont Nebraska

I have had a lot of people asking about my health and about  my second knee replacement and who did it as it went so well.   It was Todd Sekundiak in Omaha Nebraska .  Awesome doctor and so nice!    I was back to work with full range in 3 weeks.   It was the difference between night and day from my first one which Dr Brett Fischer in Fremont Nebraska  did and I can barely walk on it some days.

My scar is half the size as it was with my first knee replacement and his surgery took a lot longer than my first knee as he said if you do it right it is a much easier recovery and he was right.  I did research for almost 2 years to find the best doctors for knee replacements and Dr Todd Sekundiak and Dr Naumann are the best.    Dr Brett Fischer I have heard so many stories of people in wheel chairs and unable to walk after surgery.  The man that drove me home in a cab from Physical Therapy after my second knee said his mom is permanently in a wheel chair due to knee replacements from Dr Brett Fischer. He will not even let any doctor in his office see me to try to fix his mistake and banned me from his office.  Who does that,  If I was a doctor I would want to fix what I started and correct my mistake.  I stated before my surgery I had a nickel allergy but after Dr Buck figured out it was the allergy causing all the pain the record of the nickel allergy disapeared from my records.  Very crooked.  Also all my records for Dr Buck figuring out it was the nickel allergy from the new knee containing it also disapeared.    I went to see Dr Buck after a year and a half of Dr Brett Fischer saying I was not working through the pain and did not have a high pain tollerance  I had 4 kids and know what pain is.  ugh, yes I am still bitter.   He has done good surgeries for people but unless you take care of the ones that went bad you are not a good doctor. 

        There you have the story of why I am still using a cane and in a lot of pain all the time   I will be getting the first knee replaced again by Dr Sekundiak as soon as I can get health insurance.   I get denied due to my first knee needing replaced and in a handicap state from it as the allergy affects the rest of my body    If Dr Brett Fischer did the right thing he would have removed it and put in a full titanium knee as it was his mistake or paid for Dr Todd Sekundiak to do it. 

Update as of 2014 Dr Brett Fischer is not allowed to perform surgery at the Fremont Nebraska Hospital.  

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