Wednesday, September 9, 2015


HMy grandma had an oil rain lamp and I loved to sit and look at it.  Well I found one at the Goodwill for $24.99 and I was so excited.   Well, I got it home and it did not work.  I took it all apart and the pump was bad.   It took a long time to figure out where the pump was from.   It is a Little Giant brand model 1-MA, catalog number 521203.  If you happen to have the smaller rain lamp you would need Little Giant pump 1-A catalog number 500203.  

I searched for a good price on the pump and the cheapest was on ebay for $59.99.    Put the lamp together again and it should last another 50 years.     I am debating on updating it with a different statue in the middle and spray painting the metal.   Stay tuned. 

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