Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have not started the elephant but I think this is very cool! LOL

I have a big selection of these at the Fremont store. I will bring a few to the Garden Party at the Chick Market on April 29th so mark your calendars.

How is this for a book shelf? I found this idea, but have not tried it yet. I need to see if I can get Paul to weld it for me.

I sell these Diva Door Dingers at the Chick Market (180th and Pacific) and as soon as I get caught up I will have them at the Fremont store also.
Custom orders welcome. These are popular with one big initial on them.

Painting glassware. See at the Chick Market.

Beading flattened bottles for spoon rests. Also at the Chick Market.

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