Sunday, April 25, 2010


We have had quite a weekend. I got a call at work yesterday from Zacheus saying he had terrible stomach pains and was crying. I rushed home and took him to Childrens Hospital Emergency Room. We spent 8 hours there running tests and waiting. After a CAT scan they found out he had appendicitis. He had surgery early this morning with all the grandparents and family there and surgery went well. He has been very nauseated and he has to stay at the hospital tonight as he still has not been able to eat. Thank you all for your prayers as many of you are facebook friends and I tried to keep everyone updated through facebook from my cell phone. I wish I could blog through my phone. :)

A funny: They know I scrapbook and after the surgery they brought me a BUNCH of 8x10 color photo's of his surgery. I thought about posting it but it could make some people sick. But... if you want to know what your appendix looks like email me and I will send you a picture.