Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sorry I have not been posting but I have been in Birthday mode since Friday! My birthday was actually Sunday but it has been one non stop party since Friday night! LOL We even got a hotel room for Saturday night as we had a birthday crop out at shadowlake.

Last night a bunch of friends all took me out to California Pizza Kitchen as they are going out of business Sunday. What a bummer. :( They all got me a gift certificate to Bella Boutique which I have never been to. I am going to go tomorrow and I will give you the scoop. They girlies all said it is my kind of store. hee hee Stay tuned for a review. It will be great to have a new place to shop as I will never go back to the Chick Market. I still have not gotten all my stuff or paid.
:( Very crooked.

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