Monday, October 11, 2010


Sunday Amy D. and Jacque got up early and headed for home. Not me! :) I slept in, watched a movie, and headed for downtown. I worked hard and wanted a day to play in the City. I also stopped back at the Vintage Market I found last night to get that white chandelier as I kept thinking about it. Now I need to find a place at the store to hang it.

Of course I had to buzz by the Plaza to hit my favorite store Anthropologie.

City Market: I do not go to Kansas City without a trip to the City Market.

They had Boba which is hard to find and I love it!!!

The mushrooms are HUGE!

If you get to Kansas City you have to check out the City Market.

It is just like visiting another country. You have to see it to believe it.

This thing spins and they roast peppers over an open flame

This guy REALLY cracked me up! He was playing the sesame street song, elmo was laughing and this guy would make these puppets dance. VERY WEIRD!!!

The fresh fruits and vegetables are amazing!!!!!

On Sundays they have like a mini flea market.

LOOK! They found the deer I hit! LOL!!

This train was so cute!

The Rusty Chandelier: I stopped at this store on the way home and will definately be back. I even rented a booth space on the spot as I was instantly in love! It is in St. Joe and has such a great mix of home decor. I am going there again Sunday if you want to go.

This was CREEPY! There were all these stuffed cats, REAL cats.

Who does something like that? ewwwwwwww

If my truck was not already full, I would have done some major shopping.

I bought this pink decanter and have no idea why or what I am going to do with it. LOL Give me some ideas girlies.

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