Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (pic) store is closed today

Hope you all had a wonderful and SAFE New Years! You can ask my kids I am so weird about New Years Eve as I was hit by a drunk driver once and I always like all of my family home with me on New Years Eve. So to keep them home I always have a huge party and they can invite all the friends they want and they stay until morning so I know they are not out on the roads with all the drunk drivers. Every year the party gets bigger and bigger.

Don't forget the Scrappin Station is having their open house tomorrow. Stop by and say hello.

Here are few pictures from earlier in the night.

My Sister Trudy
The boys love Guitar Hero

This was a bunch of the teenagers in the middle of our street with noisemakers and lots of cans of silly string.

We watched the ball drop with Dick Clark

LOTS of pizza

LOTS of punch

Zach, Raef and Paul

Kids just kept showing up :)

Zacheus and Raef practicing up

Look at all the cans of silly string!

I found all these noisemakers at the game store at westroads.

Playing Apples to Apples with Jay, Rosemary, Kaela and Paul. (Jay won)

Kids playing Rock Band. Even Ruth got in on the action and was their vocals. (she has a beautiful voice like her big sister)