Friday, January 16, 2009

Sure Cuts Alot Class - with Ashley

Hi gals!

This is Ashley, Ive got a great class comming up! If you have a cricut, and a computer this could be just what you were waiting for. I "heard" about this machine that can cut lettering about a year ago and without even looking into it, went out and bought myself the bug. To my dismay, I was only cutting one font, and I would need to buy another cart PER font to cut! My problem was I couldnt even muster 70$ (then) a cart just for one font I would burn myself out on it 2-6 pages max!
I used the cricut for a week maybe, ten it sat in dust for about a month until I stumbled upon SCAL (sure cuts alot)! Again with the understanding of what I did I bought it up for the price of a cart and never looked back. I spent the first week just downloading any font I would THINK I could use! Then the next week, when I realized I could cut dingbats (A character or image within a font), downloading dingbats. Needless to say the third week I found out I could cut anything I wanted with a couple other things and just spent y time learning and cutting and learning, and well cutting!

If you can find it on the net, you can cut it on the cricut. With this program. After going to crops everyone wanted to know more, I found my time at crops showing other ladies the great thing about this program. I figured I would see about teaching a class and showing people this wonderful progam. Amy offered me the room, the tools, and even the hosting capabilities.
Teaching the basics on the program, how to install font, where to find your fonts, how to cut dingbats and more! I have some more description on the calendar about the class, if your not sure about it, comming just to see would be a great idea too! I have a email amy hooked me up with! Just call her to sign up for this class!
Ive posted some pictures with things Ive done that I think might show you "some" of the many possibilities with this program. Everything I have posted is either a font or a dingbat, there are other things you can do to make your "own" cuts (which we can dabble in at the class).

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