Thursday, April 2, 2009


Since I will not have the privilege of taking Vicki's classes she is teaching a Precious Treasures on May 2 I took them when she was offering them at Becky Novacek's studio last Saturday. The classes were AWESOME!! I have been in the business for 12 years now and never met a better teacher than Vicki. Even when I take classes at trade shows, Vicki's classes are the ones where you come out of them with a completed project, not just a bag with a half done one that you will never finish.

If you want one of a kind art photography, you need to let Becky do your photo shoot. She is amazing. Stop by her studio in Fremont to see her work or check her web site.

Sign up is open now for classes. Send an email to with the word CLASSES in the subject and they will email you back class descriptions.

Photos are copyright Vicki Chrisman, Becky Novacek, Amy Stewart

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Vicki Chriman, the one and only! :)
Class project and the Chicks in the background are made by Vicki and for sale for only $7.00 at Precious Treasures at the Gretna Outlet Mall while supplies last.

Neely from Tilly and the wall (Vicki's neice) Click here for her new video.

Every class I have ever taken of Vicki's is always packaged beautifully!

Vicki even makes food beautiful!

All of us working hard.

This was one of the class projects. Mines already hanging in my comdo.

Group photo

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