Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hi! Veronica, the scrapbook instructor here! I have great news. This week, I finally bought my very own Cricut machine. Yes, I've taught nearly a hundred people to use their machines, but I didn't even have one for myself. I just always had access to one if I needed it. But I recently decided to reward myself with a Cricut Expressions.
My machine arrived Thursday, but because I was so busy with other things I didn't even get to open it until Friday. And once I opened it, the kids were more excited than I was. Mackenzie was the first person to cut anything! Figures!

And here is what she made. Very creative, except Dad wasn't happy with the tape.

Even Bob got into the action.

But I am glad that they are interested in using it, just as long as they don't get better than I am. You know how kids master technology faster than their parents! ~ Veronica

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