Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I will say the CHA show was the best one I have been to in years. One of my favorite new products was a Tim Holtz product called rock candy which is sorta like stickles but it looks like sugar when dry and unlike stickles can be heated to dry quickly.

The twins were at church camp last week and we were in Florida so I have been bombarded with laundry. I took Sunday and Monday off and have been super cleaning and getting caught up on laundry. I also worked on the bathroom. See the pictures below.

The main bathroom in my condo.

Zacheus is sooooo.... creative. He was making paper guns and now he is making light savers. The ends are just paper but he puts foil inside a certain way to reflect light clear to the top. He amazes me. Maybe we should have a light saver class?? :)

It was so good to be home to a home cooked meal. Fresh corn on the cob. YUM!

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