Thursday, August 20, 2009


I have been bad about posting for the last few days as I am planning a wedding for the 29th of August for my son. Yes Paul and Kaela are getting married next Saturday. Kaela needed a place to live and wanted to move in with me and I do not approve of the kids "living together" under my roof so they are going to have a small ceremony next Saturday and still plan the big wedding next October 10, 2010 as planned. I told them they could live with me if they finished their degrees and no babies. :)

We are going to postpone the grand opening and scrap pink as I need to get my family settled right now and I am moving on top of everything else. We will have the grand opening the end of October and Scrap Pink I am going to check with Camp Calvin Crest to see what dates are open as the retreat center is not going to get finished in time for this years scrap pink.

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