Thursday, August 27, 2009


Trevor and I talked to Paul for hours last night making sure he was ready for the responsibility of being married and Paul is ready. Hard to believe my baby boy is getting married. I think you find your true love once in a lifetime and they have both found theirs. With just a couple of weeks for me to plan a wedding was actually a good thing as I have not had time to stop and think as I would probably sit and cry as my baby boy is all grown up. Seems like yesterday he was running around in a cowboy hat, boots and a diaper. LOL

We love Kaela so much and we know Paul and Kaela love each other. They have been inseparable for almost 4 years now. Love will get them through the hard times. Please pray that God blesses their marriage and that it does not rain Saturday. :)

Liz, my brother Jake and Paul
Picking out the dress


At the races

Paul at the doctor and Kaela reading him a story. LOL

Liz and Kaela at graduation

I snuck into prom to take pictures and Paul was NOT thrilled. He should be used to it by now. While they were at prom I got all the pictures developed and delivered them in an album at the after prom party.

They are engaged

Paul is always a good sport at the crops. This was him at this years National Scrapbook Day


Trevors Dads funeral last summer

My baby boy.

This is where their wedding is going to be also.

My first "Kaela Pages"

True love

A princess

Pauls SECOND love, his truck

engagement picture

All grown up

I cannot wait to see the wedding pictures as this photo brings me to tears.

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