Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am going to crash after this grand opening is over as I have been awake 39 hours now. Party room is all ready. YIPEE!!!!! Everyone better come as Alotta Brownies and Delicious are doing the food and mom will be making wineAritta's and CosmOrittas, dad will be telling awesome jokes, ruth will be supervising everyone, zach will be mini-grandpa, Liz will be late and Vicki, Holly and Veronica will be the artists they are creating in the work-room. I am so excited!. Don't miss the fun and sales! Crafty Secrets sent some surprises for you also and we will have 5 $75.00 gift certificate drawings also.

  • 10:00am-11:00 am: 40% off your regular price purchase*
  • 11:00am-Noon: 30% off your regular price purchase*
  • Noon-6:00 pm 20% off your regular price purchase*
    *normal exclusions apply

Here are some sneak peek photo"s

LOTS of coffee!!!!
Just got this gate at the Chick Market in Omaha.
Have I ever mentioned this store to you??? LOL

I need about 40 more frames and need garage sale season to start. Thank you to everyone who has been bringing in pictures. If anyone else has any old pictures I am on the hunt. I do not care how they look as I spray paint them, glass and all. It will be so easy do find die cuts with them sorted into themes as we have over 1200 now.

Using all my vintage record cake stands. Found these awesome silver paper doilies at Kohlmeyers across the street from the store.

If you are one of the first 200 people in the store you will get a rose with a treat inside.

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Jodi said...

Hello - Congratulations on the new store? I'm planning a trip to the Omaha area and was planning to stop at the Gretna location (in the outlet center). Is that store no longer open? Thank you! Jodi, from Iowa.