Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I had the most awesome morning as I went on a tour of the Accucut Company. It was very exciting to see how it all "happens". I am a huge fan of accucut as with these electronic die cutters it takes too much time and does not always cut. (I am not a patient person) LOL

There is a lady there that all she does is makes projects and displays all day. That job would be heaven! She said she has been working there for over 10 years and I can see why. :)

This is Tara and Tammy who were my "tour guides" for the morning
and did an awesome job!!!! They wanted me in the photo but I was running late as Zacheus is on safety patrol this week and I did not even get my hair dry before I had to get out the door and had to be at accucut by 8:30am.
Couldn't you just see winning a contest and getting to grab all the dies you could fit in a shopping cart in 10 seconds? hahahahahaha I was amazed at how many dies were in the warehouse and how they have such and awesome system of packing orders.

Terra surprised me with the gift of a die for our store. So come in and try it out! I think these birds need crowns :)


Tara said...

Thanks for the great post, Amy! Glad you enjoyed your tour here at AccuCut! I'll be visiting your store soon! :)

Vicki C said...

It's a pretty amazing place isnt it. Tammy and Tara are dolls.. and as for Tracy who makes the samples.. wow.... she is not only talented but so sweet!
I have that bird die also.. and love it!