Saturday, May 15, 2010


My mom watched Ruth today and I got up at 6am and hit the flea market. I needed a break and it was wonderful to get out and get some fresh air and sun! I found lots of goodies! I was on the hunt for carpenters rulers for a class I am trying to get enough supplies for to teach it. I found a wonderful tub of buttons, some old maps and two metal lunch boxes as those are awesome for photo and tool storage. I even have one I use to keep my gypsy in.

I could not resist sneaking a picture of these two adorable little girls! They both were walking around with these hats on all morning and were so cute blowing on the pinwheels to make them spin.
Zacheus loves the flea market and we found a fishing pole there and his favorite thing, KETTLE CORN! I love the orange flowers I bought as they are orange gingham.

It was such a beautiful day for the event

This is my favorite vendor. The ladder in the store window came from her as well as our store sign for the back entrance of the store. Oh that yellow cart Zach is pushing came from her last spring. CUTE STUFF!
Check out Vicki's blog too as she was there and I never even knew it. That shows you how big the flea market is.

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