Thursday, February 12, 2009


Tattoo's are so in style anymore and there are more and more Tattoo shops opening all the time. They are a form of art you can carry with you all of the time. Many are tributes to lost loved ones, to children and many other life changing events. I love to hear stories of why people get a tattoo.

Last night we went to Big Brain in the Old Market and Tawnya got a beautiful tribute tattoo for her daughter Tarynn. It is hard to see in the photo but Tarynn's name is the part on the bottom left. (Done by Joshua) I just went in to get one fixed that I already had. Smitty the owner of Big Brain goes to church with Tawnya and is a really nice guy. It is a very clean place and voted "best of Omaha" for many years. If you decide to get one, go to a reputable shop, do not out names on your body other than children as you never know what life will bring. Nothing trendy, music groups, things that will pass in time. They are permanent and if you do want it removed it is very expensive and painful and takes many treatments. Also be careful where you have one placed on your body. Put it where it can be concealed when needed as you never know about companies you work for whether they will frown on it. And yes, they do hurt. You will forget about the pain though once you see the finished tattoo. Take pain killers 20 minutes before and when you are getting a tattoo get a focal point and keep breathing. If you get tense it will hurt worse. Whatever you do, do NOT move. LOL

When we were there last night there were a couple girls getting piercings in some very ...umm..weird spots. That I do NOT get. LOL OUCH! I will leave the piercings for just my ears.

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