Sunday, February 28, 2010


I actually had today off at "The Chick Market" so I thought I would go in to work at Precious Treasures. I got a lot done as I was trying to get class kits and the work room set up for tomorrow nights class. We have 2 more spots and this is a "must take" class for everyone as you will be amazed at how much you will learn. I love to show techniques and this one is FULL of them! Call the store 727-7706 or 575-1905 to sign up.

Class Kits

Yesterday my friends Dawn and Tawnya came up to Fremont to go shopping and we had a fun day! We went to one of my favorite stores "The Junktion" and I found this old mirrored framed shelf and I am going to use this one for the 3-d dies cuts, like bags, take out box etc. It was a great find and now it is PINK!

Speaking of "The Chick Market in Omaha" ....... Check out this ring I got there! She makes them in many different colors with one stone or two. I am going to start carrying them in the store March 5th!I got so many compliments on it yesterday! Funny as when we went to J's for lunch my friend Tawnya spotted another lady with one on.

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