Monday, February 15, 2010


Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day. Trev has never even given me a card for Valentines day in the last 15 years and this year he went all out! He took me out to that new movie theatre downtown that you have dinner at and watch a movie. We seen the movie "Valentines Day". Then he gave me a dozen roses and a beautiful card. THEN, he surprised me with not one bird but two! I have been visiting this pink bird for months as it was at the pet store just a couple blocks down from the store and of course I liked it as it was pink. Well Trev got word that I liked the pink bird from a little bird (Liz )and bought the pink one and her room mate. They are at the store for you all to come visit. We named them "Pinky" and "The brain" from cartoons. hee hee :) One is a Rosy Bourke and the other is a Rainbow Bourke. They come from australia. VERY pretty!

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