Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well today was a busy day. Started off by going to church which was very moving as we got to see a video of the teenagers at camp. It is great to see God working in their lives.

Then we went to lunch at Tin Star (yummy fish taco's) and then it was off to work. I brought over another box of Jolee's which were more of the Disney, all the Sesame Street line, Toy Story and the Super Hero line. Also brought over more of the Paper Bliss line which there was a lot more beach items.

We got the lighted sign put up and wait until you see it, it is ADORABLE!!!! Then to finish up the day our credit card swiper quit working on Friday and made Saturday a very long day. I found a guy in Lincoln who had a machne so we drove up there to pick it up and had to stop at PieZano's for cream cheese pizza. WOW! a whole day and I did not have to cook!

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