Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well yesterday I was swamped. We were so busy and I had a sales rep there also so I did not get any new merhandise put in. But to my suprise the 40 hats were on my porch when I got home. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!! We have a Bunco group in the Diva room tonight so they will get to try them all out. I cannot wait to get to work and get them all hung up. I got in more colors of boas also. And for you Fremont and Hawkeye fans I just found a yellow and black one. The red ones sold out and I ordered more. Great for Husker games and those red hat ladies. Today is my birthday, 29 again! There was a Louis Vuitton laptop/hand bag on my dressing table chair this morning. That husband of mine knows the way to my heart...PURSES!!! Well it is almost to work.

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Vicki C said...

What a great gift!
And I cant wait to come see those HATS!