Saturday, May 30, 2009

IDEA / TIP organizing

I am in the mood to organize so stay tuned for more organizational tips. My friend Tawnya found these baskets and I rushed right out and got some too. They fit 12x12 paper perfetly and Precious Treasures carries the folders that fit in them. They are very sturdy baskets with metal frames. The also fit scraponizers perfectly! I have tons of scraponizers as I have found nothing better to organize. I will add some photos of them. There is also a desk top organizer that matches these baskets.

Details: Pier One Imports, Village Point.
Cost: $20
Item #: 2256987

They are out of stock as I had to order some. They have over 800 in their warehouse and they come in a week or so. But.... here is a little trick to save some bucks.
Order one. On your receipt there will be a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase. Go outside call the survey and then it will give you a coupon code. Go back in with the code and buy three more and save $10.00. I am all into saving wherever I can. :)

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