Saturday, May 30, 2009

TIP / IDEA Organizing ribbon clip it up and more

We were cooperating today as I sorted out stuff ans Liz went to shop for baskets as she loves to shop and I gave her measurements for basskets vis text messages as she was hopping. But it did not always work. I ended up with all the baskets below extra. So I organized my cleaning closet. LOL I hate taking things back.

Ok, I "MAY" have a ribbon addiction. This is why I went to white ribbons and creating my own as ribbon was taking over my crop room as there are so many pretty ones out there. Ribbon makes your page complete. :)

I had to use 4 extra packs of clips and put two or three ribbons on each clip to make them all fit.

Clip it up ribbon holders. We special order these at 25% off and during June we are doing 30% off. Great way to see all your ribbons at once and if you do not do rolled ribbon just use the top for packaged embellishments, stickers etc.

Great for organizing just about anything. Clip it ups are amazing! We have the best prices on them too. This is the mini, there are tall ones that hold clear up to 13" in length items.

Creative space! Love my little sun room I converted to a crop room. I had to get very organizes as there was not much room. I am finally digging out of the piles of scrapbook supplies and can see the floor. woo hoo! Helps having insomnia. LOL

This was my garage sale "find" yesterday for only twenty buck! woo woo!!! It is from Pottery Barn and weighs a ton as Liz and I had a heck of a time hanging it. But we got it up there and I just need an ikea trip for more jars. Anyone going out of town???? You all should write Ikea and tell them we need one in Omaha. They would do so good here.

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