Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The twins are 10 now and Ruth has really grown and is about a head taller than Zach again. I keep telling Zach boys catch up in high school. They just had to do their biography's at school and Ruth was Babe Ruth and Zach was George Washington. They both did very well and a HUGE thank you to Toyja for working the store so I could see both kids at school. Liz is busy with show choir and getting ready for dance recital. Then Paul... He is still in college and getting married Oct 10,2010. He is working for a fence company on the side and working on his truck in any spare time. It now blows black smoke when you push a button. What is with guys and trucks??? LOL I have been hanging in there. I started EMDR treatments a month and a half and they are helping deal with the trauma as I was not able to sleep as I had nightmares and panic attacks during the day. I am almost half way through the treatments and they have been a miracle along with lots of prayers. Thank you all for the prayers and kind words. Other than that, Daisy is doing well. I bought a love sac off craigs list which is like a huge bean bag and it was for the kids but Daisy thinks it is her dog bed. LOL (see photo above)

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