Sunday, May 24, 2009


This weekend was the last crop rental in the old crop room and a LOT of fun. I got a phone call that the toilet was overflowing which added extra excitement.

There were some tears after the crop as there have been a lot of good memories in that crop room. Change is always hard but this is good change as we have needed a bigger space for quite awhile. The group last night is going to rent the new crop room the last week in June to test it out. :)

The crop room will still stay open for daytime crops or if you have less that 10 people at night. I am takng down the other 10 tables to have a place to stack boxes and get them out of the store area. They will start moving the slat wall to the new bay soon. Every Thursday the discount will lower another 10% until the rest of the merchandise is sold. We are at 30% off right now and the only exclusion is premade pages.

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