Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today was the first time Tara worked with me on a Saturday. She got stressed but made it through the day. She ended up staying for the crop tonight and did some stamping. We were busy all day which was great as we really need the sales. Thank You!

I got a lot of pages done tonight too which I was thrilled with. I got all my Chicago pictures picked up at Costco and I have about three albums worth of photos from one trip. LOL

Zacheus was at a boy scout camp out this weekend and I was up all night worrying about him last night as it was such a terrible storm. His scout leader brought them back a day early as there is suppose to be another bad storm coming. I am just so thankful he is home safe and sound. I never understand the camping thing. My idea of camping is a hotel without room service. LOL
KIDS!!! Tara found two rubber gloves full of water in the freezer, frozen solid. hmmmm....Ruth OR Zacheus??? I caught them another day using them for water balloons.

This is such a cool technique and you could even use it on old jewelry. I am going to do a class on it. Look for embossed jewelry coming in October.

Tara made the cutest pencil holder tonight.

TONS of new handmade earrings were put out today and priced at only $10 a pair. All hand beaded.

Lots of new hair bows and only $5!!!!

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