Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have slacked on my blogging this week as it is already Thursday. This week has gone fast! I have been still sorting through back room stuff and getting REALLY close to having it all done. I have been bringing loads from storage to the store that are from our other two past stores and have found lots of goodies.

I got these Superga swarovski crystal shoes when I was in Chicago and just found them in my closet this morning. I forgot about them. The photo's do not do them justice as they are genuine swaroski and they SPARKLE! (so me) lol Definately should not have wore them to work today as I have not broke them in. ouch!

Speaking of shoes, I made this ring display out of an old shoe today. I would have done black velvet fabric but could not find it in town so I just did black cotton. I think we should do these for one of our Thursdays kids class projects for a christmas gift for mom.

LOVE this fabric. I found these curtains at Target and fell IN LOVE!!!!!
I am using them for some projects around the store.