Friday, September 17, 2010


I went to Dr. Fischer in Fremont today for a second opinion on my knee as my Omaha doctor said I needed it replaced. Well Dr. Fischer may be sweet and easy on the eyes (my sister and mom were right) he did not say what I wanted to hear. LOL I go in for another MRI Monday at 6:30 am on it. I have been hoping to inch it along until Liz was done with college as I would have the time and money as they say I will be down at least a couple months and if you know me, being down a couple days I need a straight jacket for.

He was laughing at me as I was making fun of the paper shorts. They need some color and bling! I facebooked them at my appointment. I should have taken them with me and redid them. I am going to sneak a pair next appointment. LOL

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