Thursday, July 10, 2008


I just read Lindsay's post about Hannah (her sister) reading sex and the city. I did not know there was abook also. I have caught Ruth my 9 year old watching sex and the city so many times and kept getting after her about it. (We do not have cable) So the sex and the city she has been watching is on regular TV. I finally sat down and watched an episode to see what it was she kept sneaking trying to watch. I did not believe in the premarital sex and I talked to her about it. But still could not find out what it was she was hooked on. I do like the friends relationship as I have a group of friends just like that. In fact they called and we are doing a girls night for my birthday Sundy night which I am looking forwrd to.

Being a naive mom I did not know there was a TOTALLY different version on HBO. Ruth begged and begged to go see Sex and the City the movie as she heard they got married. So I finally gave in and after about 20 minutes into the movie I won the worst mom award! I did not even look to see what it was rated until after covering Ruth's eyes a couple time I made her leave, only to go to the desk and ask what it was rated. It was an R and I can see why. They should have said something when I am buying a kids ticket to it. I can never even read those boards at the movies as my eyes are terrible. This is when someone there was telling me about the HBO version. Since I have been stuck in a hotel all the last week I rented the HBO version to watch in the middle of the night as I cannot sleep in hotels. Wednesday night I stayed up the whole night. I am like Ruth sneaking off and watching Sex and the City. I have been through seasons 1-3 already! hahahahaha. (I do not let Ruth watch the HBO version as it is totally inappropriate!)

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