Monday, July 14, 2008


God has blessed me with so many wonderful friends and a wonderful family. My birthday started with friends going out together Thursday night to Starbucks, Friday I worked and customers made my birthday fun. I woke up to 40 purses is the trees. Saturday about 4 couple other friends took me out for a manicure and pedicure and then told me I had to run back to work as Liz needed help and when I left we had croppers in the crop room so I thought there were just more. When we got back the crop room was full but full of friends and it was a big surprise party that Liz had arranged.

Sunday more friends and I went to my favorite purse store only to find them closed on Sunday so we went to TJ Max and then out to the Coach store at Village Point. I found the cutest purse which is actually a metallic silver color. It looks white in the photo. I cannot wait to take it to Chicago! The two older kids gave me a gift certificate to Sephora so I could get my train case I have been eyeing for years. They had them in silver and black but just came out with one in pink so I called it a "sign" that I now needed to get one. hee hee

After shopping with friends, we all went to see "Sex and the City" and then to Cheeseburger in Paradise as I LOVE thier Pina Colada's . It was a late night as I had to be up early today. But it was an awesome day. I should turn 40 more often. :)

Today I am working. This evening my mom and dad are taking me to dinner for my birthday and I have to pack for Chicago. I leave at 3am tomorrow morning. Check the blog for pictures to see what is new!

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