Monday, October 6, 2008


Clean out those craft rooms and get money to buy new products!!! Call the store 763-9675 or email and put number in the subject line. Include your name and phone number. It will be adavertised in the World Herald, Omaha web site and Craigs list and sent to the mailing list.

Bring your stuff the week before the sale. Everything must be marked with a price and your number. You will get 100% of your sales in a Precious Treasures Gift Card. So you will have money to buy new supplies and getting organized at the same time. Don't miss this fun event! You can bring any craft supplies, scrapbook suppies, stamps etc. Items that are not sold can be picked up after 6pm or the day after. After Sunday any remaining items left will be donated between Make a Wish and Lutheran Family Services.

NOT LOCAL??? If you are not local and want to mail your items to sale you are more than welcome as I know we have a lot of customers who are not local. We will call you after the sale and you can let us know what you want to purchase with your gift card and we will ship it back to you. So join in on the fun!

T.LiaBraaten: 001
L. Childs: 002
E. Stewart 003
K. Chilton 004
T. Drollinger 006
D. Kenyan 007
C. Crew 010
T. Rigdon 012
L. Hobbs 014
A. albamore mason 016

s shrader 022

harre 027

E. Shea 017

M. Eich 018

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