Thursday, October 2, 2008


Since I will not be able to post while at our retreat I thought I would leave you with lots of photos to look at. I got back 373 pictures I took at the zoo so this is a very small portion. :)

I had told you about going to the Animal Safari and took pictures all day and then went to print them and there was no camera card in my camera. Well there were some on my cell phone so those are in here as well as some from last Mondays trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha Nebraska. Have a GREAT weekend!!!! Hope I will see you at Scrap Pink!!

Click on any of the picture to see a larger view. All photos copyright of Precious Treasures. We will soon have our own photo collage paper of the zoo. I think I need another trip back as I was there from morning until 7:15 and still did not see it all. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful zoo.

I love this photo of Ruth and Trevor

He was hungry and mad!
He was hungry also, it was just about feeding time.

These lil' guys were waiting at the door to be fed.
The mums were so pretty.
I think the elephant and rhino area needs some updating. It loos just like it did 35 years ago.
I always take a "THE END" photo for my scrapbooks last page. This one worked out great!

Love the flamingo's. Sadly there was a one dead in the aviary when we were there. Yes, I did get a picture of it but thought it was icky to share with everyone. It was so sad. :-(~
I remember when I was a kid chasing the peacocks all around trying to get a feather.
This guy was on top of the barn at the petting zoo just keeping watch.
The owl butterflies are one of my favorite things at the zoo.
This guy would look good in our store. :)


The kids favorite thing at the zoo.This big guy was infatuated with Zacheus.

Zacheus and momma
It was nice to be in the Butterfly garden and no one else was in there so we got to spend lots of time in there.

He was a big guy!

This big guy came right over to the kids. He seemed so lonely. He had such sad eyes like he did not like being alone in there. :(
Twins in a bubble
The petting zoo.
The kids always love milking the cow.

Looking at their reflection.
Natives were starting to get restless.
She has a monkey on her back

This is when we discovered downtown Ashland after the animal safari. This variety store was the only thing open as it was too late in the day

These were at the variety store and it was like stepping back in time.
We ate dinner at Breadeaux in downtown Ashland. Zach had never had a meatball sub and I love the look on his face.
Ruth was so tired.
Downtown Ashland

I thought this flower was very interesting.
PINK???? I love pink but not THAT much. You will see this garage on the way to Scrap Pink
We stopped by Camp Kitaki to measure while we were out to the Animal Safari
This is the big room where we will be cropping tomorrow
These were at the variety store in Ashland. I used to love these old pads of paper when I was a kid. When we lived on the east coast I was always writing letters to my grandma.

I took this picture of the bark to cut letters out of for my scrapbook pages.
Zach was so happy that day.
Enjoying the view.
At the animal safari when you go do the hiking trails.

It was such a beautiful day.

It was called Wolf trail and I told the twins to watch out for the wolves. LOL
Ruth and Momma
Zach and Momma
Walking the trails.

What a cutie.
His bill was BLUE!

Waiting for a fly.

Ruth is walking in my shoes. She loves her camera!


Vicki C said...

That a girl Ruthy!! ALWAYS have your camera in hand. ( or atlease close by). lol

What fun photos Amy! Your kiddo crack me up. They obiously share your Zest for life! It shows! CUTE CUTE CUTE!
Thats for sharing your day with us!
Oh.. and I loved those paper pads too!!!

Kimmie B said...

What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!