Monday, October 27, 2008


Rennee, Liz's original dance teacher. (She still has it) woo woo!!!
Liz took dance from her from age 2 until age 13. Liz was a Heartland Hoedowner.

Picking a pumpkin


Hayrack ride

Miss Amy, Zacheus and Ruth

There was a lot of water things added to Vala's this year. The water in the Haunter Coal mine was AWESOME!!

The punpkin maze was hard as some teenager vandalized it the day before and took out all the clues. The maze got a huge expansion this year.

The twins were thrilled with the tickets a customer blessed us with.
We had a fun day but it was VERY cold!!!! A customer (an angel) gave me tickets to the patch as I did not think I would be able to afford to pay for all of the kids to go to the patch this year or would pay to go and then not be able to buy them anything inside. Money is very tight this year with two in college. Then a customer came in and brings me ticket for the kids to go! I was so in shock that I was in tears. God works in mysterious ways and always amazes me!
Here is a sneak peek at our trip to the pumpkin patch today. I took my good camera but the connector is at the store so here are a few pictures I took with my cell phone. I will post the others as soon as I can download them.

This was new to the patch this year. This was the end of the day and Ruthy
was getting tired grumpy.

mmmmm....... caramel apples

I need one of these at home. LOL

It was a beautiful day.

This is the new second level in the bakery. It would be a great place for a country wedding reception or book it for Christmas parties?

Picking a pumpkin.

There were a LOT to choose from.

The kids could not wait to go see Mary Alyce (right( as she is one of our customers and friends that works there and to our surprise our friend Sylvia was working in the bakery with her today!

Sylvia is our Precious Treasures book maker. (ACTUAL BOOKS) We will be carrying her book ornaments for Christmas. You do not want to miss them as they are gorgeous!!!

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Vicki C said...

OH MY GOSH.. I am LOVING that photo of the kids in the BIG chair SOOOO MUCH! CUTE!